Juneteenth march attracts hundreds

Island marches for justice and equality for all.


Updated 9 pm

Hundreds of people marched from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs Friday afternoon to commemorate Juneteenth.

The march began at Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven and headed across the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge toward the final destination at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs.

It took about an hour and a half to make the trek and participants gathered around the gazebo where speeches were made. The park, which is located across from the Oak Bluffs police station, was wall-to-wall people with everyone wearing masks to protect against coronavirus.

“We are celebrating today to pay homage to our freedom,” Lisette Williams, a co-sponsor of the march, said. “The most important thing is to treat each other with unconditional love and treating each other with kindness. So many say it so often but don’t practice it.” 

Williams said the path to love and equality starts with education, particularly with imparting those values onto today’s youth. “It all starts at home. When children are young, they play with anyone, no matter what color their skin is,” Williams said. “We want those ideals to continue forever.”

A few key points Williams brought up was census participation and voter registration. “It’s a way to bring change, meaningful change,” she said. “Now is the time to dismantle the cycle of systematic racism and oppression in this country.”

She said that now is not the time to sit on the sidelines and watch other people rise up, “we are tired of the status quo, and we are tired of inaction.”

There were cheers from the crowd when the speakers mentioned voting rights, criminal justice policy, and equality for all people.

When Russ Ashton spoke, he asked the crowd, “what are you going to do?” To which they responded, “Vote!”

David Vanderhoop, a member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), said he was thankful for being a part of the march, and said that future generations are depending on what people do right now to advocate for equality and fair treatment of all people.

“The time for us to stand up and take our power back is now,” Vanderhoop said. He pointed to the Civil War statue built by a former confederate officer that sat adjacent to the park and said, “I am appalled at that statue, and it has to go.”

Saskia Vanderhoop said she, as a white person, offers her condolences to oppressed peoples and asked the white people in the crowd “what took us so long?”

She also talked about American mythology that erases the country’s violent past. “We know that race is a myth created to divide and oppress. This country was built on a basis of white supremacy, and this myth of superiority comes from a deep sense of insecurity,” Saskia said. “We and our children have a whole world to heal.”

Amber Henry, whose brother DJ Henry was shot and killed by police in New York 10 years ago, said “These lists keep getting longer. These families keep getting hurt. I hear their pain, I feel their pain. These families cannot keep enduring this. I know I can’t.”

Henry asked, “Why is the color of my skin a threat? Why can’t I live in peace.”

During her speech, and again after, the crowd chanted, “D.J. Henry” with Amber. 

Danielle Hopkins, an anti-racist activist and student, said, “Even on an Island as interconnected and personal as Martha’s Vineyard, these [racist] sentiments still exist because the systems that uphold this country are rooted and created in anti-blackness.”

Hopkins added that the police system is not broken. “It is doing exactly what it was made to do. Policing was made to control black communities through violence,” she said. “This country has been in a constant battle with itself since its conception.”

Island teacher James Jennings asked the youth to “imagine a world where you judge a person based on the quality of their character and their courage, now it’s your job to create it.”

During the march, participants walked on sidewalks and carried signs that said, “Silence equals violence,” “Defund the police,” “White privilege is when you have the luxury to stay quiet,” and others bear the names of victims of police brutality like George Floyd.

Before the march began at Veterans Memorial Park, organizers sold “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts with a Martha’s Vineyard twist. The shirts include a picture of the Island with a black heart and the words, “United We Stand.” 

To conclude the march, lead organizer and Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School student Graysen Kirk, 15, said that coming to this march and participating in other civil justice initiatives “does not mean you are done.” “It does not not mean you can just walk away, I may be 100 years old and these injustices could still be happening, but this march is only scratching the surface,” Graysen said. “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Kyra Steck and Clare Lonergan contributed to this report.


  1. Hundreds ? We drove by 15 minuets before it started wanted to get home first and there wasn’t but only about 40 – 50 MAX – people! The signs that we did not see but that you just reported are quite disturbing!
    I am afraid what will happen when they get to Ocean Park, next to our `Civil War Monument` in OB.
    Hope you will have factual reporting from here on.
    PS. Maybe you can also disable your Delete key button on your received comments for a few days.

    • It’s funny having you preach about being factual. The photos, which take longer to process, will more than bear out that there are hundreds of people there. I don’t suppose you’d apologize when you’re proven wrong.

      • I’m in OB right now. The march is peaceful and there are hundreds of people in the park. It could’ve been only 40-50 marchers a half an hour and/or a hour ago, but there are a lot more people than that now. I’m proud that people, regardless of their ethnicity, are finally recognizing the significance of Juneteenth.

      • George you cant spin with me that is for sure! I said “We drove by 15 minuets before it started wanted to get home first and there wasn’t but only about 40 – 50 MAX – people”!
        The pictures you had posted then did not show Ocean Park after the march.
        I don’t suppose you’d apologize when you’re proven to post Fake News.
        You just breezed past the MVG! Congrats.

        • So you danced by the marchers or is that the same typo a second time? The photo showed a couple of people out of hundreds who marched. We’ll have more photos later. Stay tuned.

          • George, your stats by my eye are definitely correct. Although the “march” was kind of straggly and went on for quite a while, the marchers went directly by my house here on Vineyard Ave in OB. (They weren’t dancing, nor was I.) A friendly group; we all waved. Most of them wore masks. I offered water to the marchers and to a dog, which was respectfully declined. They went on about 4-5 blocks to Ocean Park. I’ve had to remember more than usual lately that some people just aren’t happy unless they’re miserable. Stay well, and thanks for your updates!

        • Sorry, Native but we were two of the first people there, around 12:30. People trickled in slowly at first but by 1:15 my partner counted 125 people. After that they began arriving in droves. As we were near the head of the crowd, looking back from the drawbridge we couldn’t see the end of the line-they were likely somewhere near the Shipyard. So, yeah, more than 40-50. Ask any of the numerous police officers on hand. And, jeez, check your spelling: look up “minuet” in the dictionary.

        • Only 40-50 people were there before the start?
          How many when it started?
          How many half an hour later?

        • So take a look now that the photos are up. You can apologize at any time. You questioned our reporting and you were clearly wrong. People will appreciate your apology.

    • Tisbury Native, that you are only concerned about Civil War monuments and plaques is a prime example of the problem. This is about real people. Some want to argue that Black lives are not dismissed while putting statues ahead of murder victims. In the same breath. Do you believe in due process? If so, your beliefs should align with caring about this issue.

      • I have many years on you aquinnah believe that, no need to preach to me. “End of Story”.

        • Just because your older than certain people commenting on this article, doesn’t mean your perspective, concerns, or statements about the issues at hand are any more correct. I do respect your opinions on the issues in our society, but I don’t agree with your priorities, including the status of the statue. You should be taking priority in ensuring that all human beings are treated fairly and that minorities in this country are treated with the same dignity and respect as everybody else. As seen by the march today, the participants aren’t looking to start havoc, but to spread awareness and knowledge. I find it sad that before this event occurred, you went out of your way to assume that the marchers were there to be physical, violent, or cause damage. That’s just ignorance. You’re entitled to hold and express your beliefs, but don’t use your age in attempt to prove that your thoughts are correct.

        • Tisbury, I’ve never stated my age because it isn’t relevant. If you don’t want to discuss something, don’t be the one to bring it up. This is about race, not a darn kid leaving a Frisbee on your roof, and deflecting doesn’t change that. Focus, wise one.

        • Well, the Chinese do have a saying, “Just because a goat grows a beard doesn’t mean it is wise.”

        • Tis– so you think just because you are old, you can lie ?
          you discredit your entire generation.

    • Tiz, “We drove by 15 minuets (sic) before it started…” So, you were not there during the actual event, then. How do you know how many people were there?

    • getting comments deleted here should really make you question if what you are saying has any basis in reality or sanity

    • I drove by them and there were definitely at least 200 people. Please give an example if a sign that was offensive.

    • This, you drove by 15 minutes (note spelling) and only saw 40-50 people?
      Mind you, this was before the actual event started.
      So let me ask you a couple questions. How many people are in a movie theater 15-20 minutes before the movie starts? How many 5 minutes before? How many came in after the previews start?
      We all await your apology.
      I’m not getting my hopes up though….

  2. I would like to give the marchers who trekked the entire route a shout out for exercising their rights and their legs, more of us should follow their example:)

  3. I have a delete button for you Tis.
    I stopped reading your post awhile ago as they aren’t worth the time. After seeing that not one person was on your side here I had to read it to see what kind words you had for us this time. Yes you are untitled to your opinion even if it’s wrong in the eyes of most others.
    Any chance you could explain what makes a person think like you?

  4. Proud poppa here again. Just to shed some light on the #s of attendees that seems to be important (though I think that misses the point). I stood on the bridge filming as everyone walked over. I sat and watched the over 12 min long video this morning. If you would like I can share it and you can take your own count, however unofficially, I counted 450 people in the march. Maybe you’ll come up with 449, does that mean we need one more life lost in the count for this all to Matter. The long walk is far from over, Raise your voices loud, and open your hearts wide, One Love.

    • Thank you, jmiajm. If you are a proud poppa because you’ve raised kids that are ready to stand up for equality, justice, and kindness, you’ve done this island and this nation a great service!

      • Jbnorton, thank you. I am proud poppa because I remember the first time I looked into my baby girl Graysen’s eyes. Wow look at her now…..! How time flys

  5. Came here to see all the usual racist out themselves. Wasn’t disappointed. Drove through OB on my way home from work. Was pleased to see hundreds of awesome caring humans out supporting their fellow human beings. This is what MV is/should be about. All you naysayers are a dying breed and on the wrong side of History.

  6. This country was not founded on white supremacy. It was founded by English settlers who wanted religious freedom.
    We have had our embarrassing moments for sure. But you will not erase our culture nor our freedom to have it. White people matter too. Don’t preach your systemic racism carp. It garbage and it is spawned by Democrats tryi,g to wi, the black vote after 8 years of a black president who did nothing for the black American voters.
    This president has do,e more more for black Americans than the last three presidents combined in only 3 1/2 years.

    • Slavery has impacted virtually every single aspect of our American history. Trump has done more to divide our country ( and encourage white suprematists than any President in my lifetime. He doesn’t even pretend to care about uniting us all. What continues to amaze me is that there are Trump supporters who believe he cares about them, this country, or about anything other than himself and getting re-elected. Gullible doesn’t even begin to explain how an inept, uneducated and sociopathic boor could con so many.

      • Jackie, some of us do not want to be united with the likes of you. There is no uniting with people who have your values. You dont want to be united with me or people like me so stop carping about uniting. You denigrate anyone who doesnt agree wit your world view. You have done it on these pages for years. No thanks, dont want to be united.

        • The “likes of me” Andrew? What values do I have that you find so disagreeable? My honesty? My calling out the racism and anti-Semitism in these discussions? If I were of low character, I could understand, but the reality is that I have never:

          Been so positive that Covid was not a big deal or a threat, that to prove how right I am, I made a public and obscene wager that American deaths from the pandemic would remain under 1000 human beings; [deaths have currently gone beyond 120,000 people.]

          After losing this theoretical bet, I did not fail to pay up;

          I never defended my failure to honor my word by pretending that I was using “metaphor” and I was not seriously betting, even though I was very serious when I quite publicly made the theoretical bet;

          Then, I never attempted to defend my dishonor by falsely claiming that no one understands the details of the bet, although I had made all the details entirely public;

          I never defended my veiw that someone on here is a terribly bitter person by plagiarizing from a Salvation Army Christian magazine;

          After being caught plagiarizing, I never lied and said oh, I forgot to use quotation marks, even though I had cleverly revised and edited enough of the magazine article to change certain words and phrases so it would sound more like something I would be capable of writing, even though most of it was stolen directly from the CHRISTIAN, repeat, CHRISTIAN article;

          I never tried to defend using racist slurs about Covid by saying Chinese are dirty and spit in the street;

          Whenever I can’t intelligently defend my point of view, I don’t whine and moan when someone notices that my argument falls flat because I have no argument that is sane;

          When I dare to refer to my many theoretical incidents of dishonesty, racism, and low, moral character, I don’t dismiss or try to diminish them as mere “mischief”, since I know that every one knows that lying, cheating on bets, and stealing words from another writer amount to a lot more than mischief;

          Finally, I was speaking above about the inept President’s inabiity to bring people together. He doesn’t care about unity any more than you do, Andrew.

    • No one is trying to erase your culture. I don’t know anyone preaching “systemic racism carp” whatever that means. The fact that you are so upset by Americans peacefully protesting for human rights says a lot about you.

    • Try this: The religious freedom desired by some English settlers required white supremacy, more precisely Anglo-Saxon supremacy.

    • This country was founded English settlers.
      The very same English who enabled slavery throughout the world.

    • What Obama did was to show, by example, that a Black man can be elected President.
      That kind of Hope.
      What, specifically, has Trump done for the Black race?
      Other than advise them that if they loot we shoot.
      (Personally I think he would have been more effective if he had said if they loot we lynch, it’s more in keeping with our traditions).

  7. Crayson states, ” after 8 years of a black president who did nothing for the black American voters.”
    Is this true?
    Can anyone refute this?

    • Yes. Black voters got respect from the Man in the Oval Office, from those who where aware the guy was special, and from those who simply believe in equality. Those that cannot see this do not need a wall on our border, they already have one protecting their small world.

  8. crayson– interesting comment. Yes, you are correct, this country was founded by white English settlers seeking religious freedom, who within 70 years were burning witches. Or Perhaps we can use the example of the white English settlers who arrived here in 1607 , and by 1619 had managed to import salves into their “inclusive” community. No white supremacy there.
    You know, I know a few people who I think may have some racist tendencies, who also think Obama did nothing for black voters– and that trump is the champion of black citizens, but not a single one of them has been able to clearly articulate what Obama didn’t do and what trump has done.
    Since you clearly have no racist tendencies, and are a clear thinking proponent of facts, perhaps you could clarify that sentiment to me. Thanks. I would appreciate learning a few things about the differences between pres 44 and 45 that have to do with racial issues.
    I wonder what a real racist would think about this whole Black Lives Matter movement ?
    Perhaps Eric Woods ( who I am sure is not a racist ) could chime in here for us.

    • I regard the Republican party as an immanently fascist institution, but I will say that much of the love of #44 is based on symbolism and wishful thinking. Seven wars, 473+ drone strikes with 90% involving bystander casualties even by our absurdly broad combatant definitions, 2.5 million deportations, bank bailouts, constant non-reciprocal compromise with the minority party, an unlikely-to-last healthcare reform, and creating the conditions that allowed for #45 to get elected. Not one of our better presidents, if there even is such a thing.

      • Systemic racism created the conditions for Trump to get elected. One glance at Trump supporters, even on these pages, makes this clear. DACA, climate, healthcare, virtually everything great Obama did for America has been undone by #45 because Obama made fun of Trump quite publicly. Oh, and also because Trump is a blatant racist moron whose ego couldn’t stand that a Black American outdoes him on every level. Mr and Mrs Birther Racists currently in the WH have brought shame and embarrassment to this country.

  9. Who cares how many people showed up? What does that have to do with the message they’re delivering. You can always count on a clown comment from Tisbury Native.

  10. One person killed, eleven injured in Minneapolis last night. Where are the marchers? I guess it does not suit the narrative. Pity, dead is dead, no matter who you are. And, on Father’s Day. A lot of loss there, I know from personal experience it is difficult to lose a loved one on a holiday; the wounds are always there, tingeing the celebrations.

    • august– In case you haven’t noticed, for years there have been large protest against the easy access to guns in this country. We have become so numb to gun violence, there are only protest when someone walks into a school with a legal ar 15 and massacres dozens of children. A story about one dead in Minneapolis is hardly worth the time to read it.

      • What is worth it, Don, is to confront why some feel the need to change the subject and not EVER talk about black victims of police brutality, poverty with no way out, and why those without any possibility of a decent education and getting out of poverty feel they have nothing to lose. Looters and marchers and innocent victims, especially if they are black, are all lumped together to some people when they even try to consider that Black lives matter. The Black American experience is something certain white people simply will not entertain. This contributes to the system of accepted racism in this country. Talking about one’s grandfather fighting for the Union in the Civil War seems to get people off the hook if they then want to use racist dog whistles to address the ongoing systemic racism today, if they try to do it in a “polite” way. Younger people are considering the aspect of our two Americas, one for white people, and one for non-whites, and while some of it seems to bring out the anti-PC police, younger minds are, I believe, more open to reality and change. Cultural and social change will not come from the old folks who were never impacted by the kind of racism that they keep alive. Augusta’s thoughts on Juneteeth are as apropo as talking about white drunk drivers on MV in this thread.

    • Pity, those who continue to maintain and bolster the systemic racism in this country have zero awareness of what they are doing and saying when they are doing and saying it.

    • Augusta, I guess you didn’t bother yourself with any of the suggested authors so that you could try to educate yourself on the Black experience in America. White privilege allows for no understanding to be okay. James Baldwin speaks directly to why some privileged white people want to talk about racist plaques and riots and “thugs”every time the fact that Black lives do matter is the topic. Trump’s idiot son Eric just called BLM marchers “animals”. Dead is dead and racism is racism.

      • Augusta,

        I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely.

        You should know that systemic racism has been a huge problem in this country. This racism has recently been quelled somewhat. We must keep the ball rolling, and rolling. Roll with it!

        However, I would pay no heed to those here who go to bed miserable and wake up miserable (check the archives). Clearly, they have their own agenda. Pity them.

        Miserable is miserable.


    • Augusta,

      I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely.

      You should know that systemic racism has it been a huge problem in this country, since it’s inception. This racism has recently been quelled somewhat. We must keep the ball rolling, and rolling. Roll with it!

      However, I would pay no heed to those here who go to bed miserable and wake up miserable (check the archives). Clearly, they have their own agenda. Pity them.

      Miserable is miserable.


      • “The racism has recently been quelled somewhat”.

        The racism in this country has not been worse or more openly expressed since George Wallace days. Nooses found in cars, black men found hanged, a tortured to death black man in front of our eyes, black men and women treated like they are all criminals, legal protestors called thugs, while white suprematists are called “some fine people”. As far as I can tell, racism is no different than it ever was during my life, except that now it is more open to the public because of cell phone videos and police body cameras.

        Under an article about Juneteenth, this is what we can expect from Barrel… commiserating with those who promote racist ideas– like it’s okay to mourn the removal of racist plaques to our museum because two white people from opposite sides of the Civil War decide to “forgive” what they fought about– slavery. No surprise, there, Barrel. It’s also no surprise that you are not telling the truth every time you claim you only come here to enjoy some entertainment.

        The systemic racism, so blatanly ignored and yet promoted by white people who deny and pretend and turn toward each other, instead of toward those who are most damaged and hurt by it, is a failure of our country. It’s beyond me that you Barrell are not ashamed of what you write here. You can attack me all you like but your words still promote racism by pretending that racism is something other than what it is when it’s couched in a something “polite”.

        Racism is somewhat quelled? What is wrong with you?

        Racist is racist.

        • “Jackie”,

          I appreciate all of those who reply to me, no matter how ridiculous!

          “Well, this racism has quelled a bit, recently.”

          While the rest of the clan went to Lambert’s Cove, I went swimming early on Saturday morning at the Inkwell. A beautiful lady, a bit older than me was wading as I went in. Only five minutes later I was drying off and she came out. We spoke for a bit. We both agreed that things might somehow be starting to change for the better.

          The words I quote, above, are hers. And I agreed. I think she meant things were slowly starting to change.

          I know her first name and will see her again. I will bring my phone. I want her to see your,
          “What is wrong with you?”, question, regarding her words.

          I know one thing this beautiful lady and I will agree on. Miserable miserable. She is a firecracker!


          • You didn’t quote any words in your comment. You pass off everything you wrote as your words. Try honesty before you embarrass yourself again.

          • Sunshine– thank you for your story about a new relationship. Hope it works out. It’s tough to find a miserable “firecracker” that you like in these times of social distancing.
            But I think it a deplorable tactic to imply that someone said something and put quotes around it, who was not responsible for those words.
            Careful on the quotes please.

          • “Jackie”,

            “You didn’t quote any words in your comment.”


            These are the words this beautiful lady spoke:

            “Well, this racism has quelled a bit, recently.”

            I agreed even though I don’t use the word “quelled”.

            About an hour after sunrise, and in the water, this beautiful lady was in a fantastic mood which only made me happier. She was beaming and totally positive, which hit home for me. The exact opposite of miserable! Exact opposite.

            This lady and I are much alike in a more than a few respects. Turns out, we grew up fairly close to one another!

            “Try honesty before you embarrass yourself again.”

            ???????????? Kettle, meet pot! Daily. ????????????

            btw- Are you aware of the cameras which view the Inkwell, now? We are on them, as anyone is who frolics about. Do you know where the Inkwell is? ????

            Pardon any spelling errors and/or grammatical inconsistencies, I’m trying to dictate….

            Most of all…CHEER UP. Others are able to. Take heed.


          • Barreled_sunshine, I’m not sure if the woman you met is just a potential friend or if you’re interested in more. If it’s the latter, I wouldn’t show her this thread. lol. If a man met me once and then described me online as a beautiful firecracker, I’d be a little weirded out. But we’re all different.

            On a more serious note, you could look at misery from another angle. This article was actually a positive one in support of racial harmony. And many of us share the same hope that we are finally moving in a better direction. But the topic wasn’t allowed to stay positive. It never is. Immediately, some had to come along and say racist things because they are bothered by progress. They see Black rights as a threat to white rights, even though it doesn’t work that way. Being unable to allow others a moment of happiness or focus seems like the miserable thing here.

          • Barrel, this comment that you wrote, apprearing here below the dotted line, written early morning, June 22, was posted twice, a few minutes apart. Both times you fail to attribute your statement, THIS RACISM HAS RECENTLY BEEN QUELLED SOMEWHAT, to anyone. You wrote it and addressed it to Augusta.

            I don’t dare use quotation marks around what you wrote here since you might again be dishonest and claim that you never wrote those words as your own. No quotations marks. BTW, I am sure no one doubts your story about meeting a miserable firecracker.
            barreled_sunshine June 22, 2020 at 7:49 am
            I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely.
            You should know that systemic racism has it been a huge problem in this country, since it’s inception. This racism has recently been quelled somewhat. We must keep the ball rolling, and rolling. Roll with it!
            However, I would pay no heed to those here who go to bed miserable and wake up miserable (check the archives). Clearly, they have their own agenda. Pity them.
            Miserable is miserable.

          • Don,

            Funny quote:

            “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”

            -Bertrand Russell

          • Aquinnah,

            “I’m not sure if the woman you met is just a potential friend or if you’re interested in more.”

            Thank you for the reply.

            This beautiful woman is hardly anyone I am interested in. She is married, has a family and is here for a while. After we talked for about three minutes she said, “See you next time.” I’m hoping I will. I am hoping she has already seen this, online! She sure is a firecracker. As is my significant other!

            From lexico.com:

            “1.1 An outstanding, exciting, or attractive person or thing.”

            I loved the article. Misery? If you are referring to my , “miserable miserable” typo? It should’ve read, “Miserable is miserable.”.
            And I was not referencing the article.

            Thanks again for the reply. I appreciate all replies.


          • “Jackie”,

            “Both times you fail to attribute your statement, THIS RACISM HAS RECENTLY BEEN QUELLED SOMEWHAT, to anyone”

            Now I finally understand what you are talking about.

            Those were the words that Eunice said to me a few days prior to my original comment. Are you trying to tell me I have to put that in quotes and state who the author was? Dream on! I wasn’t trying to pass her words on as my own! It is interesting that you would think that way.
            And in subsequent messages I stated those were her words, and even said I never use the word “quelled”????????????????


          • Aquinnah,

            My balloon has been burst. Even though I have never seen you,
            I have gleaned from your postings, that for me, you are a firecracker.

            “1.1 An outstanding, exciting, or attractive person or thing.”


          • Barreled, I misunderstood. I watched Summer of ’42 the other night. Now everything sounds like a blooming romance. Stephen King’s 1922 is up next. That will take my mind off of long walks on the beach. Yep, still stuck at home.

            I wasn’t trying to say that you are miserable. I just don’t think it’s fair to imply Jackie is (am assuming you meant her, at least in part, because you mentioned she should cheer up) when she always supports the positive change that this event and article represented. To me, the only posters in these threads that come across as spreading misery are those who use expressions of hope and solidarity as an opportunity to rant about personal gripes on race. It’s not just here. I am seeing this across the internet. Wish some would not view justice as a threat to their own culture or rights. There’s enough to go around for all. These topics do get heated, but it’s understandable. It’s really hard to discuss something with such a painful history and urgent present.

            Just saw your other reply — if I am a firecracker, my dogs better not find out about it. lol. They’d run.

          • “Jackie”‘,

            “It’s so cute that you gave your imaginary friend a name. Eunice.”

            My take is this:

            I feel the concept of anyone having a great immediate connection with someone else, in even a minimal span of time, is completely foreign to you. And maybe even the concept of, ”good friends”. Not me. I make friends at the drop of a hat. You may want to give it a whirl, sometime. Seriously.

            I am blessed to have so many friends and it has a bit to do with my outgoing nature and positive outlook‼️

            Hang in there.


          • Don,

            I responded to you earlier today and then again with that lighthearted
            quote. The first post was unable to be broadcast and after thinking
            about it, I can see why. I got a call from a friend who was on a Steamship
            boat and said it stalled in Vineyard Sound. I simply passed the word on to you
            In the post. I dictated that “my friend” was on the boat and it was not moving.
            I remember looking at the “Your comment is waiting for moderation” part and
            It had dictated that “your friend” called from the stalled Steamship boat.
            So in essence it showed that I was telling you that YOUR friend was on a ferry
            in possibly a precarious situation. I thought nothing of it at the time but
            now see why my message was not broadcast.

            Thanks for your opinion/advice/post.


          • ????????????????

            “if I am a firecracker, my dogs better not find out about it. lol.

            So true…because they are the love of you life and would be jealous of my comment! That’s how I look at it. LOL

            “An outstanding, exciting, or attractive person or thing.”

            I understand the serious part of your post. I will try to be more accommodating. But it should work both ways.


        • Jackie you are wrong.
          Racism continues to abate in this country as it has done for the last 70 years.
          It still has a very long way to go.
          As evidenced by so many of the comments on here.

        • “Jackie”,

          “Under an article about Juneteenth, this is what we can expect from Barrel… commiserating with those who promote racist ideas– like it’s okay to mourn the removal of racist plaques to our museum because two white people from opposite sides of the Civil War decide to ‘forgive’ what they fought about– slavery. No surprise, there, Barrel. It’s also no surprise that you are not telling the truth every time you claim you only come here to enjoy some entertainment.”

          I never saw this. There is a reason I never saw this. Sometimes I stop reading your hate.

          “It’s also no surprise that you are not telling the truth every time you claim you only come here to enjoy some entertainment.”

          Huh?!! Your daily multiple gaffes are quite entertaining, though.
          You have lost it! I never ever said I only come here for the entertainment.
          And if someone did claim that erroneously, so what? Get over yourself.

          Should I act like you and start calling you a liar and use CAPS?!! Not me. Just in this example.

          In this arena, I ONCE said I come here to learn and have fun. Those urge to learn and have
          fun make up a good part of my persona. How exactly does that translate into me ONLY coming
          here to enjoy some entertainment? Riddle me that.

          “…commiserating with those who promote racist ideas”
          I expressed that I feel bad for someone who stated that

          You make no sense. Whatsoever. I have never once talked about ANY plaques. ????????????
          Or agreed with anyone regarding their thoughts on plaques. Wake up.

          Turn on, tune in, drop out. No quotes needed. ????????????‍♂️☮️????


          • oops

            “commiserating with those who promote racist ideas”

            I was trying to comfort someone who lost a relative on the holiday.
            “I know from personal experience it is difficult to lose a loved one on a holiday” -Augusta

  11. Really Crayson
    Trump erased 50 of progress against racism in 3 1/2 months of being in office. As long as that guy is in office I can’t say I’m proud to be an American.

    • BigT,
      Don’s response is classy and true.

      And for me, he sharpest knives in the drawer or
      the sharpest crayons in the box would/do not
      waste their time in this forum. ????????????????

      It figures and I have it own good authority.


  12. I find it interesting that some of the people commenting on this board get most of their exercise from leaping to conclusions. I have a relative who was a slave; however, she was a slave from the age of eight to fourteen, having been captured by the Indians in the early 1700’s….then kept as a slave for the Indians and at age fourteen was traded to a forty three year old man and bore fourteen children, most of whom died in the inclement weather of that northern settlement. However, this does not fit the narrative of many people on this board. This is well documented in the history of our country and is not handed down by oral tradition. So, look before you leap. Some of us(our families) were here from the beginning of the country and have lived through many hard times and ill treatment. So, please be careful in what you are saying on these boards.

    • You’ll have to explain how this story prevents you from standing up for the Black Lives Matter movement. How is it jumping to conclusions that you write about black on black crime and your mourning of the removal of racist plaques when the discussion is systemic racism? Surely You don’t blame your lack of understanding and lack of compassion for the Black American experience on Indians. Is there some reason you can’t say BLACK LIVES MATTER?

    • Augusta- slavery has been with us throughout recorded history.
      I imagine that if i go back far enough , I will find some evidence of my “relatives” –do you mean ancestors ? — That were either enslaved or oppressed by someone, or perhaps I could find that my “relatives” were the oppressors. Given the mixing of different tribes and cultures throughout civilization, it is a statistical fact that you are one of my “relatives”. I miss your point.

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