Seniors, please stay home


To the editor,

This letter is intended as a plea to residents of senior housing to stay home. Many seniors are staying home and self-isolating, but some are not. When you share hand railings, entrances, and laundry rooms with other seniors, you are putting everyone in your building at risk. Making unnecessary trips out in public and then using shared space is not fair to those who are doing their best to stay healthy and staying home. Please limit your outings and ask for help if there is something you need.

Lana Schaefer 

Oak Bluffs


  1. This is the most outrageous, ageist “advice” I have read to date. You have succeeded in stigmatizing a whole class of persons who are no more capable of acquiring or passing on Corona than any other.
    Nice that you targeted seniors from the whole of society to share your benevolent viewpoint with.
    Next time there is another pandemic touching the entirety of this world , what race or religion becomes your target?

    • 80% of COVID-19 deaths have been in people over the age of 65. While you can argue “they are no more likely to acquire or pass on the corona virus than any other”, they are more likely to have a fatal outcome. The importance of limiting exposure is even greater if you live with or share common space with the elderly population. Anyone in that living situation should be going above and beyond the recommendations to protect their neighbors.

    • Oh, James. Get off your high horse. She’s a nurse giving sound advice to residents in senior housing. The advice could apply to anyone, and is delivered from a medical professional who cares. You on the other hand seem to have mastered he unnecessary skill of turning a molehill into a mountain. … Oh, and kudos to Lana, an RN dedicated to her profession during a global pandemic.

      • Maybe she should have mentioned that in her letter.
        Probably wouldn’t have sounded so self-righteous.
        And you’re right about James. But I think most of his stuff is due to the fact he has an axe to grind with the Times

  2. Sage advice. We need seniors on lock down at home so younger folk can go out and make a living. The virus targets those over 60 and especially those with medical conditions. Stay safe and head the advice!

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