What to do about the summer?


To the Editor:

July 2, to July 12, 2020, will be my family’s 9th year in a row traveling from California.

We’re trying to figure out if we should be paying the second payment on our rental? Should we cancel the three nights at the Harborview to see the Fourth of July parade and festivities? We only want MV to be the place we spend the couple of weeks we get off. To do that, we save the other 50 weeks a year.

We know the world has a lot more on its plate than the Quinn family’s annual trip to MV. But we’re stuck not knowing what life on the Vineyard will be like this July.

I know no one has a crystal ball. We know that no matter what happens the next 3 months with the COVID-19, this summer on the Vineyard will be different.

We also know our dollars help locally. We spend about $15,000 the 10 days we’re on Island.

I hope that you keep us abreast of what’s happening and what the Island might look like this summer as things change.

Trying to stay optimistic and not be selfish. We’re praying for California, Martha’s Vineyard, and the rest of this world.

We hope to see the friends we’ve made the last 9 years and hope to get the world and MV healed soon.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Frank Quinn
Stevenson Ranch, California


  1. Frank- we hope you can come. You eloquently spell out the million dollar question (figuratively)- will the island have a vital summer or are we going to be a ghost town? It really is up in the air. Stay safe and healthy and hopefully we will see you soon.

  2. I love this place! We will be there this summer!!! Can’t wait to visit and spend some $$$ in my favorite place

  3. Good luck, Mr Quinn.There are no easy answers. I would definitely not count on the parade. But, that’s just me far from expert opinion. Speaking for myself,I love the summer and all the people and craziness it brings.Sadly, my own personal view is it will be very quiet.Maybe come with an idea to truly get away from it all and embrace a quiet isolated vacation? Stay safe and stay healthy.

  4. The quick answer is “no” — don’t make the second payment on your rental. Personally, I am unwilling to risk the health of myself and my family, sitting in a confined space for hours with other people who have not been tested, in order to fly cross-country in early July. If one of you gets sick while traveling here how will you self-quarantine?

    Here are other serious considerations:
    * Who will be renting the space before you? What are the protocols for disinfecting — not “cleaning”, disinfecting — between tenants.
    * Will ALL of the linens be washed between tenants — bedspreads and blankets — not just the sheets.
    * Will the people doing the cleaning be provided with personal protective equipment and trained how to use it properly when going from room-to-room?

    There are hundreds of gorgeous places for you to travel by car from where you live. Take the opportunity to explore those options this year. We’ll be happy to take your money next year! 🙂

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