MVStrong: Buckets of Love

And a recipe for lemon butter cookies.


A huge shoutout, buckets of love, and gratitude to our precious healthcare workers, our nurses, doctors, and emergency staff, EVERYONE at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital! Your fearless dedication in the face of so much unknown makes us cry. To our brave grocery-store workers (trapped, at our mercy, behind counters — we promise to wear gloves, cover up, and stand BACK), to small farm and take-out food workers who meet us at the curb, to our delivery people and gas stations, to our post offices, and first responders and volunteers, to our police and firemen, to the folks who run the ferries, and to all of you who are working long hours to keep our Island humming in this difficult time. You are our heroes. We’d love to bake everyone cookies if we could, but as you know, doing our part, following through on the theme, we won’t.  

A special thank you to everyone at Martha’s Vineyard Times for shining a light in a dark time; you’re our neighborhood go-to for up-to-the Minute everything for Martha’s Vineyard. We would be lost without you.   

The only way we could think of to thank you is with these words, and our promise:  to #StayHomeAndSaveALife …. because we know the life we save could be our own, but it might be yours, and without you, life would be unbearable. Our goal: to leave the hospital beds for new babies, sprained ankles, and for kids who fall off their bikes. 

As Charles Dickens so sweetly wrote: God bless us one and all. 

With all our love to our beloved friends and neighbors …. stay healthy! This too shall pass. 

“The House of the Rising Sun Retirement Home” – Susan Branch, Carol Brush, Margot Datz, Ruth Faden, Lowely Finnerty, Annie Foley, Jaime Hamlin, Marjorie Mason, Mary Rentschler, Peggy Schweir, Nina Thayer, Lynne Whiting, and Martha Yukevich

The MVTimes introduces MVStrong: Send a message to someone in the community during this challenging time. Contact

PS – Since we can’t bake you cookies, here’s a recipe from all of us to you:


  1. PERFECT ! Thank you so for the delicious recipe, your eloquent words and your heartfelt sentiments, as always LOVE triumphs…..

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