Big support for pending Italian eatery

Dusan Veselinovic, left and Salvatore Delle Torre, right, are opening a new Italian restaurant in Vineyard Haven. - Rich Saltzberg

A new Italian restaurant is coming to 20 Union St. in Tisbury. The chef and the manager came before Tisbury selectmen Thursday night with their lawyer, Geoghan Coogan, to request a full liquor license. 

“I want to open this place tomorrow,” Chef Salvatore Delle Torre, restaurant owner, said.

Manager Dusan Veselinovic said he and Delle Torre “clicked immediately” when they met at La Soffitta and share similar philosophies on food, wine, service. 

Veselinovic described the food that will be served as “really authentic Italian cuisine.”

The restaurant will have year-round lunch and dinner service for a total of 49 seats.

Local support was ample in the room. 

“I’m highly in favor of this happening,” neighbor Paul Doherty told the board. “I think it brings more energy to the town. They’re both wonderful people. I’ve known them for multiple years now. I couldn’t say enough good things about them. So I hope this moves along very swiftly because I want to see this happen. Anything that’s open in the winter months I want to support 100 percent.”

 “Downtown needs more restaurants…I’m 100 percent behind this.” neighbor and co-LeRoux owner, Michael Levandowski, said.  

“When he came to the United States he worked for me,” Clarence “Trip” Barnes III said of Veselinovic. “And he’s a wonderful guy. This is the American dream. He certainly deserves a shot because I’m sure he’d run a great place.”

Landlord Simone DeSorcy described the two men and their families as “some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.” She also described them as “incredibly responsible” and “wonderful members of the community”

Last month, she said, the two were guest chefs at Island Elderly Housing where they donated their time,” she said 

“I believe that Salvatore is also giving Italian lessons to one of our 94-year-old residents,” she said. 

DeSorcy told the board serving alcohol was important to the success of their enterprise. 

Local business owner Bob Breth described the restaurant as a potential “major asset” to promote year round patronage of the downtown area. 

Business owner Peter Cronig also spoke in support. The board acknowledged several letters of support were received. 

The board didn’t receive any letters in opposition, Alexandra Kral said. 

The board voted 2-0 to approve the alcohol license. The license still requires state approval. 

Veselinovic later told The Times they hope to open in late March or early April.


  1. is that the spot on union where fellas and other restaurants failed? you know what they say about location

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