Big night for Biden on Martha’s Vineyard

Town Constable Marshall Carroll, left, and Town Clerk Jennifer Christy, right, prepare ballots for counting. - Rich Saltzberg

Joseph Biden, the vice president and right-hand man of former President Barack Obama, was the big winner on Martha’s Vineyard in the Super Tuesday primary in Massachusetts. The vote followed the statewide trend, with Biden beating out the state’s senior senator, Elizabeth Warren.

When the polls closed at 8 pm, Tisbuy was the first town to report, with Biden being the top voter pick at 433, followed by Bernie Sanders at 393. Warren received 288 votes, coming in third, a trend that continued in most of the Island towns.

On the Republican side in Tisbury, there were only 125 votes cast, and Donald Trump received 96 of them. Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld came in second, with 18 votes.

That trend continued throughout the evening, in West Tisbury with Biden (385), Sanders (345), and Warren (329) coming in one, two, and three in the crowded field. On the Republican side in West Tisbury, Trump won 63 of the 73 votes, with Weld receiving five votes. Joe Walsh got three, Roque (“Rocky”) De La Fuente received one vote, and there was one voter who had no preference.

In Edgartown, it was once again Biden (458), Sanders (317), and Warren (233). On the Republican side, Trump received 168 out of the 196 votes cast.

When Oak Bluffs reported, it became clear that Biden was the Island’s choice. Biden got a whopping 493 votes in O.B., defeating Sanders by 153 votes. Warren came in third, but with only 254 votes. On the Republican side, Trump received 157 of the 190 votes, with Weld getting just 23.

Sanders was able to capture Aquinnah, with 67 votes to 51 for Biden. Bloomberg actually topped Warren, 31-26. Just six voters took Republican ballots; five of them went for Trump and one for Weld.

Sanders also topped the ballot in Chilmark with 143 votes, with Warren coming in second with 134. Biden was third with 131 votes, and Bloomberg was fourth with 81. On the Republican side, Trump received 22 votes to Weld’s four. There were two write-ins on the Republican ballot — one for Biden and another for another former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Romney received more votes in Chilmark than former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who was on the ballot even though he withdrew from the race.

On tiny Gosnold, Weld defeated Trump 4-3 on the Republican side. In the Democratic primary, Warren, Biden, and Pete Buttigieg each tied, with three votes.

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, came in fourth in all of the towns, but was well behind the top three.

Mass. Primary, 2020

 AquinnahChilmarkEdgartownOak BluffsTisburyWest TisburyIsland Totals
Democratic Presidential Candidates
Joseph R. Biden511314584934333851951
Michael R. Bloomberg3181151188133129713
Pete Buttigieg32847
Tulsi Gabbard06879535
Amy Klobuchar562217232396
Bernie Sanders671433173403933451605
Tom Steyer1111103430
Elizabeth Warren261342332542883291264
Deval Patrick10464419
Michael Bennet0201205
Cory Booker0011002
Julian Castro0001001
John K. Delaney0000000
Andrew Yang0115018
Marianne Williamson0001113
Blank votes/scattered/No preference11125219
Republican Presidential candidates
William F. Weld14162318567
Joe Walsh01963322
Donald J. Trump5221681579663511
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente0000011
Blank/No preference03434216

Of course, the ballots were notable for those who were no longer running. Ten of the candidates on the Democratic ballot had either withdrawn from the race or suspended their campaigns including Deval Patrick, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar.

Meanwhile, on the Republican voters had a choice between William Weld, Joe Walsh, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, and President Donald Trump. 

Unenrolled voters were also able to choose either a Libertarian or a Green Party ballot.


  1. The Dems better start looking for a body double.It is clear Biden is in incipient stages of Dementia. I feel sorry for him. It is a sad situation. People have criticized Trump for his gaffes and verbal silliness but Dems were supposed to do better. Reagan was 68 when he became president but Biden would be 78. This is not fair to him nor the country.

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