Full, rich 106 years

David Cronig turned 106 this week. — Danille Morgan

To the Editor:

It is a great honor and privilege to be celebrating David Cronig’s 106 years on this special day, May 19, 2020. Your full, rich life memories of being on the Vineyard many years ago and wise words were so fascinating to hear.

“Live well with people, and don’t allow anything or anyone to take your joy away, is the secret to a long life.”

“I never drink or smoke a day in my life.” 

These are just some wise words from the great centenarian plus six years.

A humble, wise, and resourceful family man that thrives on being a blessing to others is just one of your admirable special qualities. 

Happy 106th birthday, David. Wishing you continued long life, great health, and happiness.

Lots of love!

Danille Morgan
Vineyard Haven