There’s a way to get waste to zero

Cynthia Riggs uses chickens to help reduce food waste.

To the Editor:

Food waste is zero in this household. Leftovers that are no longer appetizing, plate scrapings, potato peels, apple cores, melon seeds, even bones, all go to our chickens. In return, we get eggs, enough to give away. The waste that might not appeal to the chickens, stuff hidden in the fridge with some variety of mold, for instance, goes on the compost heap, along with grass clippings and chicken droppings. In return, we get soil that nourishes the garden that feeds us and the chickens. 

I realize everyone doesn’t have room for chickens or compost heaps, but whether you have a garden or not, according to The MV Times, last year IGI installed food waste collection bins at all the Island transfer stations, where people can bring up to five gallons of food waste and dispose of it properly for only $2 a load. Folks can also bring their food waste to the Thimble Farm Hub in Vineyard Haven for free. Those without gardens can dump their buckets of food waste, and those of us with gardens can collect the black gold that results in just a few weeks. 

 Cynthia Riggs
West Tisbury