Peaceful protests planned for Sunday and Monday

Dennis Alley/Waban Park has been the scene of many vigils and protests over the years. – MVT stock photo by Stacey Rupolo
Vineyarders will gather on Sunday from 10 am until noon in Dennis Alley Park (also known as Waban Park) in Oak Bluffs to protest the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, according to organizer Kiely Rigali. Rigali expects several groups to congregate at Alley Park on Sunday
And on Monday, organizers hope that Islanders will join them at Five Corners at 5 pm for seven minutes of silence and solidarity for Americans around the country “taking a knee” for Mr. Floyd. Organizers of both events urge participants to wear a mask and practice social distancing.


  1. The only reason this protest will be allowed is because the Chief of Police in Oak Bluffs is also the President of the Oak Bluffs Chapter of the NAACP.
    Oak Bluffs has had enough of this blatant racism.

    • That’s not true, ajay. Most Americans, black and white, are heartbroken as well as disgusted by George Floyd’s murder, and many of all different backgrounds want to protest racist police brutality.

    • Uh, no. This protest is allowed because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and because the participants plan to wear masks and observe social distancing. P.S. A lot of us have had enough of blatant racism. That’s what the vigil is about.

  2. Lets put the two plaques back on our Monument if you really want peace!
    ajay, you are right on the money!

  3. To those who will be attending 5 corners Monday, if you are really sincere kneel on the ground not on pillows or blankets. Plus it should be for 8 minuets. Just sayn.

    • You’re a coward hiding behind a pseudonym who finds humor in referencing the amount of time it took a handcuffed, incapacitated man to be murdered.

    • How about 9 foxtrots or 10 tangos?

      I don’t think we should question anyone’s sincerity. There is at least one woman participating that has lost a child to violence. Please show respect.

      • After seeing jbnorton’s post, I regret my reply. Tisbury’s time reference to Floyd’s death went over my head. I thought it was just a random, odd list of demands. Ridiculous to mock the length of a murder.

        Thanks for clearing things up, jb.

  4. Jackie & Susanna J. Sturgis to be extremely brief lets be very clear these are not protests these are straight out riots! Those who are mad of what recently happened are burning, torching, looting, fire bombing over this issue. They are totally destroying their very own neighborhoods in the worst way and by their own hands. Most buildings and business cant possibly return because none of them had insurance especially covering riots which this all clearly is and continues to be.
    If anything they should be protesting as peaceably as possible if possible all the black on black murders, shootings of innocent old ladies at bus stops and small children taking a quiet bath in their homes in the cities where this is all now happening.
    All these riots are totally directed and handled in the wrong direction.

    • To Tisbury Native,

      Stop yelling at people from your own home and go do some good in the world!

  5. Yes, we feel your pain. Now go home and watch CNN and pretend you are not part of the 1% living the really tough life summering on the island.
    Does the Hood on the island mean your parent’s house is only worth 1.5 million

  6. I guess stay at home and social distancing was yesterday’s news
    My how the public attention span is short.

  7. In other news: A report just came over the scanner that a Trump sign is burning in OB.

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