Martha’s Vineyard unmasks its generosity

Contractors come up big for healthcare workers in need.

Chris Priore recently collected 520 masks to bring to the hospital.

Last week, Chris Priore, owner of Bay State Leisure Homes, drove around to residences, construction sites, and workshops to collect hundreds of masks in order to donate them to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

Overall, Priore collected 520 masks, and when he delivered them to the hospital, he said the nurse that received them was elated.

“She was awestruck,” Priore said. “It only took 24 hours for me to get the word out and collect the masks.”

Priore said he had a number of masks lying around his workshop, and thought that the best use for them would be to give them to frontline medical workers. 

“These people are going to be taking care of us if things get really bad,” Priore said.

He posted on Islanders Talk asking for masks, and got in touch with as many contractors as possible and asked them to contribute. 

Priore said he has anticipated a construction ban on the Island for several weeks, and figured that hundreds of masks would be lying around.

Priore said he was inundated with responses from members of the public, along with several major contractors. He then went around to people’s porches and picked up the masks to deliver them to the hospital, in order to avoid unnecessary contact.

“It was an amazing effort by the community, but I wasn’t surprised at all,” Priore said. “If the Island’s medical staff ever need anything, we will be ready.”