Isolating the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard


To the Editor:

 Like virtually all Vineyarders we have lived in a virtual world the past two months.  It has been a challenge to make our time productive and pleasant, without becoming angry, anxious, bored or frustrated. Besides Zooming, Scrabble and Netflix, we have practiced social distancing, literally.

 Each day we select a new trail to explore.  The Vineyard is ripe with hidden treasures, from the Gay Head Moraine to Wapatequa Woods Reservation. We endure wet weather as well as PVDs (Perfect Vineyard days).  And we have discovered sites we never knew existed, from Short Cove Preserve to Square Field.   

With over 200 miles to walk, meandering up and down and along over 100 trails, and with the digital assist of TrailsMV, we’re accumulating an array of personal experience and photographic evidence on the wonders of the Island.  We always knew we lived in a beautiful sanctuary; now these walking trails serve as a perfect respite from the isolating impact of this pandemic.

Tom and Joyce Dresser
Oak Bluffs