Update: IHC site gets first positive case

Island confirmed cases rise to 31.

The hospital reported its 37th case of COVID-19 on Monday. — Lexi Pline.

Updated 5:15 pm

The mass testing site at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School confirmed its first positive test result Wednesday. 

Island Health Care (IHC), which is conducting tests at the high school, has tested an additional 1,118 patients, with 1 positive, 931 negatives, and 186 pending results as of Wednesday. The community health center, in cooperation with Quest Diagnostics, town health agents, and others, is administering tests to whoever on the Island wants one.

It’s been 17 days since a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported by the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, which is conducting its own testing separate from IHC, as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths across Massachusetts continue to decline.

On Wednesday, the hospital confirmed they have tested a total of 1,275 patients. Of those, 28 have been positive; 1,204 have been negative, and 43 are pending results. The boards of health, which aggregates confirmed cases tested off-Island, adds two additional cases, bringing the hospital and health board total to 30.There are currently no hospitalizations at the hospital, but three patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have been transferred off-Island.

The number of total confirmed positives on the Island stayed steady for 17 days until Wednesday’s new case. Of those 31, 19 are female, and 12 are male. Eight of the cases are aged 50-59 years old, seven cases are 60-69 years old, six are 20-29 years old, four are 30-39 years old, two are 20 years old or younger, two are 40-49, and two are 70 years or older.

The boards of health have also started reporting on probable cases. On Tuesday, the Island’s total number of presumed positive cases rose to 16, of which 13 were positive antibody tests, and three are symptomatically positive.

Of those, nine are female and six are male. The boards of health did not specify the gender of the newly reported positive antibody test on Tuesday. Of the 16 presumed positive cases, four are aged 60-69, three are aged 50-59, three are aged 40-49, two are aged 20-29, two are under 20 years old, and one is over the age of 70, and one has not been specified. 

The boards of health recently reported that 19 of the 30 confirmed cases are linked to other cases. The report separates those linked cases into seven family/household groups that range from two to four people per household.

Of the 30 cases, 28 are no longer symptomatic, and have been released from isolation.

This all comes as the daily number of confirmed cases and deaths of COVID-19 generally decline across the state. The state reported 266 new cases Wednesday — a 121-case increase. The state has tested 727,549 total patients, with 106,151 positives, which includes 4,497 probable positives.

There were 69 new deaths Wednesday, bringing the state total to 7,734. The total number of probable deaths is 166.

Updated to include confirmed case at IHC site and current state numbers. —Ed.


  1. I’m finding these statistics pretty confusing. Are the reports from the hospital the same as the numbers from the Boards of Health or are those distinct cases? I find it strange that the percentage of positives in Quest Diagnostic’s testing is far lower than the hospital’s findings. It seems to me that there may be differences in the tests that are being administered to find so few among a larger number of tests. It is important to remember that many people who have the coronavirus are asymptomatic carriers and, as such, exhibit no symptoms so, therefore, would not go for testing. It takes one vector to infect many, many people, as I believe was the case with the a cluster of positive tests at the hospital, so we must all remain vigilant to keep up with the public health orders to wear masks when in public when we cannot be assured that we can maintain six feet of distance from others and to maintain that distance. We are all in this together. Please be respectful and caring of others as well as keeping yourself well. Our health as an island depends on it.

    • Part of the difference in numbers is that the IHC test site is testing only asymptomatic people. There is nothing strange about the results at all.

    • Thank you for reminding people of the importance of remaining vigilant and following public health orders to wear masks when in public. In answer to the questions you raise, the Boards of Health report the number of island residents, both year-round and seasonal, that test positive for the virus. These numbers include positive results from the MV Hospital and the TestMV site at the high school as well as tests conducted by private practitioners and off island testing facilities. When looking at the percentage of positives for the different test sites please keep in mind that the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital tests symptomatic individuals while the TestMV site tests asymptomatic individuals. Because the hospital is testing symptomatic individuals it would be expected that they would have a higher rate of positive individuals.
      Maura Valley
      Tisbury Health Agent

  2. yep 17 days in a row without a symptomatic positive. that’s incredible .take the good news and feel good about it right and protect yourself and loved ones. no need to get all “we are all in this together” nuts. be selfish and protect yourself and the byproduct will be you’re protecting others

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