New assistant fire chief hired by Tisbury

Select board reorganizes and delays action on several issues.

Greg Leland was sworn in as Tisbury fire chief on Monday. — Larry Gomez

Tisbury has a new assistant fire chief. Patrick Rolston was hired by a unanimous vote of the select board Tuesday.

Rolston replaces Greg Leland, who was sworn as the town’s new fire chief on Monday by town clerk Hillary Conklin. John Schilling retired effective Tuesday. On Monday night, firefighters and first responders from across the Island surprised him with a last call at Veterans Memorial Park.

Jim Rogers, who was elected the select board chair, and is a former member of the Tisbury Fire Department, welcomed Rolston.

“I’ve known Patrick for a few years now, and he’s going to be a great addition,” select board member Jeff Kristal said. “Chief Schilling will be missed sorely.”

All of the board members vowed to keep Schilling involved somehow.

“I think everyone knows how I feel about the time I worked side-by-side with Chief Schilling,” Rogers said. “We had a great time. We learned a lot together. We didn’t always get along, but we always found a way to get along when it was all said and done … Thank you for your service, John.”

Schilling thanked the board. “Our commitment is toward Tisbury, and it’s been a pleasure working with the three of you in that respect,” he said. “I look forward to the transition with Chief Leland and Chief Rolston — young, strong legs, ready to carry the load.”

Earlier in the meeting, Rogers acknowledged the change in the board as a result of the election. “I would like to welcome Larry [Gomez] back on board. Good to have you here,” he said.

“Thank you Jimmy, I appreciate it,” Gomez replied.

“I would also like to take a minute to thank Melinda [Loberg] for her two terms as a select person,” Rogers said. “She worked very hard, worked on a lot of committees, and I want to thank her for her service to Tisbury.”

Kristal was elected vice chair, and Gomez will serve as the clerk.

In other business, Kirk Metell was reappointed as DPW director and tree warden. 

The board had four public hearings scheduled, and punted on three of them. Once again the final inspections were not completed for a common victualer’s license at Vineyard Grocer. The board authorized Grande to contact Elio Silva to tell him that they would give him two weeks to show some progress. There were also concerns that the store might be serving food without having proper permits. The board wants Grande to let Silva know that’s unacceptable.

The food truck debate was pushed off until the board’s July 28 meeting. Selectmen have been debating food truck regulations for several months.

And the board wants Grande to do more research before it tackles the issue of allowing two properties owned by the same person to reallocate their sewer flow. “I’m in favor of putting the brakes on this and getting all the facts,” Kristal said.

In the only public hearing that went forward, Brook Katzen was granted a common victualer’s license for the Cove Golf and Grill. Katzen is closing on the purchase of the mini golf course operation Wednesday, attorney Howard Miller said on his behalf.

Katzen plans a more extensive menu and more outdoor seating, Miller told the board.


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