FedEx stalwart Sandy Fisher delivers herself to retirement


After 35 years of serving the Vineyard with FedEx, Sandy Fisher of West Tisbury has earned her retirement. On Friday she bid farewell to colleagues in the hangar-like building she’d long worked from at the Airport Business Park. Area operations manager Paul Hines and senior manager Greg O’Neil presented Fisher with a banner bearing her employee identification number. The number will be retired and hung for posterity, they said. 

Hines said though he was Sandy’s manager, it was Fisher who ran the place. 

FedEx was in a better place because of Fisher, O’Neil said.

“You set a standard of customer service that even exceeds FedEx’s expectations,” Boston district managing director James Seibel read from a citation. He added, “I thank you for being a consummate professional.”

Joined by her daughters Connie and Anya Toteanu and her grandson Riley Vousboukis, Fisher said she learned a key FedEx skill from her dad. “He taught me right from when I was 12 years old, on a Farmall A tractor, to back into spaces,” she said.

Fisher later said she joined FedEx in 1985 after a five-year stint at Gull Air. She’s not sure what she’ll do with herself now, with all the free time, but said she loves to travel, so when the pandemic eases, that might be in the cards. 


  1. Thank you for everything getting our mushrooms off the ground over the years! Will miss seeing you, and happy retirement Sandy.

  2. Sandy has been a thoughtful and considerate person with whom to work. Her customer service was only exceeded by her dry humor and subtle wit. With very best wishes for the years and years to come, Sandy.

  3. Thank you Sandy for your dedicated hard work all these years.
    And the same humor as mine! You have saved me more than once.


  4. Sandy is a friend and neighbor as well as a great asset and representative for FEDEX. She will be difficult to replace, but she deserves a rest and able to enjoy her life on this wonderful Island. Thank you Sandy, you will be missed.

  5. Thanks for everything, Sandy. You’re the best, and we will miss you to pieces. Safe travels!

  6. Sandy, Thank you so very much. Don’t know how we will function without you. You have always been there when we needed you. Just the very best to you in your next chapter and we will always be there for you if needed.

  7. Congratulations Sandy! Thank you for your important role in getting our important mailings to their destination for 35 years. Your friendly, calm and professional demeanor was an asset to FedEx. We will all miss your stalwart performance. We hope to be seeing you around the Island when you are not traveling elsewhere.

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