Confirmed positive tests rise to 29

Hospital employees cheer Island police, fire, and EMS during a parade Tuesday. — Rich Saltzberg

Updated 4:13 pm, Thursday

A new confirmed case brings the Island’s total to 29 (including four antibody tests), according to the Martha’s Vineyard boards of health.

The new case was confirmed separately from the hospital’s daily update, which was posted this morning.

The new confirmed positive case marks the second day in a row a new case was reported on the Island. The boards of health have switched their reporting to separate confirmed cases, which come from regular COVID-19 tests and probable positives, which come from antibody tests.

In the past week, the boards of health confirmed four additional patients tested positive for viral antibodies and a separate patient tested off-Island was positive for a regular test bringing the Island’s total to 28. Boards of health spokesperson and Tisbury health agent Maura Valley confirmed three antibody test patients were no longer symptomatic.

Valley clarified that the antibody tests are now classified as “probable positives.”

Of the four antibody positive tests, all four are female. Two are aged 50-59, one is aged 40-49, and another is aged 20-29.

Of the 25 confirmed cases on the Island 14 are female and 11 are male. Seven of the cases are aged 50-59 years old, seven cases are 60-69 years old, five are 20-29 years old, two are 30-39 years old, two are 20 years old or younger, one is 70 years or older, and one is 40-49.

As of Thursday a total of 633 people have been tested at the hospital with 23 positive cases, 603 negative, and seven pending results. The hospital also reported zero hospitalizations for COVID-19. 

The past two confirmed positive cases were reported separately by the boards of health.

At the state level Wednesday, the Department of Public Health reported 174 new deaths — a jump from the 33 reported on Tuesday. There have been 5,315 total deaths across the state.

DPH also reported there were 1,165 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 bringing the state total to 80,497. Massachusetts has performed 410,032 tests with only four percent of cases hospitalized.


Updated to include new confirmed cases reported by MV boards of health and to correct the number of days without a confirmed case. — Ed.


  1. Cases of the VIRUS are growing on the island, without the influx of tourist and the summer months haven’t even begun yet. The problem is that the virus is world wide and all different parts of the world come to MV. We’re at 4.5 million cases world wide now and it’s still growing, MV is going to have a serious problem on their hands if something isn’t done soon. A temporary car cap needs to put in place and parameters need to be figured out for it. At least with that, it might give the island a chance to rebound from this. Instead of putting energy into how to save the summer, how about, how to save the island..
    Current VIRUS STATS

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