Masks and social distancing scant in Oak Bluffs

Governor urges people at protests and in large groups to get tested.


Summer on the Vineyard has arrived, and so have the seasonal visitors. On Saturday, under blue skies and warm sun, Oak Bluffs was packed with people, especially near the harbor, where restaurants and bars were already configured to accommodate outdoor dining. 

The area near Nancy’s Restaurant & Snackbar looked as it normally does on a beautiful June afternoon, with long lines stretching out from Donovan’s Reef and toward the marina boardwalk. Walking along the harbor, folks were gathering near the concrete benches and forming large groups. Although a scattering of masks could be seen, normally shrouding the face of an elderly person, young people near Nancy’s and spread about the marina were largely lacking in that department. Many who did have masks on-hand wore them around their neck, or pulled down below their mouth. And the six-foot social distancing safety measures that have been strongly advised by state and local health officials when not wearing a mask seemed to be absent. 

Although a number of police officers regularly drove by and inspected the scene, no foot officers could be seen in the area asking people to social distance or wear masks.

Oak Bluffs Police Chief Erik Blake was not immediately available to comment.

When the pandemic first hit the Vineyard, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital CEO Denise Schepici warned the Island’s hospital could become overwhelmed should there be a surge in COVID-19 cases. While the hospital’s number of positive cases has been low — as of Sunday morning they remain at 28 positive cases out of 1,196 people tested — Schepici has regularly warned Islanders not to let their guard down. At Island Health Care’s new testing site, 875 people have been tested and there has yet to be a positive result as of Saturday afternoon. At the state level, positive results have been showing a downward trend. As of Saturday afternoon, the state reported 336 new confirmed cases.

Across the country, there are reports of a new surge in cases in places like Florida and Texas where businesses reopened weeks earlier than businesses in Massachusetts.

Reacting to photographs sent showing the scene in Oak Bluffs, Katrina Delgadillo, a spokesperson for the hospital wrote: “We encourage everyone to follow the governor’s guidelines to social distance and wear a mask when around others.”

The scene in Oak Bluffs, which shows people on boats tied up in Oak Bluffs and people crowded onboard, is creating a buzz on social media. On the MV Times Social Network, Bob Kimberly posted photographs of boat scenes prompting three dozen comments from alarmed Islanders. “Not going there,” Anne D. Grandin wrote. “Why are people being so careless?”

The scene on Circuit Avenue was more socially distanced, but the number of masks was still low, and people would regularly pass close by each other on the sidewalk. At Post Office Square, a large group congregated by the wooden benches, the majority of whom did not have face coverings.

In a video interview with ABC World News, physician and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, pleaded with members of the public to wear masks when out and about. “Don’t throw all caution to the wind. That doesn’t mean that you walk around without a mask, that you jump into a crowd, that you stop washing your hands, that you stop doing the things that are important,” Fauci said.

Gov. Charlie Baker voiced similar concerns at a COVID-19 press briefing Monday afternoon. “Our progress to date is encouraging, but it doesn’t mean the virus has left town. Until there’s a medical breakthrough with a treatment or a vaccine, it’s up to all of us to continue to do the things that we know can kill COVID,” Baker said. “Face coverings, hand washing, distancing, monitoring for symptoms, and getting tested when appropriate is how we fight COVID-19.” 

The governor urged those who have recently participated in large gatherings to visit a local testing site to check for the virus.


Shelby Regan contributed to this report.


  1. Thanks MV Times for stepping in and taking charge as our on island mask control. I am glad people are scouting locations taking pic of peoples faces and posting them on social media nothing like the shame game to get people to confirm TX TX

  2. Here we go again.
    I have seen a lot of people that have let their guard down. I have been out and about having fun with my mask on and keeping my hands clean.
    Honestly I don’t really do it for myself but for my family and others that also have the right to be out and about and feel safe. I’m not saying I want to get sick but I can’t live in fear either. The last thing I want is to get sick and pass it on to others so I play it as safe as I can wear my mask wash my hand and try to keep my distance. I’m starting to see people shaking hands and giving out hugs and that’s what’s going to set things back if we’re not more careful. So the moral of the story is if you can’t do it for your self at least be courteous enough to do it for others.

  3. I commen The Times for pointing out the indifference of the Oak Bluffs Police Department to the need to wear masks or social distancing. As a personal acquaitance of the Chief, he seems to have gone down The Vineyard Gazette’s path of placating the Chamber of Commerce crowd rather than his, or the Island’s, year ’round residents.

  4. It looks like a lot of folks on the harbor are playing COVID roulette. So much for contact tracing.

    • Not like the island has barely been exposed yet as well. Get ready for the completely obvious abhorrent public health disaster! T minus 13 days..

  5. seems like the strategy is to hope the tourists are back home before they show symptoms so as to not overwhelm the hospital

  6. If the police arent going to protect the public _—- DEFUND them!!
    No masks or social distancing ANYWHERE just as I expected.
    I will expect the SPIKE in CV-19 exposures by August seeing it takes a couple weeks to see the results! OMG
    “Although a number of police officers regularly drove by and inspected the scene, no foot officers could be seen in the area asking people to social distance or wear masks”.
    “Oak Bluffs Police Chief Erik Blake was not immediately available to comment”.
    YEP, definitely DEFUND them!

  7. This is sad. Even if you don’t think you can get sick could you just do what you’ve been asked to do? And asked and asked and asked? Why make it the job of servers, clerks etc to police you and make you comply? Why not just do it?

  8. The people that are not caring enough to do this on their own are not going to listen to the police. They clearly could care less. Personally I don’t see how the police dept could possibly control this problem. The resources alone are not there and in these uncertain times I feel like if they tried it would cause problems. It seems that the cops have lost a lot a respect from people these days and it’s a shame because there are far more good cops than bad. Sadly it’s hard to say a few ruined it for the rest because their have been far more than a few bad cop incidents in recent years. We all just need to remind our selfs that most of them are on our side and they are here to protect us when needed. Policing each other will likely not work and cause problems as well. Our best chance at survival is to just do the best we can and if you find yourself in a bad environment then play it safe and move on.

  9. If you are from the same household, all family you do not have to social distance or wear a mask. It appears they have their own group together. Not bothering anyone else. Did anyone ask before judging? If you are out and about and freaking out about this….. stay home ! Go pick on the unmasked looters!

  10. I know those of you isolating are bored to death at home and are keeping busy by commenting on there posts.. but for Christ’s sake! I am in 2 of those photos and we are all family!! That photographer didn’t even stop and ask for a comment or explanation. We never put anyone else in danger. We wore masks whenever we were within 6 feet of strangers or in any local establishment. If you fear for your life over a pandemic that is nearly over, keep YOUR distance. Just please stop hounding those trying to move on with their lives by spending time with their family!

    • The pandemic is not nearly over. You are a fine example of the ignorance of fact that you choose to ignore and endanger others with how little you know. Also, strangers are just as likely as friends and family to give you covid. You put everyone in danger by not wearing a mask in public. It is the height of selfishness and ignorance.

      • Why don’t you get a job in a supermarket? Then you will be entitled to bully people into wearing masks and breathing in their own CO2 and enforcing one-way traffic in the aisles (even though it makes little sense, since people end up having to go twice the distance to stay within the one-way system and get to their jar of jam or whatever). And even get paid for it!

        • Bully people? You mean, protect people by doing the simple and smart thing. Only the stupid and selfish object to wearing a mask.

        • How does having one way aisles double the distance.
          Before the pandemic I use to go up and down every aisle (I am a closet impulse shopper).
          I do the same now, I just follow the arrows, I am not walking any further, at least that is what my knees are telling me.

    • I totally agree, as I was there as well. These pictures are misleading…first of all, it makes it look like people are right on top of each other, when that was never the case in my experience, and as you say, these are groups of people who are clearly traveling together. I’m sure many are like me – I’ve been quarantined for three months, with virtually no contact other than with those I live with. I never got out of my car on the ferry, and the first restaurant I’ve been to in over 3 months was Sand Bar…where we had a wonderful dinner Friday night. Any time we passed close by people we, and they, pulled up their masks. You’re outside, briefly passing within 6 feet for a couple seconds. Use some common sense people…we aren’t standing shoulder to shoulder screaming for long periods of time with and without masks like at all these protests. That’s where we’re going to see flare ups.

    • I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but there is NO WAY that all of the groups are one family living under a roof. And regardless, as far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of the 6 foot rule being observed among the maskless.

    • But for for Christ’s sake everyone in those pictures are with 6 of each other, none have masks.
      Is your truth what your mind wants to see?

      • I agree that in the third pic (and only the third pic), there are several people standing around, and briefly passing each other who should be wearing masks. My experience while I was there was that people were very courteous, and either avoided walking near you, or in a situation like that, where it was unavoidable, put their mask on. There’s always going to be a few people who are careless, but it’s still debatable whether a brief passing by, outdoors, puts you in much danger. And the small groups of people conversing in the first two pics are likely standing with the groups they traveled/are staying with, and they are separated from other groups. I continue to contend those gathering in large groups at protests, even if they are wearing masks, are in much, much more danger of contracting the virus. But that’s just me using my common sense. Time will tell. I’ll check back in after a few weeks, and I’ll be expecting an update to this article to see how it all played out.

  11. Great story about how the silent majority are taking their lives and liberty back! If you are afraid of the virus please take caution and self quarantine. The rest of us are ready to move on. Life’s a gamble under any circumstance. We all have the free will to lives to the extent we feel safe.

    • The not so silent trump supporters can be a little less selfish and ignorant and put their damn masks on. How hard is it to care about other people and do something so simple, something that science has proven will prevent 80% of transmissions? It really is simple. People who refuse to wear masks are selfish and stupid. Look at Trump.

      • Geez, I guess all you self-righteous bullies are Biden supporters!!
        Really, this comment sez it all. Reveals the underlying dynamic of a lot of this nonsense.

        • I think you mean that all the stupid and selfish people who can’t understand that masks protect the people around you must be Trump supporters. That sounds about right.

    • BS, do you consider it a violation of liberty to stop at intersections with stop signs or red traffic lights, or just gamble and express your freedom by stepping on the gas because “life’s a gamble anyway”? If you’re a parent, do you impede your children’s liberty and freedoms by making them wear bike helmets or sit in securely fastened car seats? Why is wearing a simple face covering such an impingement of your freedom?

  12. I will give credit when credit when credit is due, great and accurate reporting “Lucas Thors”!
    You definitely must be new however keep calling the chief and keep reporting on all the violators of the Governor`s guidelines.
    I believe that it should be a law here as in New York where a lot of these folks are from there seeing all the NY licence plates everywhere! Great pictures as evidence as well.
    OB has already become the island’s ground zero for corona-virus carriers and it is not even July yet!
    Shame them into compliance if you must!

    • So tired of the NY and CT shaming. Deaths per 100,000: NY 157, CT 118, MA 111. Not sure you should feel any safer seeing all those Mass plates either…not like MA has covered itself in a blanket of glory.

      • A more meaningful comparison is New York City and the Vineyard.
        In my neighborhood there two NYC fireman and on cop with second homes.
        It is my guess that 80%+ of the NY plates that you see live, work, or recreate regularly in NYC.
        Those are the people who can afford to have a second home on the Vineyard.
        I don’t see much traffic from up state.

        • My point is the knee jerk reactions that you should be concerned about people with NY plates, but not MA plates. You don’t know who is a second home owner from off island with a MA plate, and MA is one of the worst regions in the WORLD, along with NY and CT, etc. So stop with the prejudices, and just use common sense to protect yourself and others.

        • ajay-both of your comments are spot on-Not to many people from Saranac Lake escaping to the Vineyard and i had told my wife-just wait Nancy’s will look the same on the 4th as any other year-only difference it was saturday-upper deck packed-no masks never seen anything like it -i did stop at Gio’s to get a fish sandwich-used my mask etc.

  13. No shocker here- many of these people are as dumb as peanuts, while others are just looking to the left and right and thinking, “Heck, if nobody else is wearing a mask, why should I?” At the same time, the muddled and contradictory information the media has been spewing for the last 3 months has encouraged a lot of people to throw their hands in the air in exasperation. You hear the virus is a dangerous and lethal pathogen, yet if you catch it you’re probably not even going to notice because it’s probably going to do nothing to you. Everyone was whipped into a panic that they’d catch it from surfaces and anyone coming within shouting distance, only to later hear that you’re probably not going to catch it from a surface and you’ll only have a problem if you’re in an enclosed, poorly-circulated place for an extended period of time. No wonder people have had enough and are ignoring the guidelines.

    • The advice from the science community has not been muddled. From idiots in the pubic eye? Yes, muddled. From Republicans and those in denial? Yes, conflicting advice. From those who value money over life, we get wrong, scientifically bad advice.The confusion about masks was because the shortages called for them being saved for the front line workers. People who have paid attention to the KNOWN science have been wearing homemade masks from the beginning– There’s been some confusion about wiping down groceries or how long the virus can live on surfaces, but the washing hands, wearing masks in public, and staying away from crowds- and, basically, staying home if you can, has been absolutely correct. Idiots continue not to believe it. The stupid and the selfish ignore the guidelines and it has nothing to do with being bored or confused about what to wipe down. Besides, if you’re bored, you’re boring. And if you’re stupid and selfish and acting out your idiocy, you’re a dangerous menace to your community. You can look on Islanders Talk to know their names. One guy, from North Carolina but living on the island, is so belligerently against wearing a mask that he’s proud of his stupidity. The thing about being that dumb is that the person has no idea just how stupid he is. There’s nothing anyone can do about these people. So yes, stay home if you can. Who knows, maybe Darwinism will win the day and only the smart ones with masks will survive.

      • Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. I think you’re an intelligent and thoughtful individual with strong convictions. The hissing at Republicans sometimes obscures this- it becomes a bit of a one-note song. The scientific pronouncements have fluctuated in terms of severity and risk, and some of that is understandable due to the novel nature of the virus. The media has mostly made a fool of itself and fanned unnecessary hysteria, as it so often does. Social media has thrown gasoline on the flame. Most sensible people will agree that wearing masks in a public crowded area is the right thing to do. Some stubborn idiots will refuse to and cloak it in pseudo-patriotism. These are incorrigible knuckleheads. Some will get lucky, some will get sick. Ignore them as much as possible and find peace where you can. That’s the best any of us can do.

    • “You hear the virus is a dangerous and lethal pathogen, yet if you catch it you’re probably not even going to notice because it’s probably going to do nothing to you.“

      Precisely. However, I am diligent about still wearing my mask everywhere, when in public. I am at high risk. But I/we will never sit at home, cowering in the corner. Never!

      People (Independents, Republicans, Democrats) were unmasked wherever I went this weekend. Unconscionable.

      I am not going to sit on my rear end at home, while moping and snarkily hating on folks I don’t want to try and find common ground with, even though we feel so differently.

      For me, working together is the only way to get out of catastrophes, like the one we’re still in. I work with people I don’t agree with.
      Some people just are not team players, from birth. Stranger than true.

      I was always chosen first or second when choosing sides for sports in school, student council and fundraising activities, etc..
      This means that I was always a team player. Still am. It means NOTHING else.

      People who refuse to be team players in these times can just continue to stay away from everyone and everything…as they normally do.


      • Intelligent and sensible people will wear masks. Idiots will ingore sciientifically-based guildelines. The media has done a hideous job of providing balanced perspective. We’re told we’re at risk of gathering in groups of more than 10…..and then massive rallies happen and they’re given a pass. Then political rallies are deemed dangerous. I am not a Republican and I’m definitely not favoring Trump rallies over protests, but the muddled and mixed messages have done nobody any favors and led to the “What the hell?” attitude we’re seeing now. That and a whole lot of knuckleheads who figure they know more than frontline doctors because they got Cs in Chemistry and Biology 20 years ago.

        • I see your point, Wesley, and agree. The media has made some mistakes, and the political divide among outlets doesn’t help. Nothing a peek at a few medical sites won’t quickly set straight. Then again, the self-professed experts you mentioned are rarely humble enough to seek out facts.

          Sadly, I think the refusal to wear masks comes down to some being plain bored with corona. No surprise. We’ve got a bunch of fussy kids (at heart, not in age) who are sick of pretending to care. The drive to grandma’s was too long. They want to stretch their legs and have fun again. Ignore the adult-y stuff. Patience may be a virtue, but it’s in short supply in this insta-culture.

          There’s no changing anyone’s mind. Not now. I’m grateful to all who get it and are still careful. Can only hope it’s enough. It’s been weird trying to explain why we should care about getting anyone else sick or worse. How do you put something that basic into words? Someone said wanting everyone to wear masks is a woke position. Hardly. It’s, like, the absolute bare minimum of human decency. We’re at a stage where the slightest expression of concern for others is written off as partisan nonsense. Scary. ????

          • Well, boredom coupled with stupidty and selfishness. Once you understand that you can’t fix stupid and selfish, the best you can do is embarrass them, even though for most, that doesn’t work either. Put their photos in the newspaper, call them out on social media. Business owners and police here should be breaking up people congregating in front of restaurants and asking them to wear masks. Protestors here are careful, using their masks and distancing, from what I’ve seen.

    • The media has been very clear.
      The Left Media thinks the virus is killing us.
      The Right Media thinks that a shrinking economy is sickening.
      This time they are both telling the truth.

    • Wesley, how can the media be expected to pass along consistent information when we don’t even have unification over the simplest things in the White House? Melania wears a mask and did a PSA. Pretty sure Ivanka wears one, too. Her husband doesn’t. Her father doesn’t. Honest question: has there ever before been a time when a president and first lady were sending completely different messages to the public about an important matter of safety? Not that I can think of. When you have this kind of disagreement and dysfunction at the highest level, it trickles down. When it comes to the basics about how to protect ourselves and others, experts have known from
      the jump what we should be doing, and it has proven to work. Many feel we started wearing masks too late. Perhaps if the CDC had been properly funded, that wouldn’t have happened. As for catching it on surfaces, that was never thought to be the primary means of transmission. It was only pointed out that it can live on surfaces and we should be cautious by cleaning and not touching our faces with dirty hands. Seems more than reasonable enough.

  14. Weeoooooo weeooooooo the tattletale police are here. The answer to this is so simple a child could understand it. If you’re worried or concerned stay home. Allow others to do as they please. This is not Nazi Germany. We are Americans FREE to make our OWN choices. If you believe people without masks or standing 5’ instead of 6’ apart are a problem then simply stay home or away from them. It’s not a public health issue it’s a freedom of choice issue. Where are all the keep your laws off my body people at? Can’t hear them through their masks? I Can’t believe we have become such a nation of sheep that people will blindly follow whatever is channeled into their brain daily via whichever media they choose to engage. No need to use your own brain and look around at what’s going on. There are just as many arguments against masks and all the foolish precautions as there are for them so why are people not allowed to make their own decisions on the issue like Americans are supposed to be able to do. Save the “it’s about others” crap for someone else. What this is really about is seeing who wants to be free and who doesn’t mind lining up for the slaughter house. Pull your heads out of the sand people. If you want to wear a mask by all means you should. Allow others the same right to make their own health choices….after all, if you have a mask on you’re protected, right?

    • No, not right. Your comment shows your ignorance about why people are told to wear masks. If you have a mask on, you are protecting others, not yourself. Other people wearing masks are protecting you. I can’t believe how an easy concept like this is so difficult for some. Selfishness and stupidity is what prevents people from wearing masks in public. Nothing else.

      • FYI, your opinion is worthless and damaging to the community. Wearing a mask is scientifically proven to reduce transmission. That’s what normal people want: a reduction in cases. Any arguing that wearing a mask is not good enough for you, in your opinion, shows a lack of intelligence and a belief in an uneducated opinion, your own, that has no value.

      • “The other looked particularly at SARS-CoV-2 and found no effect of either surgical or fabric masks on reducing virus spread, but only had ***four participants and used a crude measure*** of viral spread.”

        That’s it, throw the masks away, people. ????

        I mean… Was this study conducted in a treehouse by a neighborhood kid named Tommy with the help of his three friends? I finally understand why teenage girls say “I literally can’t even”.

      • Not correct, good quality masks N95 or better protect both parties, nurses and surgical masks only protect ther

    • Some showed up at rallies with actual, undeniable Nazi slogans and symbolism.


      We’re asked to wear simple masks to protect everyone from an asymptomatic disease that has killed 436,000 people or more worldwide, leaving others with complications like blood clots, ongoing impaired lung function, organ failure, lengthy ICU stays, and crushing medical debt.


      “…after all, if you have a mask on you’re protected, right?”


    • “If you’re worried or concerned stay home.”
      Yes indeed. Obviously! Our freedoms don’t end where someone else’s fear starts.
      And nobody needs judgy tyrants calling other citizens stupid, selfish, and ignorant for not surrendering their freedom of choice. Trying to shame others for not abdicating their freedoms – now THAT is stupid, selfish, and ignorant. But, in America, hey, anyone’s free to squeal online about their wokey-woke politics, and hector the sheep with regurgitated MSNBC/CNN spin about whatever failed model or revised ‘science’ is providing today’s reason to fence the herd.

      As benfranklin’s above comment (also) states perfectly: Save the “it’s about others” crap for someone else.

      • Why don’t you go to a restaurant, bar, gym, or theater (when they open) And light up a cigarette? Or, if you really want to express how free you are, in a Republican sort of way, go sit by your sleeping grandchild and smoke a cigar. Why should you be responsible for another person’s health? And don’t forget to real close to a cancer patient’s face when you’re sick. While you’re at it, be sure your grandchildren don’t get vaccinated. Why should your family risk a bad reaction to a shot for the sake of herd immunity? Stupid and selfish and MAGA all the way is the new America.

        • We know Trumpers don’t care about others, but thank you for admitting it. Someone needs to look up the definition of “selfishness”, Oldguy.

          • Jackie, with your rants and your equation of anyone who doesn’t behave as YOU think they should with being a Trump supporter (worst thing there is) you are actually probably implanting a suggestion in more than few minds that they might just become a Trump supporter to be the opposite of you!

          • Island Raised, you’re right. People vote for Trump for the stupidest reasons on earth. It’s what stupid, sefish people do. Lock her up, Build that wall, Make America Idiotic.

            And FYI, it’s not how I think people should behave. It’s how the science and medical experts, and the smart leaders like Cuomo who listen to the experts, tell people how to behave. Smart people listen to experts who know more than dopes like Trump. Smart people know that only a true idiot would suggest ingesting or injecting bleach.However, I do understand that people who decide their vote for the stupidest of reasons would also not understand that the recommendations for wearing masks is not my opinion, but the opinion of experts.

        • Please done blame the Police, they enforce Laws and Statutes, not guidelines.

          What about the Harbor Master, they determined one boat to a mooring during the Pandemic, but didnt enforce they’re own rules?

      • Except it is about others, and not in a subjective, you-get-an-opinion sense. In a factual, this-is-how-a-virus-spreads sense. That’s what a contagion is. It does not, as a matter of concrete fact, only affect the person who has it if given a chance to reach someone else. Not wearing a mask increases that chance. This has nothing to do with fear. It has everything to do with acknowledging the practical measures we can take to reduce the odds of sickening or killing other people. Why wouldn’t someone want to help with that goal?

        “Just stay home” doesn’t work because many have to go out in public to keep the world that services YOU up and running. Those people may have risk factors of their own or live and work with someone else who does. In not wearing a mask, you’re potentially exposing them to disease, meaning you’ve just overstepped the personal aspect of personal freedom. Calling that fact “crap” just because you don’t like it is petulant, especially when we’ve already lost well over 100,000 souls in the U.S. alone.

        I don’t remember who originally pointed this out, but it’s worth repeating. An awful lot of Americans have spent their lives claiming they’d die for this country. Or boasting about what good citizens and neighbors they are. It’s now being proven that some of these patriots won’t even wear a piece of cloth for that very same country. Worse. You project. You assume those who are wearing them must be mindless sheep, forced by The Media to fall in line. Nope. Everyone I’ve heard from who wears a mask is doing so willingly and happily because they actually value life. They’re informed. They know a mask isn’t 100% perfect. They know it protects others more than it does the wearer. They do it anyway because some protection is better than none. That’s what a good neighbor looks like in practice. It’s only a chore if you don’t care.

    • benfranklin– your argument is simple, myopic and totally self centered. My guess is that you chose your stage name to convey something along the line of you are a “true patriot”. yes , we have some freedoms, but your freedom has limits.
      You cannot enjoy a ‘completely harmless” cigarette in any public building in this state.
      You can not enjoy as many alcoholic drinks as you like and then drive a car.
      You cannot enjoy the freedom to shoot heroin into your own veins.
      All these limitations on your freedom are there to protect people from “freedom lovers” endangering others.
      So in this case, you may have realized that this is not “just a flu” or a hoax to discredit the idiot who managed to escape being convicted of high crimes and obstruction of justice because he is protected by sycophantic sheep who would rather keep their cushy job than do what is right for the country.
      Your right to be irresponsible during an extremely dangerous pandemic does not trump my right to be able to safely leave my home. You might as well tell me to not get on the road after 10 pm because freedom loving drunks will smash into my car and kill my family.
      Have you heard of the term “flatten the curve” ? What that means is if enough idiots are disregarding their personal safety, and the safety of others, and a second wave sweeps in and overwhelms the hospitals we have a problem . Lets say I am cowering like a trump in my bunker, and I have heart attack. Because of the irresponsible disregard of the community as a whole by people such as yourself, the hospital may not have enough resources left to treat me. Or if they do, the hospital may be so polluted with the virus that I catch it there.
      Never mind that at 68 years old, and a survivor of colon cancer, I can’t get my overdue colonoscopy because some deplorable idiots are overwhelming the hospitals because they are so concerned about their freedom to honor my right to receive routine medical care.
      So , I’ll make a deal with you… I’ll wear my mask and stay home as much as possible, and when you get sick, do not go to the hospital. It is your choice to risk getting sick, but stay out of my hospital when you do .

    • 1st: No, if I have on a mask YOU are protected and 2nd What if I work in one of those places and don’t have a house of staying home? Do you not care about those who are serving you?

  15. I thought the Republican National Convention was being held in Florida! What is going on here??? The disregard for others is disgusting. This is NOT behind us! I have a trip booked for July and in preparation, have had family discussions about masks and social distancing on the island. It appears that many choose to ignore what medical science is recommending. Or they are just clueless idiots. Or both. I hope someone who is shown in one of the photos reads this. You are potentially endangering others.

    • It got moved from North Carolina, the Governor had some social distancing concerns.
      It is being held in Jacksonville on the anniversary of the most important day in Jacksonville’s history.

      Trump will accept the Republican nomination on August 27, which will be the 60th anniversary of one of darkest days in Jacksonville’s history. On August 27, 1960, the Ku Klux Klan organized a white mob — many carrying ax handles — to attack Black civil rights protesters attempting to desegregate a white-only lunch counter. The day became known as Ax Handle Saturday. Last week, under cover of night, the city quietly removed a Confederate statue from the square where an observance will be held — one mile away from the convention.

      It will be the speech that unites America, even more than WW2.

  16. Ben Franklin, you’re freedom ends when it affects me. People do NOT have a right to infect others l, which is the danger of this absurd lack of caution. Let me guess…you voted for Trump?

    • I am not responsible for your health. Stay home, wash your hands and wear all the PPE you can muster. The rest of us will enjoy our lives and wear masks when appropriate but not 24/7.

      • Only a damn fool would think that that the spread of a very deadly virus is not a public health concern.
        It is the definition public health.

        You are responsible for spreading your virus to others.
        Maybe no one cares if you get it, even you.

        • No I don’t care at all if I get it. For most people it’s a minor illness that lasts a couple of days. Even if you have it and go to the hospital they just send you home without any medication unless you have an underlying condition. Even the majority of those over 90 years old without an underlying condition recover in a short time. What’s absent in these posts are real facts. If you are elderly and have an underlying condition by all means stay at home! The rest of us need to educate ourselves on the facts and act accordingly.

          • Nothing is your post is true, BS, except that you don’t care if you get the virus. On that we agree.

          • BS, why are you willfully ignoring the fact that not everyone who is high risk can stay home? Some are essential workers. Doing things to make your life better. This is your thanks? And those who have to be out and about could live with a parent, spouse, or child who is high risk. So by not protecting everyone you come in contact with, it increases the danger for all, including those who are stuck at home. Because that’s how this thing works. It gets passed along. You seem to be under the impression that high risk translates to a small group that can easily be removed from the public. Untrue. Millions of Americans have diabetes, for one. That is likely to worsen one’s experience and outcome. Bottom line, you don’t know who you’re risking or interacting with, so some precautions have to be taken. That you don’t care if you get it is fine. But you can’t roll the dice with others. That’s not your right. And if the case fatality rate isn’t enough for you, consider how many Americans have been hospitalized. Not everything centers around MV. The Island has been fortunate and diligent, but we can’t get lazy and expect that to hold without further effort. I hope that any store, post office, or restaurant will turn away those who only care about being free of masks. Grow all of your own food and tend to your own medical needs. After all, you’re free. Why accept help from others?

          • This is firmly wrong, this illness lasts weeks and weeks and can cause serious outcomes in all ages. That’s a fact. Somebody hasn’t been able to interpret multiple information inputs, including three Trump administration’s, whose briefings, including the comments by the President himself, have described the virus and the outcomes as such. Pay attention to Trump if not me! He knows what it is at least! I can’t stand the guy, but he has never denied that it is an illness that affects all ages and last weeks, often requiring ventilators and ICU units. What country are you living in? I will take your silence in replying as an acquiescence to the Trump administration’s facts, if you don’t want to listen to me, listen to our president.

          • Bs– the fact is that over 118,000 Americans have died from this. many more hundreds of thousands have had serious health issues from this. It can be debilitating even for healthy people. Are you so self centered that you can’t simply wear a mask when in close proximity to other people ?
            You think the inconvenience of you putting on a mask is equal to me having to trump in my basement for the next year ?
            It’s good to see the trump supporters are finally admitting that they could care less about the elderly, the handicapped, the overweight , etc. In short, the vulnerable. And this seems to affect people of color more.
            Perhaps this whole virus was cooked up by white supremacist as a first step towards a master race of healthy white people only.
            I think that’s a much more plausible conspiracy theory than the Chinese deliberately released it, or the despicable “dems” released it just so trump couldn’t have rallies.
            Take a look at the facts. Healthy Aryans need not worry.

          • BS, The incidence of preterm births, low birth weight, C-section, NICU admission appear higher in COVID+ pregnant women than the general population. (Smith, Vinayak, et al. “Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes Associated With COVID-19 Infection: a Systematic Review.” PloS One, vol. 15, no. 6, 2020, pp. e0234187.) Evidently, not everyone who is COVID-19+ “just” gets sent home after coming to a hospital. You wanted “real facts.” Here are some to think about when out and about in a crowd.

  17. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    We are are free to spew virus as we please.
    It is none of the government’s business.
    Until people get sick.
    And die.

  18. I was going to read all the comments on this article and leave it alone, but I laughed out loud at this one by BS. Come on, it’s not a silent majority first of all it’s a very loud one, and second of all you say that “the rest of us are ready to move on“ — I mean, I’m ready to move on from a lot of things: baseball season being canceled, the advent of muzak, etc. It’s not the way you say it is, as if wanting to move on from disease is something that is somehow a choice rather than a result. Do you understand yet? Same goes fit all readers with this bizarre argument that BS makes. Moving forward is the function of a result of conditions, not of an emotional circumstance or an abstract requirement of “freedom”. The guidelines and orders are well within the constitutional rights of the state and the federal government to make, that also seems to be a confused topic among the poorly informed of all classes and cohorts.

  19. This is exactly what I meant when I said the police would likely not be able to enforce wearing a mask. There are just a few of us here commenting and 75% are all for freedom and not giving a rats a$$ about the people around them. Calling anyone out on this in a public place would no doubt get out of hand pretty quickly. I don’t get why some people have to be so stubborn about this.

  20. The Panic porn is almost over
    Stop watching your TV and letting the talking heads decide what you think for you.
    The cases are down, all the doom and gloom talk is not working out.
    Time to live your life, If you don’t think so, stay home. There will not be a second wave
    The experts have been wrong at ALL their predictions by a long shot.

    • View, you are correct, view. All the predictions have been wrong. The virus did not miraculously disappear in April. It did not taper from fourteen to zero Americans infected. 116,112 Americans who died prove your Expert correct. The virus really does kill healthy people with no previous comorbidities. Whoda thunk? (How do you, view, yourself, serve bleach? Over ice?) The people still bow and pray to the orange god they made. (With sincere apologies to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.)

    • View– like Andrew ? He was an expert on this– lost $1000 to me saying the U.s Would never get over 1000 deaths
      Anthony Fauci told us long ago we would reach 100,000 deaths.
      Care to bet on that second wave ?

  21. These are the same experts that predicted Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide all the way up to election day.
    How did that work out for you?

    • We must read different newspapers. If you’re getting medical advice from “experts” who spent their days predicting political elections, it explains why you don’t understand the basics of this virus. Try consulting an actual medical journal.

      No matter how many times you try to write off calm and practical measures as panic, no one is buying it. We’re all aware that the media today is clickbait city. Doesn’t matter. Even if you strip the headlines away, the facts and reality we’re left with call for caution. I bet you wouldn’t label people who wear seatbelts or lock their doors or turn off the stove after cooking as panickers. Because those precautions don’t interfere with the deny-corona agenda.

      Don’t mistake repetition for fear. The only reason some here have to keep repeating the truth is that others want to ignore or twist it. The pro-mask side accepted things long ago. We are adapted by realizing that normal activities can only resume with precautions. If you want fear-mongering, look to the poster who lumped being expected to wear a mask in with being sent to slaughter. How dramatic was that? In the great words of Trump, sad.

    • view– “same experts that predicted Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide all the way up to election day.”
      Are you talking about Dr. Fucci ? The worlds leading infectious disease experts?
      I missed all of them talking about Hillary’s predictions. who the fence are you talking about ?
      What same experts predicted Hillay would win that are now talking about whatever the fence it is you are talking about ? This is not the fox news site you know– if it was, i would just say “view sucks” and I would get 20 likes — explain yourself , please .

    • Medical experts predicted Hilary would win the presidency? What planet was that on? She did get millions more votes than Trump, btw, winning the popular election. That means that more individual Americans wanted her to be President. But, please, keep bringing up Hilary in a discussion about masks. It makes your nonsense so much funnier.

  22. As usual the Comments here are largely disheartening. I wear a mask from the parking lot of the beach to the beach because we are being asked to. I wear a mask in stores for the same reason. I think it’s about being a good citizen. I wear a mask when I visit my 99 year old mother, and if you don’t get that I’m afraid I can’t help you. I don’t feel the need to “take a political position” on a public health issue. We can’t smoke in restaurants either….. What I can do is avoid the area around Nancy’s. Common sense.

  23. You post a lot of stuff, against Republicans? They were the party against slaverly, and why OB is so famous for being the first place allowing African Americans to own property.

    And the Repulicans and Democrats with second homes and all these tourists is why the Vineyard can afford schools and libaries, and able to keep the roads maintained.

    • Neither political party’s identity is that straightforward. They’ve kinda traded platforms since the Civil War. I’ve always found that storyline a little confusing.

      I take no issue with tourism or owning a second home, but being on vacation doesn’t excuse anyone from following health guidelines. Then again, the problem isn’t limited to tourists. I’ve learned from reading here that we have some locals who couldn’t care less about protecting the community. Plain wrong, no matter what party one belongs to.

  24. You reap what you sow, folks. For years Oak Bluffs has been adopting a “Bring em’ over, pack em’ in, sell em’ food and booze and trinkets, and take their money” attitude, and welcomed a boozy, belligerent crowd whose only aim is to have a good time on their own terms. Now, it’s a ticking time bomb for a coronavirus outbreak similar to what’s happening in dozens of other states that followed a similar re-opening route, many of whom are seeing more cases now than in April. The island is now at the mercy of a bunch of bellicose boors whose attitude towards masks is “Whatta you gonna do about it?” Sadly, we also live in a time in which people who got Cs in biology and chemistry 20 years ago feel that they know more than infectious disease experts and think they don’t need to listen to anyone. It’s an age in which people write their own realities and cherry-pick information sources that will enable their fever dreams. I’m not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, and it seems that any topic can be hijacked by the shrill or rabid voices on either side of the fence. A shrill and whining liberal is just as off-putting as a barking guns-and-flags right-winger. Ultimately, for anyone with common sense, the best move is to stay home, let things run their course, and not waste time trying to cure stupid.

    • You can’t cure a Trump supporter, either, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t stopped trying to get them to adhere to safety measures, as useless and hopeless as it may seem to talk any sense to “bellicose boors”. I mean, what’s the point of your comment and how is it different from any one of the liberals commenting here?As we move toward the superspeader Trump rally this weekend, where dopes are asked to sign a waiver absolving the Trump campaign from responsibility for when they get sick with Covid-19, after calling them all together in an enormous and unsafe gathering, I agree that you can’t “cure stupid”. As you look at who the people are who object to wearing a mask, worry less about who you’ve decided sounds “shrill and whining” in their messaging. Try to understand that you are giving exactly the same advice, having come to exactly the same conclusions after listening to experts and learning from them, as the liberals you denounce. I’m curious how you think your comment is any less “shrill” or “whining” than, say, any one of mine? Is it because I use the word “stupid”? You do also. Watch out that you don’t let the baggage of your chosen words, “shrill and whining” get the best of you. It’s pretty arrogant to repeat the exact same message as the so-called shrill whiner liberals, all the while trying to distance yourself from their message– which is no different than yours. Kinda ironic. Also kinda dumb to put down the people who you agree with and who agree with you.

      • I was thinking the same things, Jackie. Pointing out someone is a knucklehead, for example, may be considered shrill by those on the receiving end. lol. Even if it’s accurate in this case.

        I’m sure none of us actually want to be having this discussion or telling anyone what to do months into a pandemic. At least I don’t. By now, wearing a mask should just be a given and the thinking behind it understood. In reality, some persist with the one-sided media creation that masks are tools of useless oppression. They are dragging politics into the mix and should expect to be challenged. COVID is obviously a matter of life or death for some of us. It’s not like we’re passionately arguing over the price of avocados or disc golf. I wish.

        • P.S. to anyone still following this convo…

          Fauci admitted yesterday that they held off so long on officially recommending masks for all solely because of the shortage. As many of us suspected, it was never a question of whether masks are effective. They just didn’t want the public to hoard them when hospitals were struggling. Hoping that bit of honest info will put to rest the skepticism about why the recommendation suddenly changed. But I know better. lol

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