Tom Rush says he’s recovered from COVID-19

Tom Rush sings his song "The Dreamer" at Peter Simon's memorial service at Chilmark Community Center. — Gabrielle Mannino

Tom Rush, who announced at the end of March that he tested positive for COVID-19, is now telling fans that he’s recovered from the virus.

In a video message on Facebook, the folk music artist with ties to the Vineyard thanked fans for the outpouring of support.

“I’m better now and I want to thank you all for the wonderfully supportive emails, texts, and letter that have come in. I feel so badly that I couldn’t respond to them all, but I did read them all and I really, really appreciate every bit of it. I think all of those prayers and good vibrations, and supportive thoughts got the job done because I’m now better. I’m COVID-free.”

Rush said he’s not off quarantine and he has mending to do. “Basically, it’s in the rear view mirror at this point.”

He called on his fans to keep themselves safe and in support of healthcare workers by staying at home and staying out of harm’s way.

“We’ll all go through this together,” he said.

Rush said he won’t be back out on the road until sometime in July at the earliest. “I’m hoping to get back on stage because I miss you guys,” he said.

Sitting with his guitar, Rush said he’ll get together with fans online where he’ll perform and answer questions. He revealed he’s also writing a book about his career touring. He’ll be announcing it via a newsletter through, he said.