Keating says president should listen to Baker

Congressman supports call for more ventilators; says Joint Base Cape Cod ready to provide additional hospital beds.

U.S. Rep. Bill Keating, D-Bourne, shown here on a visit to Martha's Vineyard, says the federal government needs to send more ventilators to Massachusetts. - Gabrielle Mannio


Gov. Charlie Baker requested 1,700 ventilators from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), but only received about 100, something the state’s congressional delegation called “grossly insufficient” for the state’s response to an expected increase in COVID-19 cases.

In a conversation with The Times, U.S. Rep. Bill Keating, D-Bourne, said it’s imperative that the federal government listen to Baker about the state’s needs. “It’s hypocritical of the president to say the governors are in the best position to know about social distancing, but not how many ventilators they need,” Keating said, referring to President Donald Trump’s repeated insistence that it should be up to governors to call for stay-at-home orders.

The Massachusetts congressional delegation sent a letter warning that hospitals in Massachusetts are on the verge of exhausting the life-saving equipment they have available, the State House News Service reported.

“We have heard from hospitals in the state that they will run out of invasive ventilators in a matter of days and will run out of other ventilators that can be adapted for use for COVID-19 patients within a week,” lawmakers wrote. “Given the growing need in Massachusetts, approving and sending only 100 ventilators to Massachusetts is grossly insufficient, and FEMA can and must do more to help Massachusetts during this crisis.”

Baker has said projections show the state could have as many as 172,000 cases when the expected surge hits between April 10 and April 20. As of Monday, the state has nearly 14,000 confirmed cases.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has only six ventilators and its president and CEO Denise Schepici has been on record that a surge in cases could overwhelm the Island hospital, which has just 25 beds and 3 ICU beds.

Keating told The Times that a temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients could be quickly put together at Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC). That hospital would be for patients who still need care, but aren’t in serious condition, leaving the region’s other hospitals for more acute care. Cape Cod Healthcare is working with the military to set up the JBCC facility, Keating said.

“You listen to people on front lines, [Cape Cod Healthcare CEO] Mike Lauf is concerned about a surge and acute needs. Hospitals would be overwhelmed,” Keating said. “…It’s meant to be a reserve, freeing up the space in the [other] hospitals for acute care needs of people with pneumonia and COVID-19.”

The hospitals are doing their part to be prepared. “I hope it’s never necessary,” Keating said of the JBCC facility. “Just as we prepare for a hurricane. Can you imagine if we knew there was a hurricane coming and we didn’t have shelters for people set up and people died and were injured? This hurricane has landed and we need to have that option there. It’s there to free up space in hospitals.”

On Tuesday, Cape Healthcare issued an advisory alerting the public that the base facility does not yet exist and is not accepting patients. “There are reports of people arriving at Joint Base Cape Cod looking for the recently announced medical facility,” the release states. “Please note that this facility is not up and not operational. We are still in the planning stages. Please do not go to the base. As we prepare for a potential surge related to COVID -19, we have yet to determine what role the facility will play in our collective response. We do not want to jeopardize the overall security of the base and also to protect the important personnel located there.”

Updated to include the advisory from Cape Cod Healthcare. -ed


  • Donnie doesn’t listen to anyone who might have a clue about doing things the right way. He relies on pillow salesmen and preachers who spread primitive myths.

  • Another liberal with all the answeres. Give me a break. Our President doesn’t need to be slurred in a paper who’s many subscribers are Trump fans, like me.

    • Don’t forget, we live in Massachusetts. funny he is listening and has helped New York , Washington, and California.

  • Grayson,if you want to be taken seriously in your rants against the MV Times,at least learn spell check.

    • Fielding,

      Please practice what you preach. Always leave a space after your commas.

      Hope this helps. :-^

  • Ok smart guy, as you spell the screen name wrong. Typical Dem. Point fingers to detract from the point. Really need to examine your pettiness first.

  • I know George has to be in his glory printing all these liberal rants! Good for his paper trying to beat the other liberal island mag.
    All I know is as old Chesty Puller said “We are totally surrounded, that simplifies the problem”!
    (2 thumbs up crayson)
    I can wait to get past this invisible enemy and our Trump train comes roaring in creating a major landslide WIN this November!
    (I wont bother going into why we were not more prepared for a Pandemic ~~)

    • @Tisbury Native- George just wants to make sure everyone uses the proper pronouns is all.

      • brian — since you quoted that, could you please tell us who specifically coined that phrase, or what democratic publication that appears in print in ?

  • Baker never listens to Trump so why should Trump listen to him. Keating is acting the political hack for public brownie points. Baker and Keating are politicians; Trump is a citizen and a leader.

    • Yes, Trump has led us into sickness, death and financial ruin by twiddling his thumbs and lying for 70 days after he was told about the threat of a pandemic. A person with leadership qualities would have made sure there were tests for all and enough PPEs and ventilators. Trump has blood on his hands. Many died who could have been saved. Many got sick who wouldn’t have if everyone was tested from the start. Trump lied every time he said everyone who wants a test can get one. How you dare call the worst President in our history a leader is beyond understanding. He’s a conman.

  • Crayson and Tisbury Native –
    You do realize the island is 94% Democratic… I think you and the remaining 6% of Trump supporters on Trump Train with it’s slew of misinformation will be roaring into an empty station once this pandemic hits his red state supporters. Hate, vitriol and narcissism will never win over love, understanding and truth.

  • As usual for this paper (I get it, the vast majority of those that make comments are Dems, not sure about stated percent of all islanders political persuasion) posts an article with a Dem slant. Hard to find news anywhere that doesn’t have an agenda behind it 🙁 (If the best you got for rebuttal is spelling or grammar save it for someone that cares)

    • Does anyone deal with the facts anymore? Without fail Trump supporters complain about the coverage yet, say nothing about it’s substance.It’s like dealing with anti vaxers(who are mostly lefties) or holocaust deniers.Anything that doesn’t fir the narrative is a fake and anyone who points out Trump’s obvious failures is subject to ad hominem attacks.

      • It’s a cult. Trump supporters have been indoctrinated and they can’t think for themselves.

  • January 2020
    Trump formed Coronavirus Task Force.
    Pelosi handed out Gold Impeachment Pens.

    • 3000 0f them!!!!Then she held up the coronavirus bill for 2 weeks trying to put all her favorite yummies in it. The Kennedy Center was granted $27 million for them to keep their employees on, and in 2 days fired them all!!!Perfect!!

    • Kag –

      May 2018
      Trump fired or reassigned the entire United states pandemic response team and did not replace it .
      July 20190
      Trump fired “Dr. Linda Quick, who was a trainer of Chinese field epidemiologists who were deployed to the epicenter of outbreaks to help track, investigate and contain diseases.
      As an American CDC employee, they said, Quick was in an ideal position to be the eyes and ears on the ground for the United States and other countries on the coronavirus outbreak, and might have alerted them to the growing threat weeks earlier”
      he did not replace her.
      trump handed out paper towels to American citizens in Puerto Rico after it was devastated by hurricane Maria.
      I know you can’t handle the truth, but here are direct donald j trump quotes about the pandemic.

  • Jay,since you brought up yummies in the stimulus package, Google Mitch McConnell alternative sunscreen technology.
    Let me know what you find.

  • I see the trump supporters here claiming this is a liberal article attacking trump. Can’t you guys put enough brain cells together to come up with some actual defense of what the trump administration doing ?
    The only thing I see close to a liberal bias, is a direct quote from Keating pointing out an obvious truth.
    Or perhaps some of the kool aid drinking idiots here are offended that the times has dared to publish a fact. That being that the state requested 1700 ventilators and only got 100.
    And here, look — I just left 2 spaces between my comma, and then put a dash———
    Whoooooa lets talk about that instead of the obvious failures of this regime and how many people are dying because the narcissistic buffoon played golf , went to pep rallies to feed his ego, and called the rapidly spreading pandemic a liberal hoax. His press conferences are like watching an episode of “wipeout”, where every response to every rational question is to criticize the questioner.
    And really, can any of you tell me just how “Jerky Jarred” Kushingner is qualified to direct anything involved with such a serious situation ? And oh, boy– how do you like that “jerky jarred” nickname– give me credit , ! I just made that up– I suppose now I will get lots of praise from the “righties” for that.
    It’s pretty sick–

  • You will see in November. Many Dems have switched sides. Some of them know the difference between talk and results. Its hard for them not to not see the lies now that they have nothing to do but actually hear what the Preident is saying in his daily briefing and then listening to the narrative that the fake news is spewing. Most elitists Dems think everyone is as stupid as they think.

    • Yeah, many Dems will vote for the idiot who ignored warnings beginning, it’s now disclosed, in November. And of course the idiot’s lies about the serious threat, lack of tests, and his failure to take any responsibility would sway many democrats to go to the dark side… on Mars. Meanwhile, on a day when the most Americans succumbed to this disease, President Death tweets about the ratings of his dog and pony daily bragging show that normal people are sickened by. You’re in no position to talk about intelligence.

    • Crayson– I asked that trump supporters here comment on what he is doing. You think he will win a rigged election in November. That’s your opinion, you are entitled to it.
      What is trump doing to save your life now ?
      Criticizing any reporter that asks an intelligent question doesn’t really cut it with this virus, you know..

    • crayson– thanks for taking over for Andrew and telling us what the “elitist dems” are thinking.
      The under educated repubs meanwhile, have a paranoid schizophrenic reaction to any criticism, no matter how slight of their perceived great leader.
      I And what is so wrong about being educated . By “elite” i assume you mean well educated. Since repubs can only be “education envious”, I can see why you have a problem with smart people.
      That’s why ya’all elected an ignorant bafoon for president. Makes ya feel good, huh ? represented too..

  • Nothing negative can be attributed to Trump. He is upright and just, and all that comes from Trump is perfect. The perfection of Trump is a principle in His Party which asserts that Trump’s human attributes exemplified perfection in every possible sense. Trump founded His Party as a visible and perfect society. He intends His Party to be absolutely universal and imposed upon all men a solemn obligation actually to belong to it. He wishes this Party to be one, with a visible corporate unity of faith, government, and worship; and that in order to secure this threefold unity, Trump bestows on Kushner the Apostle, legitimate— and on him exclusively — the plenitude of teaching, governing, and liturgical powers with which He wished this Party to be endowed.

  • “…the obvious failures of this regime and how many people are dying because the narcissistic buffoon played golf , went to pep rallies to feed his ego, and called the rapidly spreading pandemic a liberal hoax.”

    Your “stand-up comedy” is classic.
    Yet, the comedic value peters out when the rest of your piece is hate-filled. In these times it is best to work together,unpleasant as it may be. Go figure.

    Not a bad stand-up comedian, though! Bravo.

    Hope this helps. :-^

    • “ I just left 2 spaces between my comma, and then put a dash———”

      I created five errors in my previous post for you. Can you find them?

  • “The under educated (sic) repubs meanwhile..”


    Irony at its richest! That’s a keeper.

    Hope this helps. :-^

    • Barreled –I couldn’t give a rats butt about how many errors you put in your comment.
      So perhaps you are not under educated. But try typing undereducated on this site’s spell checker– it corrects it by the way– Irony indeed.
      I never personally called you under educated– but, keep digging and show us–
      I just want you to be aware of the serious damage and the thousands of people that are dying in this country because of the ignorant lying pos that is potus.

    • Is this your personal example of how you see, “In these times it is best to work together?”

  • Donny,

    The fact that you do not understand that “under educated” is incorrect, makes my point. There is no need for you to call other people undereducated or uneducated, especially when you show that you may be.

    And any time I have corrected someone’s grammar or spelling, it has been in response to that person correcting others’ spelling/grammar in an incorrect fashion. Irony.

    Lighten up and quit trying to divide people in these times.

    Enjoy your day.

    Hope this helps. :-^

  • “Is this your personal example of how you see, ‘In these times it is best to work together?’ ”

    Good point Bulk!

    However, a few posters in this forum continually resort to hatred and name-calling. In these cases, one MUST stoop down to that level (“name-calling” level), momentarily.

    Enjoy your afternoon!

    Hope this helps. :-^

  • Trump cultists are unable to discuss hospital preparedness or any of how the Trump administration has lied and left us as we are. They deflect because they cannot defend what they support without lying or talking about pens. It’s not stupidity. It’s a personality thing where they need to have a blind faith in a conman who has cheated his way through his entire bone-spurred life. Trump cult members are modern-day Jim Jones followers. They drink Kool-Aid everyday of their lives, and they share responsibility for the death of tens of thousands of Americans. Trump is not responsible for the Coronavirus but he is absolutely responsible for minimizing, denying and not acting immediately after many warnings since November. Trump is an idiot and his supporters enable the lethal idiocy with a blind faith that defines them as cult members.

    • “Trump cultists are unable to discuss hospital preparedness or any of how the Trump administration has lied and left us as we are.“

      I stopped reading after struggling with your first, “sentence”. Unfortunately, I am forced to do the same with most of your rants, comical as they may be!

      How can any of us have intelligent discourse when some are unable to even create a proper sentence.

      Hope this helps. :-^

        • dupe
          noun: dupe; plural noun: dupes
          a victim of deception.
          “knowing accomplices or unknowing dupes”

          Yes, I agree with your discription of yourself as a dupe, Barrel. I have said all along that Trump supporters have been duped, conned by a sociopathic conman. I’m glad you admit it. You repeatedly prove yourself unable to defend Trump and his many failures, lies, and lack of taking any responsibility. Complaining about grammar and poor sentence structure is all you have. It’s a shallow and ignorant form of gaslighting, but I understand why people who have been duped feel the need to do what you continue to do on here.

          “The federal government will end funding for coronavirus testing sites on Friday. While some sites will transition to being state-managed, others will close as a result. This as criticism continues that not enough testing is available.” ~PBS

          Why don’t you defend this, Barrel? That’s a rhetorical question. You won’t answer because you can’t. But don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one who remains loyal to an idiotic, sociopathic liar but is incapable explaining why.

          rhe·tor·i·cal ques·tion
          noun: rhetorical question; plural noun: rhetorical questions
          a question asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than to get an answer.

          Hope this helps.

  • “By ‘elite’ i assume you mean well educated. Since repubs can only be ‘education envious’, I can see why you have a problem with smart people.”

    For one to state that democrats are smarter than republicans is bafflingly ignorant. Obviously there are just as many intelligent Democrats as Republicans. Wake up! Hello, shake…shake.

    “I And what is so wrong about being educated .”

    Huh?!! You cannot make this up!

    Hope this helps.  :-^

  • “I never personally called you under educated…”

    Pish posh, “under educated” is improper.

    A certain extremely bored professor emeritus from Hamilton college, does not agree with you and your notion that “under educated” is proper.

    By the way, you mention spell checker. Why did you not run it on your whole message/post?

    Um, maybe because it would also miss rats (sic) and two other errors.

    A gift for you:
    In rare cases, ”under-educated” is proper/acceptable.

    Hope this helps. :-^

    • It’s Hamilton College, with a capital C. Does anyone wonder why that school is going under? But hey, as long as you don’t have to talk about what damage Trump has done to this country, blather on.

  • Trump listens to everyone, including Baker. Trump can be an idiot at times. Just like the rest of us.

    But, more importantly, will someone please wake slobbering sleepy Joe. He is shown nodding off with drool dripping, at a meeting today.
    True that.

    Can’t someone wake him and tell him… “HE’S THE NOMINEE!!

    • Correction:

      “He’s the nominee”

      No barking CAPS or one quote. I don’t want to be too rough on Sleepy Joe.

    • How did Trump listen to the experts about the coronavirus before it hit the fan, or to the warning intelligence given as early as November? Do tell, college professor who doesn’t know how to write his school’s name.

  • At the Democrat convention Sleepy Joe will be replaced by the “kingmakers” of the party. They are well aware of his mental degradation. Look for Cuomo, or even Hillary or Bernie. Thankfully, they are too greedy/stupid to nominate the only Dem that has a chance to beat Trump.

    • When you cannot intelligently discuss why Trump is a “leader” in your view, Hanley, talk about Hillary, et al. Or call me emotional or sophomoric when you know you can’t. The majority of Americans knows Trump is a failure, but hold on to your cult beliefs, no matter how far from reality they are.

  • Dupe is a fairly common word. I’m proud to have enlightened you, my dear!

    “Complaining about grammar and poor sentence structure is all you have.”

    The only time I have complained about spelling or grammar has been
    in response to those correcting others’ spelling or grammar. I am merely
    hoping they can take their foot out of their mouth after realizing that, in
    pointing out others’ errors, they have made their own, in a more grievous

    Most posters in this arena have the minds of children, me included.
    As such, I choose which nasty and biased children I communicate
    with and which nasty and biased children I do not communicate with!

    Really intelligent folks would never be found in this forum. That fact
    is just common sense. Speaking of common sense, pick up some more

    Lighten up! We must stay positive people. Smile and wave!!

    Hope this helps. :-^

  • Every day Biden finds his shoes, it’s a good day.
    He’s the nominee. Is it too late to panic?

  • Cuomo has been great:very reassuring, logical and does not panic.
    I like him.

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