Vision Forum focuses on town meeting


The Tisbury Vision Forum will host a discussion of warrant articles on Thursday, March 5, at 5 pm at the Katharine Cornell Theater. The following articles will be discussed:

  • The Vineyard Sustainable Energy Committee (VSEC) is a joint committee of all the energy committees on the Island, and it has brought forth a nonbinding, aspirational goal for transforming the Island’s energy needs to be all-electric and renewably sourced by 2040. This is a critically important first step in the required transition the world must make to [slow down] reduce the effects of climate change.
  • Plastic Free MV is a group of students who have taken on the issue of single-use plastic. Their article attempts to reduce the use of single-use plastic by banning the sale of 34-oz. or smaller plastic water and soda bottles.
  • The Vineyard Conservation Society article is a volunteer ban on the use of polystyrene plastics in town.
  • The town has proposed to form a committee to develop an action plan by May 2021 to manage plastic reduction and mitigation in the town.