Tisbury: Special gala from Playhouse


Heard on Main Street: It’s still true. I have to exercise early in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.

I do keep talking about my blessings, and today I had another one. A friend called, just to talk a little. And after we had shared some sad feelings about a friend who has gone, it made me feel comforted to touch base with someone else who cared. As we were preparing to say goodbye, she said, “Farewell.” That suddenly seemed such a perfect phrase to sign off, especially in these times.

Our friend was Tabby French. We had such good memories of this delightful woman who brightened our lives. She was a longtime member of the Want to Know Club, and an active volunteer at the hospital for many years. Her smile in greeting made a hospital visit for a test or anything much easier. Sharing pleasant memories of this lovely lady brought lightness to our hearts as we remembered her. I also smile because I can see her precious fluffy white dog in my mind, though I cannot remember his name.

It is not surprising that so many Islanders and visitors have rediscovered Wind’s Up this summer. Folks are buying and renting kayaks and such. What a wonderful way to have a good time, and socially distance while enjoying being together.

Shopkeepers seem to be very careful about limiting customers and insisting on masks. It does make it hard to look at all the marvelous goods our stores are offering — though it must not be too difficult, judging by all the people carrying shopping bags.

Islanders have been so pleasant, explaining to some visitors why we wish they were wearing masks. Telling tourists we have kept our Island relatively safe from COVID-19 by keeping a safe distance and wearing masks is kind. But not everyone gets it.

Any child by the age of 8 can read four-letter words. How do some adults find it too hard to understand “Wear masks”? It keeps me safe, but it keeps you safe as well.

If you are unable or too nervous to pick up books from the Vineyard Haven library, they can arrange for someone else to get your books. I was nervous about the first pickup, but feel very comfortable now. Simple courtesy and a mask make it easy. I am impressed with how safe I do feel with library books now.

You should know that the digital library is always open. Vineyard Haven library cardholders can access the digital library for streaming video, e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, genealogy, and other resources. Access to most resources requires a Vineyard Haven library card and PIN number. Call the library if you need help. Check statewide online resources at galepages.com/mlin_s_vineyard.

I miss being in the pool at the YMCA, but appreciate that the Y is continuing to train lifeguards, and plans on opening the day camp later in July.

I am spoiled; I admit it. And it is really fun. Last week I had a delicious piece of birthday cake delivered, in the most perfect cake tin for one piece of cake. The slice was topped by a small American flag on a toothpick. Naturally, I saved the flag and set it in my scrambled eggs for breakfast on the Fourth.

Despite the odds, the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse is doing its best to entertain you. They are even planning a summer gala. Gather virtually on Thursday, July 23, at 6 pm in your home to celebrate our M.V. Playhouse. While the theater remains dark, they are “waiting in the wings.”

On the 23rd, you can enjoy memorable events from the recent past. The one-hour program should bring a smile or a tear as you recall the live performances. Your help is needed to support many more hours of live theater. The $250 donation is completely tax-deductible. Sit back, have a cocktail, and enjoy the show! Popular performers such as Tony Shalhoub, Scott Barrow, Shelagh Hackett, and the Playhouse’s talented Wicked Good Musical Revue are only a few of the talents you will enjoy.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Iba Lent and Petra Lent-McCarron today. Wish the best tomorrow to Laura Christina Jahn. Sunday belongs to Betsey Mayhew. Nevanka Daniels parties on Monday. Happy birthday to the Rev. Cathlin Baker, Michele Jones, and Cord Bailey on Tuesday. More good wishes on Wednesday to Donna Tankard and Jocelyn Ciancio Broadley.

Heard on Main Street: You do know that the advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier.

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