Poet’s Corner: Haikus from Coronavirus Time

Pandemic book list
Grabbed from a healthier time
Still not compelling

–Nancy Aronie

Planting this season
Gardenia in the garden
Six eyes will see it.

–Kate Feiffer

First I lifted weights
But before long I was all:
“Mint julep sans pants!”

–Nicki Galland

Yesterday, zoom, zoom
Away I went, boat, bus, plane
Now I Zoom in place

–Melissa Hackney

One perfect pear, one
Car trip up-Island; two new
Thrills that last all day

–Jamie Kageleiry

Everything bagels,
Bread, pear-almond cake: our role
in the run on flour.

–Laura Roosevelt

Fresh free friendly aisles
Food for joyful gatherings
Until smiles deadened

–Cathy Walthers

The authors of these haikus are writers and year-round Island residents.

The Poet’s Corner is seeking haikus related to this era of coronavirus. The haiku is a short poem of just three lines, the first and third of which have five syllables; the middle line has seven. Send your work to Poet’s Corner facilitator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.