Grateful for Dr. Jasny’s efforts


To the Editor:

Today I picked up Leo at the vet. I’ve spent a lot of time there with Leo over the past three years. When I first brought him there three years ago, he was in really bad shape. Another vet had recommended putting him down, and I just couldn’t do it, so I asked for some time with him and took him home for the weekend. On Monday I decided to try another opinion. I took him to Dr. Michelle Jasny.

Michelle is a no-nonsense person, in case you don’t know her, but she clearly loves animals and is devoted to healing. She saved Leo’s life by relentless probing into possible solutions for his healing and his comfort. She consulted veterinary reference books, she reached out to other vets on the Cape, and together we began to try things that might work.

And they did work. Leo rebounded from his terrible infection, the one she wrote about in the Vineyard Times, calling Leo by the name of the Lion King, Aslan ( 

He came a long way back, from almost gone to alive and kicking, and we had so much fun over the past three years that I’ll be eternally grateful for Michelle Jasny and her utter professionalism and humane love of animals.

And now. Yes, I picked him up at the vet today. His ashes that is, and I am heartbroken. You don’t think it will happen to you when you hear about how tore up people get when they lose their pet. Yes, and I’m tore up good.

But I’m also oh so grateful for the three additional years I had with him and he had with me. Yes, and I’m grateful for Dr. Michelle Jasny, a really exceptional vet. Thank you, Michelle!

Michael West
Vineyard Haven


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