‘Oyster train’ gives out 18,000 oysters


On what felt like the first true day of summer, hordes of people queued up their cars at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury Saturday morning to get a free bag of oysters, courtesy of an anonymous donor.

Traffic was clogged every which way into the Ag Hall, as people waited to get their free bag of oysters from a collection of 13 different oyster farms across the Island.

A line of cars up and down State Road crowded onto Panhandle Road an hour before the first-come, first-served event was slated to begin at 11 am. It only took until around 11:30 am for the event to give away its last free bag along what volunteers were calling the “oyster train.”

All in all, some 18,000 oysters were given away in bags of 36 each. 

Oysters were also given to the West Tisbury School and the Island Food Pantry to help feed children and families.


  1. An incredible act of generosity! To the wonderful anonymous donor, thank you for doing so much for the Island’s fishermen and their families. The world needs more people like you who give selflessly!

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