Disappointed, not defeated


To the Editor:

We are saddened and shocked to hear that the Tisbury board of selectmen removed our plastic bottle bylaw from the town meeting warrant Monday night. We have attended four Tisbury board of selectmen meetings since June 2019, and finally got the bylaw approved last month. We were not notified that our bylaw would be up for discussion, therefore we were not able to defend it. 

We are troubled to think that the Tisbury selectmen may have tried to take advantage of our youth and innocence. We would have hoped that the Tisbury voters could have decided this, rather than a few select people.  

As Americans around the country are going to the polls and voting for a new president, we on Martha’s Vineyard are questioning if our own democracy is broken. We are disappointed, but we are not defeated. We will be fighting this week to get the bylaw back onto the warrant before it goes to the printing press. We could use your help; please call the Tisbury board of selectmen if you have the time. 

Quinlan Slavin, Emma Bena, Elliot Stead, and Annemarie Ralph
On behalf of the students of Plastic Free MV



  1. I’m sorry that your experience with the Tisbury BOS was less than fulfilling. Your cause is a good one, and you guys have obviously done a lot of work to support the environment. Keep working at it, just remember that when dealing with Tisbury BOS you must always expect nothing, that way you will never be disappointed… and if by some miracle you get them to do the right thing it will make it that much more worthwhile!

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