Islands aren’t good in parking lots


To the Editor:

We were on our way, in no hurry, to catch an early boat. I had a letter to mail, so I turned into an empty Edgartown Post Office parking lot. I looked to the left and spotted the dropoff box. And then the right front tire rubbed against the huge island that sticks way out in front of Granite’s store. Notice it the next time you enter the lot.

I moved on, but this time I couldn’t help but notice another huge island as I turned to mail my letter. It also was just waiting to be hit. Why is the drop off box sitting on a curved angle making it difficult to get close to and also too high to reach?

By the time I got to the high school, I realized I was getting a flat tire. AAA came quickly and we were on the next boat. Thank you AAA.

The Edgartown Post Office/Granite parking lot needs a redesign. These huge islands that stick out well beyond the length of a car and truck are dangerous. If you park beside one and back up to leave, you are at risk of hitting the curb or the island. They do not allow enough room to back up safely and leave.

Get rid of all islands in all parking lots… or at least shorten them.

Carol Fligor


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