Isolation tunes from Chilmark folks

Chilmark rolls with masks and social distancing.

An impromptu band of Chilmark residents (who are officials too) jammed outdoors Wednesday to a custom song called “Roll On Chilmark Roll On.” The band featured Warren Doty on banjo, Nan Doty and Joan Malkin on vocals, Taurus Biskis on upright bass, and Jim Malkin, Ellen Biskis, and Andy Goldman on guitar. Doty told The Times Thursday he wrote the lyrics, and Goldman and Chuck Hodgkinson composed the music. The song was meant as a salute to the town, Doty said, notably the concept of “Chilmark strong.”


  1. Thank you so much from a coronavirus “exiled” Chilmarker. Your song is wonderful! And the scenes were the next best thing to being there! Hope to be back soon.

  2. Love it! Great tune, uplifting and fun. Thanks to all of you, and special thanks to the videographer and to Warren Doty for the lyrics. This should be the town theme song!

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