Inmate crews to clean up Oak Bluffs

Dukes County Sheriff's Capt Michael Trance and Sgt. Nathan Vieira, from a previous litter cleanup weekend.

A group of inmates supervised by Dukes County Sheriff’s deputies will be cleaning up trash in Oak Bluffs this weekend from 10 am to 2 pm.

Crews will be working to clean up trash from the town’s roadsides, dunes, and beaches along the Oak Bluffs Harbor to Inkwell Beach, according to a press release from the Sheriff Bob Ogden’s office. People passing the area this weekend may notice Sheriff’s vehicles and that clean up crews and deputies will be practicing social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment.

“We are happy to support Oak Bluffs and pleased to have the opportunity, during this time when workforces are stretched thin, to provide a no-cost service to give back to our community and town. Community members are spending more and more time enjoying the natural beauty of our Island while they keep healthy. We hope this service keeps everyone enjoying the beauty our Island offers, and reduces the impact of litter on our beaches and walkways,” Ogden said.

The town has had inmate crews clean up trash in town before.

“As the current chairman of the board of selectman, I would like to thank the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office. The Town of Oak Bluffs is grateful for this collaboration, and for the strong working relationship we have with the Sheriff’s Office,” Brian Packish said in the release.