Tracking the worldwide pandemic


To date, Switzerland has the most Coronavirus cases per million of population closely followed by Italy and Spain. This is likely due to the small size of Switzerland at 8.5 million people so easier to manage and probably more accurate numbers because, well they are Swiss.

To date: Italy has the most coronavirus deaths worldwide at 10,023 as of Saturday.

Every country in the world should be doing two things they are not yet doing: 

  1. For Prevention: Legitimate private labs should be immediately authorized to produce coronavirus testing. The test itself is not harmful to people, it is a mouth and nose swab. The purpose is to get coronavirus infected and asymptomatic people off the street as soon as possible. To those who argue the test will produce false negative/positive results, I say so what? In the case of false negative you wouldn’t have known anyway and in the case of false positive, you isolate yourself for two weeks then test again.  There is no downside to this. The only thing in the way is government bureaucracy.
  2. For treatment: Allow off purpose medical drug use with doctor/patient consent.  Reportedly, there are indications that a malaria drug is initially seen to be an effective treatment to coronavirus. After a doctor explains to a patient that the drug is an off purpose use and any risks involved the patient should be allowed to decide. Once again bureaucracy gets in the way as the governor of Michigan has banned the use of the drug and threatened physician and pharmacist licenses if they prescribe/fulfill the malaria drug to coronavirus patients. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, which is another off purpose use of the malaria drug, that is OK. Using it to save your life? Not OK in Michigan.

Italy’s daily growth rate has flattened over the last seven days and hovers at 6,000 or less in daily new cases. Italy does not have a reduction in new cases as of now, just an apparent flattened peak of new cases. Source (see the daily new cases chart): Italy Coronavirus: 92,472 Cases and 10,023 Deaths – Worldometer


Stephen Warriner is the executive director MVTV. He has been using data provided by Worldometer to track cases of coronavirus worldwide.