Dining in the park?

Beach Road Weekend promoter has big idea to boost local restaurants.

Picnic tables surrounded by low-profile picket fences would allow for parties to be socially distant while dining at Veterans Memorial Park.

The person who brought Beach Road Weekend to the Island last summer is looking at an innovative idea he thinks might help the Island’s struggling restaurant industry.

In an email blast sent out Friday, Adam Esptein, CEO of Innovation Arts & Entertainment, wrote that he is exploring the idea of offering al fresco dining in Vineyard Haven’s Veterans Memorial Park — the same venue he used for Beach Road Weekend. He’s calling it the Vineyard Social.

“[The] immediate need is gauging interest, especially by the Island’s restaurant industry [and] by private chefs/caterers now offering curated meals for at-home enjoyment,” the email sent out by Epstein states.

In a brief conversation about the concept, Epstein said many of the Vineyard Haven restaurants have no room to provide outdoor dining. “This would give them that opportunity,” he said.

Meals would be served during fixed seating times, which would allow restaurants to plan and deliver meals to the site, he said.

The topic is on the board of selectmen’s agenda in Tisbury for Tuesday night. Previously, selectmen have discussed the idea of closing off part of Main Street for outdoor dining, but that idea hasn’t gained much traction.

Tisbury board of selectmen chair Melinda Loberg said ideas have been floated to use either Owen Park or Veterans Memorial Park to help the town’s restaurants. “We spoke about it briefly. I haven’t heard any specific proposal,” she said. “There’s a lot of logistics and details to work out.”

Selectman Jeff Kristal said he loves the idea. He said while the park is typically used for softball and soccer leagues, those aren’t allowed under the governor’s guidelines.

“This is not summer as usual. This is an out-of-the-box idea,” Kristal said. “I applaud Adam and anyone else who steps forward with this kind of innovative idea.”

The concept is to set up 50 to 100 18-by-18 foot semi-private dining sites surrounded by low-profile picket fences. Tents would be on hand for inclement weather and another tent would act as a final staging area for meals.

The goal is to “create a COVID safe outdoor dining experience for restaurants to offer to their customers” and a “social experience in Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven for local residents and summer visitors to enjoy al fresco dining,” the email states.

Other ideas include a small stage for musicians to provide music and movie screens to show films, the email states. A bar and beverage station would be available as well.

The summer of 2020 is shaping up to be the most unique in memory. COVID-19 has forced all of us into a long bout of isolation, deprived of the most basic social experiences. It is only natural for humans to want to come together and participate in shared social experience. We are tribal by nature. Community is as nourishing for the soul as a meal is for the body. After three months of having been cooped up, it’s hard to imagine an entire summer without an opportunity to share meals together as a community outside of our homes,” the email states. It is also very unfortunate that at the same time, the restaurant industry is struggling to survive. We empathize greatly with our brothers and sisters who run restaurants. Like us in live events where we bring together crowds en masse to enjoy entertainment, restaurants have been deeply affected by new regulations and are hard-pressed to flourish in a take-out only model. In order to run a profitable business, most restaurants rely upon an in-person dining experience that offers an opportunity to serve and cater to their customers. An experience that most look forward to and relish quite often — especially during the summer months.”




  1. California and many other states are already offering indoor dining supplemented by outdoor dining, Napa is a great example and similar to MV. Why does Massachusetts have to be different. I appreciate trying to be creative, but I am not paying Alchemy or Atria prices to eat in a bubble.

    • Ideally, restaurants of all price points would participate. Additionally, since food would be pre-ordered, diners could purchase meals from a variety of different restaurants during the same table reservation, accommodating all budgets and food preferences.

      • I need to amend my earlier statement. Retailers were not against closing Main Street, but the idea had trouble getting traction. I was not part of the discussion so I do not know why there was resistance from any parties with skin in the game.

  2. Seems like a foolish concept. Here’s a better concept. Block off Main Street and allow restaurants to have tables on the street.

    • Unfortunately, the local merchants on Main Street in VH weren’t in favor of closing Main Street. My proposal is meant as a compromise to foster additional business for the restaurant industry while not harming retail.

  3. Maybe we could have all the food trucks in the field instead of the old hinkley’s… sure would make the selectmen happy… or is that just more ‘honky tonk’!

  4. I applaud Adam for trying to help out everyone in this situation
    Blocking off main street is not feasible, you can’t do it for any length of time and logistics would be a nightmare.
    As for paying the typical prices for a Vineyard Haven or OB restaurant, if you can’t afford to go out, then don’t. But don’t be negative to those who would like too. Being cooped up is not good for the soul. and the local businesses and employees are in dire straights to try to make a living this summer. We should support anyone or anything that tries to help out.

  5. public trust–this may seem like a foolish concept to you, but it is worthy of consideration .
    Your idea is also worth consideration. please be open to all proposals.

  6. Reading the documents on the state web site the parks in phase 2 are open now for non contact sporting use which means people can train in their sport such as soccer, baseball, softball, running and then phase 3 will come in three weeks or less if numbers continue on the downward path, lets all hope for that. I do not think giving up a recreational site is best practice, as stated on the CDC site physical fitness from proper eating, sleeping and exercise is the best way for people to deal with and recover from covid-19. We need to keep our public spaces public for everyone not just the ones who can afford drinks at a bar?, in the park? And a word about phase 3, guess what we could start some sports in the park, hard to do running around the white picket fences. And who would be able to serve and charge money in the park? Tisbury only restaurants since its a town park? Is the BOS really going to consider granting a floating liquor license for the whole summer for a public park? If out of town restaurants are allowed will Tisbury get the taxes from meal tax? Who will have a financial interest in the floating bar? I would think it would be anyone great enthusiastic about the proposal, just saying

    • Most importantly, this is about sharing the space and sacrificing some so that restaurants and their employees have a greater opportunity to share the fruits of their work and earn a living. There are lots of sports facilities island-wife that could be used to offset some of the space requested for this program.

      we’d open it up to all restaurants. Food would be brought to the site from any island restaurant participating. But it’s like standard delivery so meal taxes are paid in each municipality.

      There technically would be no “serving” of food except that a runner would bring the packed up take-out order to the table that ordered it. Food would be untouched once it left the restaurant until the customer opened the container.

      Tisbury would receive a fee per table reservation, some share of overall revenue, meal taxes for Tisbury restaurants, licensing fees, and beverage taxes from the beverage tent.

      There are restaurant staffers who would work the site since they can’t work inside their shops for wages and tips.

      The revenue from the beverage tent would be used to underwrite the $50,000 estimated to purchase the tables, fencing, labor, setup costs, port-a-potties. Remaining revenue would be shared with the Todn and organizers of the program.

      • Who is ‘we’? And are you doing this for free? This isn’t just about sharing space or saving local businesses, which won’t be saved by throwing picnic benches into a field.

    • Add: Parking. Mud. Handicapped access. Alcohol monitoring. Returning unsatisfactory dishes.
      Moreover, little profit can be made if patrons are that distant from the kitchens. Establishments would be burdened with the added costs of transporting everything, while chefs would never know how much to prep or order. (Is it going to rain?) In a town park setting, food trucks seem like the best option, despite silly assertions of them somehow being ‘honky-tonk’.

      A dozen or so conversations about this today with friends all went the same – nobody’s paying good money for a (lukewarm?) meal while penned up like livestock on a field next to a swamp, shooing flies, swatting mosquitos, and using porta-potties. Ag Fair style dining at thrice the price?

      Island restaurants and shops are being crushed by misguided government overreach.
      The infernal curve was flattened on MV a while ago. Enough already. No more cowering.
      Feeling scared? Then, of course, choose to stay home… and let the other free people enjoy shopping and eating out.
      Open this island now! Petty tyrants, get lost.

      • Ever heard of delivery and take-out? People have been having meals delivered for years. What makes this different? A safe social gathering, eating under the stars and listening to a little music.

        I guess I’m not so cynical to think that a $20 pizza split with some friends, or wonton soup and noodles from copper wok is worthy of such antagonism.

        • Adam, yes we’ve all heard of take out.
          What makes this different?
          For me anyway, the difference is at my house I have a means (microwave, toaster oven, stove) to reheat my food when it shows up cold.
          You mentioned that people can order from any town on-island. So if I order from Rockfish in Edgartown, are you going to offer a service for reheating?

          • Yes, Fielding. Seems like an easy problem to solve. If every stops trying because the smallest glitch stops you in your tracks, why get out of bed every day?

            I’m wired to create opportunities, and work them thru until the bugs are eliminated. I don’t stop at the first roadblock.

            Anyone who cane to any MV Concert Series event or Beach Road Weekend can tell you that we improve with every event. We learn from our mistakes, and know that our successes and failures end up improving the quality of the customer experience.

            But the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step unless you’re scared to take it. I will not be afraid to try. Are you?

  7. Thank you to Adam Epstein for always thinking outside the box while having the greater good in mind. You’re a mensch!

  8. I’m not opposed to Adams concept at all. I just don’t think people want to spend a lot of money and then sit in a field and eat. I would close down Main Street at 6pm to 11pm in every down and I believe the Main Street setting is much nicer. Retail stores would also benefit from the street traffic.

    • For a few bucks for the table, and the price of a pizza, six people could enjoy some outdoor dining with live music entertainment from authentic island musicians.

      I know it’s all in the eye of the beholder, but what’s expensive about that?

  9. I don’t disagree that Main Street could be a wonderful idea. Ultimately, who would manage and finance it?

    How would the traffic be managed?

  10. Could OB do the same thing in Tabernacle Park? (I’m not sure the MVCMA would approve, but it’s an idea…)

  11. Did you listen to governor today, what I posted earlier was spot on and more, by the time the walls or fences get erected soccer games will being held on the fields of the park. Thanks but no thanks don’t need a bar and music down at the park which, of course goes hand and hand with the idea being floated to allow drinks being served without food, we have come along way from a dry town. Of course we always hear the canard the the town needs the funds, Yet if you go on the town web site you may read the letter from or town treasurer that Tisbury is in good finical shape, go ahead take the time and read it, I promise it will not hurt.

    • Once again, teehump, you’re clairvoyant. But what you’re missing are the social engagement, a little music to wash it down under the stars, and maybe an outdoor movie from time to time.

      Wow! That sure is awful!

  12. It seems some of the old excuses people used for the Beach Road Weekend are being used again.
    No sports teams are going to use the field, all regulated sports are canceled. The park is not wet and filled with mosquitoes. Go down and take a look.
    Closing main street and putting tables in the street is not cost-effective and logistically possible, from a public safety standpoint.
    And to Mr. Fangs, the “WE” would include Adam and his team, his great idea cannot be done without help from a large group of people including all the out of work restaurant and foodservice employees.
    This idea might work or it might not.
    Adam is willing to take the gamble with HIS money (not your money)to get this going time to give him a shot at being helpful to the comunity.

    • Some towns are “Can Do”, other towns are “Can’t Do”. The list of Can’t Do’s in VH is extensive. I sure wish the S&S was modern and enlarged. But, can’t do.

    • Here is a guy trying to come up with solutions, and you can only throw water on it, and worse. We need solutions. You don’t like it, fine, throw in your own solutions. This summer will be different, and we can determine just how that different will be. Thanks, Adam – the community appreciates your effort.

    • Perhaps it won’t work. But I’m prepared to try. Hundreds of other people seem to think it is a good idea. So, feel free to hide behind your computer making snarky jokes while us, less cynical folk, enjoy each other’s company.

  13. Thank you Adam Esptein and others for suggesting creative solutions. Like the idea of dining public spaces, closing our main streets to allow our stores to expand outdoors. Another suggestion for places of worship, a municipal open air tent that can be used my multiple denominations.

  14. Why should the town of Tisbury host any service where the tax dollars are going to another town? Our streets, our park, our neighbors being inconvenienced, additional traffic at five corners, Adam how about you try it out in your own back yard first?

    • teehump– Yup– don’t want to add any traffic into 5 corners THIS year– It was so bad the other day that I came to a complete stop in front of the MV Times building on my way into town. I was stuck in traffic for at least a minute. I certainly wouldn’t want that to stretch into 90 seconds to help out island restaurants.

  15. Adam Epstein seems to be intent on using Memorial Park for profit somehow and moving constantly away from using it for athletic sports. The whole idea of the concert series created a massive interruption in sports practice with a recovery period during which it was also a problem. The idea of outdoor dining is not a bad one, nor is an outdoor movie but Memorial Park should be taboo for this sort of diversion from the park’s main mission – sports. There are other places where it would work. For example, there is a waterfront park at Tisbury Marketplace and there are several food services there. Already active are Beach Road Restaurant, Roccos, and The Net Result all easily and logically situated. Owen Park is a good location as well and there is also the Water Works where such events have already been held. Memorial Park on the other hand is designed with baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, and all of which Adam Epstein would like to see turned into profit making for himself and this would further harm our town if in that location. We should strenuously oppose using Memorial Park for anything but sports and complete public access. This is a town, not a money machine for private enterprise and loud music.

    • If you’d like to learn about the actual investment we plan to make and who will benefit before you malign ne, please reach out.

      Your allegations are unfounded and ill informed.

      I am not using the park for anything personal and am putting up $55,000 in order to make this program happen with no hope of recovery while it will directly drive business to island restaurants and provide a safe recreational activity.

      Instead of being suspicious, ask more questions. Before you make sad conspiratorial accusations, look at the details.

      Research solves all misconceptions and conspiracy theories. You won’t have to dig that hard. I’m available to talk anytime , and you can also actually ask questions during Tuesday’s BOS meeting. Try it next time, instead of bullying and spreading misinformation under anonymous names.

      • Adam– I applaud you not only for coming up with what I consider a good idea, and a willingness to put some time , money and sweat into it.
        But you have really earned my respect for the way you handle the “hand wringing naysayers” on this forum. I also have to point out that most of the “hand wringing naysayers” here are the usual conservative suspects that often criticize the liberal “hand wringing naysayers” —What a pile of hypocrisy.
        Go for it– I will be there, and if i see you there, I will “air bump” your elbow.

  16. Adam, I applaud you.
    Love your creativity.
    If this worked out and islanders and summer visitors enjoy this, fantastic.
    And if you earned a couple of nickels for your ideas and efforts…….bravo.
    I think it would be great, to have an interesting option.
    How about doing a drive-in theater that could be catered by island restaurants?
    Maybe on one of the island farms?

  17. Just FYI..with or without the creation of VH food court.. getting take out and going to a park or land bank property is something anyone can do any day of the week.

  18. Uh folks… truly it’s called a picnic. Anyone can do it… get food and go outside, get bit by bugs and have seagulls steal fries, it’s great and other than the cost of food… ITS FREE AND YOU DON’T NEED A RESERVATION!!!!

    • Hi Fangs. Of course you can go to the park and sit outside. i encourage people to do that. Our proposal is different than that. All you have to do is read both the article and the comments to see that.

      No one is yelling at you, so no reason to get upset. If you don’t like it and don’t think trying is worth it, then stay in your basement and do nothing. No one will fault you for your decision, or yell at you for your opinion.

      I’m trying to do something that, by adding value to the experience of being in the park, encourages people to order food from restaurants on Island. I will put our teams marketing experience, and some money, into promoting local restaurants that participate. I wholeheartedly believe that the opportunity will provide, at worst, incremental benefit to a restaurant’s bottom line by increasing the volume of their business and the marketing exposure they will receive. I have not heard from one restaurant who thinks that any harm could come from the program. Plus, they really dont have to DO anything to benefit. All they have to do is prepare the orders when we send them in, and collect the money. We do the rest, at our expense and risk.

      I know you may be cynical, and that’s fine. But cynicism isn’t a reason to give up. its just a reason to try harder to achieve a goal. I am driven to help and am putting my own money, and my employees time and effort up, to help.

      What do you have to offer besides anonymously insulting other people with keystrokes instead of offering suggestions?

  19. Personally, I would love to block off Main Streets in Edgartown, Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs on rotating days. Allow parking in open spaces where possible with close in parking for seniors. and handicapped. Allocate spaces to local restaurants or better yet, use picnic tables and small tables, let people pick up food from any restaurant they like. Bring their own washable napkins, forks, knives and “carry out” just like at the beach. Entertainment, all the better. Working together this could be fun and profitable for all creative restaurants. Each restaurant could offer just a couple of specials for pickup rather than large menus – Dinner for 2, 4, 6. We’re in this together. Sidewalk cafes during the day and people walking in the streets. Paper containers for alcoholic beverages allowed. Just like a Fair.

    • Gramma! A voice of reason. With the exception of closing the streets and using Main Street, our plans align!

      Open minds and proactive perspectives are so refreshing!

  20. What could you possibly believe would be ‘of value’ that you are bringing? The park is there, the outdoors is there, and one can purchase food anywhere they want. Then if they choose to have a picnic they can… truly the only thing you bring is an extra cost, or like many other ‘pied pipers’ you will be looking for concessions later in order to put money in your pocket. No one does anything for free, there is always a flip side… so what’s yours?

  21. All good points on both sides of the issue.. the unknown is are potential diners in need of a common place to congregate.

    • JS, absolutely correct. I’m prepared to take the risk in my plate because I think the support is there. But, if it doesn’t catch on, at least the Town isn’t out any $ for having tried.

  22. Everything Adam Epstein does on this island is with the goal of making money for himself, cloaked under the guise of helping out the island community, in this case for ” our brothers and sisters who run restaurants. ” and accordingly the other Tisbury retail businesses. It is my view that he is using one of our historically most challenging problems, the Corona virus pandemic, to try and create the illusion that he is providing something of value for our town, and accordingly, generating positive PR for himself and his two businesses here, MV Concert Series and the Beach Road Weekend music festival. Along the way he may figure out a way to make some money selling booze or charging for entertainment, ie picnic tables, servers etc. In any case, any losses he incurs with his $ 55,000 investment can be written off as a PR expense to boost his credibility and raise his island profile.

    The Town of Tisbury is currently looking at removing its tennis courts on Center St. because, according to a recent Board of Selectmen meeting, the associated fees don’t cover the costs. The use of Owen Park and Veterans Park don’t receive the same fiscal justification apparently. Many people from all over the island, and visitors alike also derive many benefits from using Veterans Memorial Park. How are the costs of maintaining and operating Memorial Park weighed against the pleasure that people get from Softball, Soccer, dog walking,volleyball, picnics, and other things that the park gets used for on a daily basis.

    The allowance of town establishments surrounding alcohol licensing have been closely debated over the years, narrowly approved, and a boon for attracting customers and increasing revenues. In our current situation, they are unfortunately losing a lot of those dollars. As it is a relatively recent change, most will be able to sustain their operations until the pandemic passes, whenever that will be.
    Instead of turning over the park to Epstein, maybe the town should consider just putting in some picnic tables at a few scattered locations, adding some garbage cans and with appropriate signage, and let folks bring there own food from local restaurants and clean up after themselves with maybe a few recent HS grads assisting the process. This process works at the Ag Fair pretty well, and is more in keeping with the how island has always worked, without making a nickel at every opportunity.

    • I agree. Epstein is a promoter and he is, first and foremost, promoting himself. His feel-good, “innovative thinking” boilerplate is becoming old, fast. I suggest that Epstein take his $55,000 and donate it to a project in Tisbury that has already been identified as a need the town has: such as upgrading the *public* facilities at Memorial Park. As a VH resident I resent the “creativity” of self-promoters of people like Epstein who always seem to be finding ways to use public facilities for their private agenda of making money and accruing influence, and inconveniencing actual residents. As has been noted earlier, anyone can prepare their own picnic or order takeout and eat it at one of our parks. As for public music: Hallo! Not everyone wants music blaring out on Main Street or anywhere else in town. Furthermore, Mr. Epstein apparently missed the message that speaking or shouting over music significantly increases the droplets that shoot out of a person’s mouth, and hence the potential for infection. People have been advised by infectious disease experts to speak quietly.

  23. Tashmoo38 you are my hero!!! Let me know when you run for selectman so I can vote for you. You are spot on. Your comment really puts everything into perspective. Keep up the good commentary.

    • Your hero is a person making slanderous accusations while hiding behind an alias? Glad you have standards.

      That’s courage and leadership!

      I’ll take honesty, transparency, and data driven decision-making over ignorance and hyperbole any day.

      Let me guess, you’ve got a red baseball cap too.

      • Tashmoo38, are your initials DJT?

        How is it that you know so much about the idea and our business model considering
        1) we’ve never met,
        2) we have never worked together,
        3) need to resort to exaggeration to scare people to your perspective. Facts are hard, but you might try them out from time to time.

        the truth is that you do not care at all about facts. you do not care about truth. you care about Tashmoo38 alone.

        No one was “turning over the park to Epstein,” and i did not request authority over it or its exclusive use. I wanted to set up 50 picnic tables over 35% of the square footage of the park so people could eat takeout food under the open skies and stars. I would purchase all the tables and fencing at my cost, and donate it all to the Town when the program ended.

        50% of the profit was going to be donated to youth recreational sports program that use the park and the other 50% was to subsidize ticket prices to concerts like Beach Road Weekend 2021, so the less fortunate can come at a highly discounted price.

        • That’s a thoughtful, well-researched response to data. Thank you for your contribution. Oh wait…you have no contribution. You’re a keyboard warrior without anything to offer except toxic, uninformed blather.

      • Please don’t always make things political. I actually don’t have a problem with the concept itself just think you need a different location. I, along with many others, think it’s rude to try and monopolize veterans park which the kids desperately need this summer.

        PRO TIP: When you weasel your way into the BOS Agenda, you should atleast be present when they call on you… (no one else would get special treatment) being MIA and then coming on much later just to say your pulling the item from the agenda shows a lack of professionalism.

        • There you go again.

          You say, “Don’t always make things political,” but feel its fair to spew toxic insults like “weasel your way into the BOS agenda?” For the record, you can ask the Town Administrator how to get an item on the agenda. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t take a weasel.

          I follow proper procedure to get items onto the BOS agenda. Seems like you know how to “weasel” things from your experience. it might be your way to get what you want, but that’s not how i do things, and i challenge you to present evidence of your slanderous accusations.

          What i do know is true about you, Islander1, is that you manipulate date and avoid facts to try to build consensus around your goals. You were caught using partial data to present the false narrative that the idea was not popular. Now you realize that we know you’re a fraud, and are resorting to name calling.

          We have already proven that you manipulate data to create support for your baseless opinions. That sounds like a weasel thing to do. What else would you do to get what you want?

          As far as the BOS meeting, i stepped away from it for 5 minutes after being on the call for 90 minutes. I apologized for missing the time they called on me. Apparently you are unable to accept that a tree is just a tree.

          There is always a conspiracy for you to further.

  24. tashmoo38 it must be really hard to be that jealous of a person who is trying to make a bad situation better.
    It can’t be hate, hate would involve more thought than you have to give.
    Time to go to vineyarders talk for the truly toxic back and forth comments.
    The people who want to do things will always do them, everyone one else will complain.
    Guess since you didn’t come up with the idea it is just someone else trying to “make a nickel at every opportunity”

  25. “I’m wired to create opportunities, and work them thru ”

    Ah, who are you, Adam Epstein? You sound pretty conceited to me.
    You think you are more creative etc. than others.
    What is actually the point here?
    What do you get out of this? As far as I can see, your idea that the many (residents of Tisbury) should sacrifice for the few (restaurant owners) and rich people who are willing to offer, basically, charity to a group of business owners (restaurant owners) in a really impractical setting with no toilets, no bathrooms for handwashing, no sinks, no nothing that creates a restaurant experience and that also screws up the recreational opportunities for actual residents of the town is a no-brainer negative.
    Please, take your your conceit and superior attitude—and your terrible ideas—elsewhere, please. Maybe Edgartown?

    • Once again, a commenter using an alias who resorts to name calling when logic and reason fails them. Did you actually READ the proposal before you posted this response? FACTL: Hundreds of people responded to the Times poll saying they would love to enjoy al fresco dining in the park. I was paying for the picnic tables, fencing, tents, port-a-potties, handwashing facilities while only using 35% of the park. Unfortunately, only a few restaurants responded to the poll.

      We created a site plan that maintained access to the sports fields for all rec sports, and were donating 50% of the profits to those same youth rec sports programs and field maintenance. the remaining funds were going to ensure inexpensive access to our concerts and festival for islanders who couldnt afford them; and sharing some of the remaining beverage money with the participating restaurants so they would make more than just their food revenue.

      I can see that its clear that you 1) hide who you are, 2) are scared to stand behind your statements by ditching the alias, and 3) you only know how to tear things down. I think you should focus on yourself, and your failure to contribute any constructive ideas, and go read a book.

    • I don’t think Adam sounds conceited. Some people are wired to be more creative, others not so much. As someone who believes in focusing on solutions but has zero creativity, I appreciate hearing these ideas from Adam and others. Not every plan can be expected to pan out or please each Islander, but at least he’s trying to make the best of a tough situation.

  26. In closing, all I’m going to say is that I do not care at all if it’s me that did this plan. If tisbury wanted to do it themselves and keep all the profits, that’s fine too. In fact, I made that very offer.

    If any of you think that this is going to make a windfall, run with it. I will not object. I’d be right by your side helping if you want it.

    I just thought it was a good idea to help out struggling businesses.

    I’d also say, that if you think I’m making tons of money from these programs and and only out for profit, I’ll hand you the keys, and let you reap the rewards.

    Just because you THINK I’m in it for the money doesn’t make it so. In fact, there have been more comments on this thread than dollars made in the past 12 months.

    The Town and the local businesses can follow the model and generate the $ for themselves. I do not need to be involved.

    BTW, it appears as if other municipalities realize the financial benefit of the same idea, but they don’t get personally insulted for PROPOSING an idea of using public property for a multidimensional use that could help struggling businesses. https://www.capecodtimes.com/news/20200604/drive-in-movies-to-return-to-hyannis

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