Three face charges in alleged Jernegan Avenue ‘scrum’

Altercation started after a boat trip.

Three cruisers and an ambulance responded to an altercation between two individuals in Edgartown Monday. - Lucas Thors

Updated July 14

One man will be arraigned on assault and battery charges and two others are being summonsed after an alleged altercation on Jernegan Avenue Monday, involving a boat trip.

According to an incident report issued by Edgartown Police Officer Zachary Townes, Ryan Camacho, one of the alleged involved parties, is being charged with assault and battery, affray, defacing or damaging property, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and operating under the influence (OUI) of alcohol. Travis Viera, one of the other alleged involved parties, is also facing charges of affray and assault and battery, and his brother David (who is also allegedly involved) is being summonsed for affray, assault and battery, and assault by a dangerous weapon. The Times reported in March that the same Travis Viera was allegedly involved in a home invasion and the robbery of a Playstation from a Scott’s Grove apartment in West Tisbury. 

In a phone conversation with The Times, Edgartown Police Lt. Chris Dolby said Camacho had to be arrested because of the OUI in order for him to be administered a chemical test at the hospital. Travis could not be arrested, and instead was issued a summons, because a past assault and battery is not considered grounds for an arrest, according to Dolby.

Dolby said Camacho should be arraigned on his charges Thursday.

According to the incident report, Townes responded to 39 Jernegan Ave. at approximately 4 pm for a physical fight involving multiple parties. 

While en route, the report states that the communication center advised Townes that one of the involved parties was currently being restrained, and the two involved parties might be Camacho and Travis. 

Sgt. Jonathan Searle, Sgt. Michael Snowden, and Officer Jeff Trudel were also on scene.

Townes reports that he located Camacho standing outside his parked Nissan Altima in the driveway at 30 Jernegan Ave. According to police, Camacho was “extremely emotional” and attempting to catch his breath, and had abrasions all over his body.

The report states that both Travis and David had scratches and abrasions consistent with Camacho’s.

In the report, the accounts told by the involved parties regarding the series of events varied.

The report states that Camacho said he, his girlfriend Summer Sanderson, Sanderson’s mother Sheri Pagano, Travis, and David were out on the Vieras’ boat for the day.

Camacho alleged that the Vieras were operating the boat in an unsafe way, and demanded they return to shore. According to the report, Camacho said the entire group got in his car and were preparing to leave, when an argument ensued between Travis and Camacho.

Upon reaching Jernegan Avenue, Camacho told police, Travis refused to get out of the vehicle, and when Camacho tried to open the door to get him to leave, he allegedly attacked him.

Camacho told police David then “joined in the melee,” and the three individuals fought for a short time. At one point, the report states, Camacho said Travis got him in a chokehold and David grabbed a two-by-four and “started to walk toward Camacho holding the wood like a baseball bat on his shoulder.”

Police spoke with a neighbor who them she went outside to investigate a commotion when she saw the three parties rolling on the ground. 

She told police that at one point, David grabbed a two-by-four and walked toward Camacho in a threatening manner.

The woman alleged that David was trying to pull Camacho out of the driver seat when Travis jumped into the passenger-side door and was going after Camacho. She told police the Vieras attempted to remove Camacho from the car, but he was able to drive away down the road.

Townes said in the report that he observed minor marks and swelling where Camacho claimed to have been punched, but the marks seemed more consistent with rolling around on the ground as opposed to taking punches in the head.

Camacho’s girlfriend, Summer Sanderson, told police she believed the Vieras would have “killed Camacho if police did not show up,” according to the report.

The Vieras told police a different story, and alleged that Camacho was on the boat all day drinking, and was extremely intoxicated. The Vieras told police that upon arriving at the Viera residence on Jernegan Avenue, Camacho got out of his vehicle and attacked Travis, who fought back in self-defense. Benjamin and Joyce Viera told police they could hear Camacho screaming at someone in his car to “get the [expletive] out.” At first they told police they believed it was a domestic situation between Camacho and Sanderson, whom they could see sitting in the front passenger seat.

They purportedly observed Camacho get out and start to fight with Travis, who was still seated in the rear of his car. According to the report, when Snowden asked Benjamin and Joyce who was involved in the fight, they stated that David, Travis, and Camacho “were all in the scrum.”

The report states that Camacho was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital due to a cut on his foot that he stated he got from stepping on glass earlier in the day, but the fight opened the cut up, and Travis went to the hospital due to pain in his previously broken wrist. 

Updated with more details.