Edgartown: Spring cleaning


Wow, what amazing weather. It’s still February, right? I had the heat off and my windows and doors open as I cleaned and organized the house today.  Being laid up for so long, I’m behind in everything, but the thing that was really eating away at me was the house. When you only live in 650 square feet, organization is key. And I haven’t seen it organized around this place in awhile. So I got up early, wrote a letter to my boy, and walked to the Post Office to mail it, and then set to work. I asked Alexa to play Pink Floyd at full volume, I washed all the screens and windows, threw away crazy amounts of stuff, moved stuff to storage, and got the kitchen and living room in order. Tomorrow, I will conquer my room. Spring cleaning came early. Sadly, I think the end of the week is supposed to be a little more wintry. But there are crocuses in bloom, so we are turning the corner. 

Happy anniversary to Susan and Mark Shea, who celebrated 46 years of wedded bliss on Sunday, Feb. 23. That’s no small feat, particularly in this day and age. I’m impressed. Here’s to many more.

Special happy birthday wishes go out to Dianna and Nick DelTorto, who turn 50 on Feb. 28. I didn’t know for the longest time that Gina and Dianna had a brother. And I only just found out they were twins. It is, in fact, possible to learn new things about people you have known for years. It’s OK, Di and Nick, I hear 50 is the new 30. Have fun!

Happy birthday wishes also go out to Jonathan Polleys and Justine Shemeth DeOliveira, who celebrated on Feb. 23.

This is a reminder that the Edgartown School has parent-teacher conferences coming up, and some professional development, so there will be half-days on March 11, 12, 16, and 18. And hot on the heels of that will be the MCAS tests, which will be the first week in April, and then again in May.  

Early voting is open, so if you’re going to be away for the primary on March 3, you can head down to the Town Hall and cast your vote now. Remember, your vote matters. Get out and vote, and encourage others to do so as well. Political parties aside, democracy only works if everyone plays their part in it.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their vacation, and I do hope that those of you who have ventured off the rock, which is a substantial number, will share some of your stories with me for next week’s column.

As the paper comes out on Thursday, my boy will have already begun his Crucible at Parris Island. I will undoubtedly be a bundle of nervous energy and worry until we receive word of how it went, hopefully on Saturday. It’s a big week for him. I’ve created a lantern for him that will remain lit from the wee small hours of Thursday until I know they have returned on Saturday morning, a tradition to help guide them home. The miracles of social media allow boot camp personnel to post videos and pictures of their return, and their Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Ceremony. I may not see my boy, but I will be anxiously awaiting those posts. 

Have a great week.


  1. Hard to believe the little guy who owned the halls of the Edgartown police station learning to walk grew up to be a Marine. Reilly is an inspiring young man. I wish him the best at Paris Island. His parents have every right to be proud.

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