Friday: Coronavirus cases steady for third consecutive day

State recommends wearing face coverings while in public areas.


Updated Friday, 5 pm

No new cases of COVID-19 have been reported by the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, holding the total number of confirmed cases at 12 for the third day in a row. 

To date, the hospital has collected 187 test samples. Of those, 12 have been confirmed positive, 167 negative, and eight tests are pending.

The hospital continues to report no hospitalizations for patients with COVID-19.

Of those 12 confirmed cases, seven are female and five are male. Six of the cases are ages 50-59 years old, two cases are 60-69 years old, two are 30-39 years old, and one is 20-29 years old. The age of one of the confirmed cases is unknown.

The hospital has confirmed that one of its confirmed cases was a hospital staff member. Two people who tested positive for COVID-19 have been flown by MedFlight from the Vineyard to Boston.

The next hospital weekly news briefing will take place on Tuesday, April 14th at 8:30 am.

As frontline workers prepare for the greatest surge of coronavirus cases, which is projected to occur between April 10 and April 20, Gov. Charlie Baker said in a press conference Friday that the state is issuing a public health advisory that recommends people wear face coverings if they cannot maintain adequate distance from others.

The surge model, which is based on information gathered from Wuhan, China, projects that the peak will level at around 2,500 new confirmed cases per day, Baker said.

Baker said it is especially important for folks to wear masks when shopping in supermarkets or other close-quarters public spaces.

Baker also reminded people that the best thing members of the public can do to stem the spread of the virus is to stay home whenever possible, and to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

“Avoid groups, no sitting around at the beach, and no backyard cookouts with friends,” Baker said.

According to Baker, the command centers in Massachusetts are working to make approximately 14,500 treatment beds available. This comes both from hospitals building up their own capacity, and by standing up field hospitals at places like the Boston Convention Center.

“Our current models have suggested that Massachusetts should have a target of 2,700 ICU beds available, with approximately 2,200 available for COVID patients,” Baker said.

As of Friday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reports 7,414 new tests were performed, for a total of 102,372 tests.

There are 2,033 new cases statewide, for a total of 20,974.

Fatalities related to COVID-19 have risen by 96, for a total of 599.

Updated to include information from Baker’s press conference and Department of Public Health statistics. — Ed.


  1. it is clear that social distancing protocols are working.
    Imagine if New York could announce the same headline–
    Stay safe, stay home– it is working–

  2. The curve in New York City is starting to flatten. Now, more than ever, stay the course with all the warnings.

    • crayon– Your comment is certainly not factual or reliable. This article has a lot of reliable and accurate information in it, yet you choose to make a xenophobicly biased opinion seem like a fact.
      You will get more “likes” with a childish comment like that on the fox news site than here.

    • Wuhan is as factual and reliable as the White House.
      Please join with the members of your religious community on Easter Sunday to to celebrate the The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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