Chaplains release a prayer for hospital staff

Early in the pandemic, Martha's Vineyard Hospital staff gathered outside to make a plea to the public to stay home. —Courtesy Katrina Delgadillo

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital chaplains have released a prayer written by Rabbi Lori Shaller, one of the chaplains, to share with the community. The chaplains will focus on this prayer intention for hospital staff, saying the prayer every day at 8 am and 8 pm, and invite the Island community to join them in prayer from their own homes. 

An intention for Martha’s Vineyard Hospital staff:

May you know that you are more than enough.
May your hands be blessed each time you wash them, your anxieties be calmed each time you put on your mask.*
May you take moments to refresh, renew, and refuel yourself throughout this day.
May your strength be others’ strength; may you draw strength from the well of sources ancient and immediate to do your noble work.
May you stay safe and sane and know that you do sacred work.
And may you know that you are held in deep appreciation for your courage, your caring, and your compassion. 

*Adapted from “A Blessing in Time of Pandemic” by Rev. V. Ruth Schulenberg