Think before commenting


To the Editor:

This past Saturday, I received a call from one of our summer renters to apologize for some posts on social media he had written about Point B Realty and me. He graciously apologized and said he had taken down the posts on two social media sites as well as a response in the Vineyard Gazette. We did share a bit of a laugh about posts made in the heat of the moment — many of us have done that.

But what bothered me the most was the responses. People jumped on the bandwagon to criticize without even questioning. These types of posts can be damaging to local businesses and local people. In addition to the folks who so vocally joined in, I am most hurt by the fact that there were no attempts to question the situation or perhaps offer insights into some of the good things that Point B and our family have done for the people of this Island.

While Islanders Talk is a great FB page for sharing information, a while back I found myself in the same position – jumping on causes without really understanding/vetting the facts or struggling to defend those incorrectly being hung out to dry. So, I had to step away and I have to say I have a lot less angst in my day.

I understand fully how these “visitors” feel being publicly raked over the coals on social media. And I understand how they, like our family, may think twice about supporting this Island in the future. There is nothing neighborly about trashing people on social media. But even worse are the people who stay silent when they can help.

Let’s all take a deep breath.

Beth O’Connor