More coronavirus coverage needed


To the Editor:

I have yet to read any editorial, op-ed, or major coverage in The Times of an issue that will be coming to the Vineyard in tsunami force within the next few months. The issue is novel coronavirus, COVID-19. What started in China only a few short months ago has spread throughout the world, and has just closed all borders to Italy.

Can the Vineyard be far behind in this pandemic? Our Island population will again swell from less than 20,000 residents to well over 100,000 seasonal guests. All of these folks may be bringing with them coronavirus. Let’s be ready! Our leaders — civic, religious, medical, transportation — should all be meeting to plan what may be required to address this onslaught.

John Rollins
Vineyard Haven


  1. If you are an online subscriber, trying going to the “Search” box in the upper, right-hand corner of your screen. Type in “coronavirus.” If found at least twelve (at which point I stopped counting) articles and editorials on the subject.

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