Oak Bluffs: Reflecting in a new light


Again this week we are awakening to rainy, overcast mornings. But the weather forecasters usually predict that the rain will dry out and the sun will appear in the afternoons. We cling to that hope, but usually in vain. I have found that Doodle the cat is sometimes a more accurate measurement of weather to come as I have figured out that his insistence on remaining sleeping contentedly in a chair or basket throughout the day means that the rain will continue. On Sunday, the weather report stated that thus far on April 26, there had been 16 days of rain this month. I believe, with more rain forecast for this week, that figure will go up.

Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Susan Rogers. Susan passed last week after a four-year battle with cancer. Sincere sympathy to her husband Jerry and children Andrew, Julie, Amy and her grandchildren. We are so very sorry.

The Friends of Oak Bluffs are now accepting applications for benches with customized plaques to be placed in and around Oak Bluffs. Unfortunately, they cannot accept any more applications for benches in the Ocean Park or Inkwell Beach area. The benches are $945. They also have a number of lanterns for purchase that include a customized dedication medallion. The lanterns are $1,000. If anyone is interested they can download an application from our website at friendsofoakbluffs.org.

Paige Alley had a noisy surprise celebration in honor of her 15th birthday as a caravan of cars occupied by relatives and friends held a parade in her honor. The cars were decorated with crepe paper and balloons as they proceeded by Paige’s home on June Avenue announcing their arrival with the sounds of car horns and shouts of birthday wishes. It was a brief but happy surprise for her when she came outside to view this parade and realized everyone was there for her.

One of the things I have been doing to keep occupied is weeding through boxes of papers, newspaper articles, etc, that I have kept over the last 20 years. Of course, reading each article and greeting card that I thought were important to hold on to takes time and is as good as re- reading an old favorite book. Many of these things I have passed on in boxes for my children and grandchildren. Thought I would share one memento I found during my treasure hunt. It is the very first column I wrote for The Times and dated Sept. 11, 2003. I will share a few quotes from that column.

“We are happy to welcome our guest columnist for September, Megan Alley. Send her your news.”

“Earl Wadsworth arrived from California for a brief visit to attend services for his grandmother Mildred Wadsworth who died at the age of 104.” “September 10 was a very special day for a very special couple as Marilyn and Anthony (Tubby) Rebello celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. As she does every week, Marilyn traveled to Wareham where Tubby remains a patient.”

“Dion and Debra Alley are on their way to re-establish residence in the States after having lived in Seoul, South Korea, for the past two year and for the three years before that living in various parts of Australia.” “Three Oak Bluffs classmates are all third-year students at Providence College in Rhode Island. They are Alexandra Loud, Liz Wallo, and Ted DeBettencourt.” And those, dear readers, are samples from my very first column for this newspaper. I guess I was successful in convincing the editors that I could do the job as here I am almost 17 years later still writing.

This pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways and I miss so many things I always took for granted. I miss the laughter and chatting of the students walking or riding their bikes by my house on their way to school and returning home after school, Wednesday breakfasts and socializing with servers and friends at Linda Jeans, family gatherings, Reliable Market shopping and chatting with everyone there, but most of all I am missing holding and hugging my new  great-grandchildren that are not living here with me but doing social distancing safely at their homes.

I am grateful for the four generations of my family that are living here with me in my home, fresh air, phone calls from those I love, and good health among so many other things I am blessed with. Stay safe everyone.

We send Happy Anniversary wishes to Kathy and Andy Farrissey on May 6.

We send Birthday smiles to Aaron Campos on April 29, not his father as I did so in error last week, to Skip Campos on May 4th, Fred Hall Jr., and Todd Alexander on the 5th, and we remember Marilyn Rebello on May 7.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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