High school discusses Black Lives Matter

Affirmation statement deferred to all-Island committee.

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School will align with the values and goals set forth by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School school committee discussed affirming the statements and values aligning with the Black Lives Matter movement at a meeting Monday.

Committee chair Kim Kirk said that the school’s values require a thorough review of policy and practice to ensure racial justice in all elements of the school community.

Kirk said her initial intent was for the committee to affirm the statements made by proponents of the movement, but after further consideration and conversations with the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, decided to defer the decision to the All-Island School Committee for review.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has been referred to as one of the largest in U.S. history. It implicates the civil and human rights of those who are marginalized, as such demands more attention, more action, more than just affirmation,” Kirk said. “I would like to take this to the All-Island School Committee, where it can have more impact, and can bring out the message laid out by the young leaders who have mobilized to bring these issues to the forefront in the past months.”

Kirk also said the schools on Martha’s Vineyard are looking to establish a task force to support racial equity and justice within the school community. Kirk acknowledged the challenges with addressing some of these issues, but said she is confident the school district can combat systemic racism and move its educational mission forward.


A more in-depth plan for reopening

Superintendent Matt D’Andrea gave the school committee a rundown of the latest progress made by school officials following the release of initial fall guidance by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). This guidance includes three separate plans to ensure the safety of students, staff, and their families: a fully in-person model, an entirely remote model, and a hybrid of the two.

D’Andrea said the state is currently preparing for a fully in-person instruction in the fall, with the remote and hybrid models being available as backups in case the situation changes.

The high school staff is breaking down into subcommittees to address some of the anticipated issues with having students back in classes after the summer season wraps up.

One subcommittee is focusing on the socioemotional aspects of returning to school, which will be chaired by Dhakir Warren.

This group will look at the best ways to meet the social and emotional needs of students, family, and staff. There is also a group that will focus on English Language Learners, students with IEPs and 504 plans, and all students in the high-need population.

A technology subcommittee is being formed to ensure that all the tech needs of families and staff are met, including anything having to do with remote or partially remote instruction. In order to provide consistent and reliable access to food, D’Andrea said, the high school is forming a food service subcommittee that will be preparing for all three of these models, and will be able to pivot quickly to adapt to changing needs.

Since a number of families will not be choosing to utilize school-provided transportation in the fall, the high school staff is establishing a transportation subcommittee to look at providing safe and efficient transportation to students.

“There are lots of unanswered questions and lots of challenges, but we are continuing to work on them, getting guidance from the state, and getting these plans together,” D’Andrea said. 

The goal of the schools on-Island is to have all three plans submitted to the state for review by July 31, and disseminate information regarding the final plan for fall reopening in the first week of August.

“Principals are looking at whether it is possible to have all the students in the building with the social distancing required by state — some buildings are easier than others. I am going to rely on the medical professionals to guide us in this process,” D’Andrea said.

Principal Sara Dingledy said there are many different-size rooms in the high school building, which makes it hard to determine the best flow throughout the facility. Although the overall space in the building is not lacking, Dingledy said, some classrooms will pose a challenge. 

“Our building is big; our classrooms are small,” Dingledy said. “Right now we are measuring and putting those configurations together.”

Dingledy also informed the committee that as of now, there is no guidance available from the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) regarding fall sports. Should the sports season move forward, Dingledy said, the ultimate goal of the high school will be participation.

“I am inclined to allow parents to choose whether they want students to participate,” Dingledy said. Although the athletic campus was allowed to reopen for limited use during phases two and three of the state reopening, Dingeldy said most of the use of those fields has been clinics and camps. Any practices involving the schools would have to be supported with MIAA guidelines.


  1. Are they even looking at the numbers. One tenth of one percent of the Massachusetts population has been affected by this virus. Virtually no children have been affected nor has there been any confirmed cases of children transmitting the virus. It’s essentially a bad year for the flu. We’ve never taken these drastic measures for a virus that for the most part doesn’t affect children. Older teachers and staff should participate remotely when possible or be compensated if need be. All staff got over 3 months pay for very limited work if any this Spring, I think we can foot the bill for a very small minority of elder employees until a vaccine comes out.

    • Children get the virus just like everyone else.
      Children spread the virus just like everyone else, most likely better, they get their fingers into everything.
      Children don’t get as sick as everyone else, it leaves them free to spread the virus.
      The most flu deaths in any year since the ‘Spanish Flu’ is 61,000.
      6 months in we are at 140,000 deaths with Covid -19.

    • Per CDC: If a person has COVID-19, they may be contagious for a longer period of time than if they had flu. How long someone can spread the virus is still under investigation. It’s possible for people to spread the virus for about 2 days before experiencing signs or symptoms and remain contagious for at least 10 days after signs or symptoms first appeared. If someone is asymptomatic or their symptoms go away, it’s possible to remain contagious for at least 10 days after testing positive for COVID-19. School-aged children infected with COVID-19 are at higher risk of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), a rare but severe complication of COVID-19.

      In other words… it’s not the flu. Now, we could believe you and your incredulous insistence that no one is looking at the numbers… or we can believe the Center for Disease Control, a multi-billion dollar world leading federal agency whose mission statement is to “save lives and protects people from health threats” In fact, everyone needs to stop listening to people that say it’s like the flu. That’s a child-like oversimplification. It recreates some flu-like symptoms because that’s what your body does to fight a LOT of different things… but 138,000 people’s lives were cut short, and you pretending that it’s just people over-reacting diminishes their memory.

      Not to press the issue, but isn’t it interesting that the same people that are broadcasting how important it is to get everything back to “normal” – no matter the cost or risk – are never the ones that are going into the higher risk environments. Sometimes, they even stand to GAIN something from it happening.

    • Speaking of numbers, if you go to the CDC site and drill down on the state by state P/I fatalities (pneumonia/influenza) beginning in October of 2019 to present, the 50 state total has eclipsed 190,000. No one seems very worried about that number with regard to masks, lockdowns and the destruction of the economy and civil liberties.

    • “We cultivate an intergenerational and communal network free from ageism. We believe that all people, regardless of age, show up with the capacity to lead and learn.
      We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.”

  2. Andrew– the BLM site should be required reading. It is inspiring
    And just in case you are too busy doing clandestine work and hanging out with gun people to read any of it , here is the last paragraph of “what we believe” from their website:

    “We cultivate an intergenerational and communal network free from ageism. We believe that all people, regardless of age, show up with the capacity to lead and learn.
    We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.

    I can understand why that sounds scary to you and your ilk.

    • Indoctrinated evangelical cultists want creationism and (their) bible studies taught in school, not equality and social justice and, heaven forbid, actual American history. The fact that Black lives matter upsets certain people.

    • I am wondering if the BLM site still retains the part about its mission to get rid of the two-parent, nuclear family. I would like to see presenations to MVRHS students (easily found on YouTube) about BLM by black lives such as Candace Owens, Larry Elder, former NFL player Burgess Owens, Bishop Larry Gaiters and Thomas Sowell, who just marked his 90th birthday. A little balance beside the propaganda would be nice. And following the money – where it comes from and where it goes – should be one of the primary themes.

      • Seaman, those folks have a right to express their own experiences. What they shouldn’t do is attempt to invalidate the experiences of countless people of color. Racism in America is not propaganda. It’s common. And commonly ignored.

      • I would like to see every racist bow down in humility to ask forgiveness– and to honor the passing and the legacy of courage of a truly great American patriot and hero, John Lewis. Men like that are the rarest of gifts to the civilized world. Of all days for you to express what you do, Seman, you picked a bad one. I mourn the death of John Lewis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uchugpzBXfM May his memory be a blessing.

  3. Jackie and dondondon are offended at an innocuous statement. BLM has lots of websites in many places over the world and you should read them. You should also read more carefully how they are funded and what they really stand for. Researcher dondondon is good at prying out those facts or maybe he doesnt want them to be true. You two are calling out microaggressions perhaps or indulging in dichotomous thinking in a cancel culture or maybe virtue signalling. Maybe safetyism is your thing. Sorry to trigger you so that you are offended but I have a solution for making peaceful protesters like the cops.. What if the police ”came out” as trans?

    • Andrew, your comments are always the opposite of innocuous. For example, on another thread, you say the coronavirus is weakening. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You simply do not tell the truth and this has become how what you say is viewed. I have to say, if anyone here sounds triggered, that would be you. Black Lives Matter does that to some people.

      BLM, as an organization, is huge, and it encompasses and attracts different organizers, and some different agendas. The underlying message, however, is that Black lives do matter, something that racists cannot even bring themselves to say. The torture and murder of George Floyd has brought this to country’s attention again. Condemning all of BLM would be as stupid and blind as condemning all protesters as thugs, rioters, and cop haters, all Mexicans as rapists, all immigrants as illegal and bad, and all Republicans as ignorant, racist, anti-semites. Andrew, you know the Republican party attracts and can count among their voters, the KKK, neo-nazis, white supremacists, fake-religious extremists, gun nuts, and myriad other hateful, intolerant people out for control and to do harm to others, right? I certainly don’t think all Republicans are hateful, evil, and brainwashed, just the really bad ones I’ve noted. By the way, the good Republicans are voting for Biden because they’ve had enough of Trump. I’ll even admit that the best campaign ads out right now are by Republicans, and they are for Biden. Republicans denounce the “dear leader” better than any Democrat I’ve heard!

      • Opinion writers are avoiding mention of the fact that homicides and murders in New York, Chicago and numerous other cities have suddenly risen far above the numbers for 2019 and previous years. Most of the dead are black, but apparently, those black lives don’t really matter. The agenda of BLM is far different than the slogan. It is a Marxist organization that wants to transform America into an entirely different country. The majority of people we hear in the media are wrong about the police, Covid-19, socialism, communism, abortion, sexual ethics, economics, all manner of environmental and social issues. Most people who get COVID19 will have a mild form of the illness and recover without needing professional medical care. Around eight out of every 10 people with COVID¬-19 will have mild symptoms. Around one in six people will become severely ill and need hospital care. Scientific modelling suggests that around 1 in 100 people who get COVID-19 will die.School children are largely immune and should go back to school. More children die of the flu than will die from Covid. The most egregious lies are the ones about Covid. Everyone is lying, The CDC, the media ,Democrats and Doctors–not all but many and we have learned to trust them. As for your characterization of people who are attracted to the Republican Party, I can trot out a list of the same undesirables in your Party.

        • Well, that didn’t take long, Andrew, did it? The mere mention of BLM really does trigger this sort of rant from you. Everyone is lying? lol. It’s not surprising that you of all people can’t distinguish fact from fantasy.

        • “Opinion writers are avoiding mention of the fact that homicides and murders in New York, Chicago and numerous other cities have suddenly risen far above the numbers for 2019 and previous years.”
          What about the Conservative opinion writers?

        • Andrew, BLM is not a Marxist organization.
          It is a concept.
          BLM and Marxism both think that all humans are created equal.
          Do you seer any other similarity?

          Speaking of Marxism where has it ever been practised?

          • Marxism and BLM do not make this claim about being created equally, and let’s see how things go from there. Equal outcome for most is the goal. I say “most” since in every failed Maxist state – each of which quickly morphs into dictatorship – the ruling elite live a very different life than the “most.”

        • Andrew, the problem for you when you are untruthful, as when you downplay why children should not be exposed to Covid, is that you are known for not telling the truth. You can’t change that, just as the trump cultists cannot change how fed up America is with the incompetence and lies of the Trump WH. This country IS changing. Tge Trump base is weakening. Racism and white privilege are not what decent Americans want. Haters and the intolerant are out of luck. The warped, anti-Semitic doomsday narrative has no place in our government. It has no place in reality. Trump will lose the election and some of the ideals that we never lived up to, that all men and women are created equal, will move more toward what decent Americans want and hope for our government to be.

        • “Scientific modelling suggests that around 1 in 100 people who get COVID-19 will die.”
          If that were true we would have a total of 3,355 dead from Covid 19
          The truth is that we have 135,235 dead.

          Updated July 14, 2020
          Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Syndicate

          As of 4/17/2020

          TOTAL CASES
          58,858 New Cases*

          TOTAL DEATHS
          351 New Deaths*

          Do you deliberately try to mislead or are you just sloppy.

        • Andy, you got anything to back up all these claims or is it just your opinion?
          I think we’d all take you little more seriously if you post something, anything, from a reputable source that confirms even one of your claims.

        • How old are you? That “list” (rant?) shows how disconnected from domestic politics the right has become. The thing of it is, it’s not that younger demographics want to change your country or your mind. Far from it: They don’t CARE what you think, and as far as they are concerned it’s THEIR county and you just haven’t realized it yet. Let’s break down this list a bit…

          The police: What?! People won’t tolerate being murdered by a tax-payer funded gang anymore sans consequence?! SHOCKING! Get your head in the game. The people who will inherit this country have already made a decision not to be policed in the same manner as previous generations. They just don’t want to wait for your generation to die to make that happen…

          Covid-19: Pandemic response is not a political issue. The virus doesn’t care about your tax base or affection for William F Buckley. Lives will be cut short, young people are just trying to be considerate enough to not ADD to the problem while older generations worry about how uncomfortable masks are. It’s worth noting that if your “Scientific modeling” is accurate and we don’t prevent people from getting it, we’re in a nightmare scenario. 1 in 6 requiring hospitalizations? That’s 52 MILLION hospitalizations… I’m sure they will all have insurance. Deaths? If 1 of every 100 people that gets it dies in the US that’d be 3.3 million deaths. More than all the casualties in all the wars and conflicts we’ve ever fought in, combined.

          Socialism/Communism: Ah, yes, the eternal boogie-man of the right. What would become of us if we didn’t allow unchecked capitalism to run roughshod over our citizens? Instant bread lines, am I right? There is no middle ground, surely. What’s that? The entire rest of western civilization provides more for their citizens than we do despite being robust, capitalist societies? Well, geez… why did that rich guy lie to me…

          The rest of your list bores me, as you’re on the wrong side of history with them or they are repetitive.

          I’ll leave you with this. Lies… you think the world is lying to you. That multiple massive, multi-billion dollar federally backed agencies with tens of thousands of employees all working for members of your own party are in on a conspiracy so large that billions of people around the world are fooled by it… but (and here’s the kicker) YOU figured it out. You’ve got just the right combination of ethics and street smarts to see through their “degrees” and “findings” and see the truth? THE GALL. The unmitigated, EGO on you. To believe that you are right and EVERYONE else is wrong isn’t just fanciful thinking, it requires believing that you’re really something special.

          • chilmark7 Please read carefully. I wrote that 1 out of 6 who GET covid will need hospitalization. Also Ajay doesnt know the difference between the Crude mortality rate and the Case fatality rate and the Infection fatality and one needs to know that in order to objectively determine Covids effect. Yes the Media is lying and lots of people are lying because they have an agenda.

          • Andrew what are the current Crude mortality rates and the Case fatality rates?
            I am pretty sure that Infection fatality is a person who was infected and died of the infection.
            Did I at least get that one right?

          • Andrew – Please read carefully. I wrote that “if your ‘Scientific modeling’ is accurate and we don’t prevent people from getting it…” Yep. Words work both ways, weird.

        • Andrew– you continue to say that everyone but trump and his cronies lie, but give us vague platitudes as to what we will find out soon, about what you could show us, about what the people who have a different opinion than you think. None of it has a single ounce of integrity, truth or dignity.
          You have even taken to ad hominem attacks on the likes of myself where you call me “uneducated” for example. You have no midea of my education, either formally or informally, and I will not take the rout that B.S took and claim some sort of degree. But let just say, that my first career, before I arrived on the Vineyard 34 years ago, was working is special education, mental health and troubled teenagers. I do not have a masters degree, but I am in fact much more educated than most of the “undereducated” that trump loves. And I have the ability to discern fact from fiction. You apparently have been reading one fictional book for so long, and living inside of your privileged white millionaire bubble, you have no idea how to even begin to assess reality.

      • “For example, on another thread, you say the coronavirus is weakening. “:

        Yes, it is the truth. The relevant figure is number of deaths, not number of “cases” (which has, BTW, recently been redefined to mean those testing positive for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not those ill with covid-19).

        The greater the number of those testing positive for the virus or for antibodies, and the lower the deaths, the better. That lowers the IFR rate, which is derived from the number of deaths (numerator) over the total number of infected (denominator). Furthermore, it is now well established that many have T-cell immunity, so they don’t have antibodies. This further increases the denominator, reducing the IFR more.

        See Table 1 here, most recent weeks at the bottom:

        A lot of people have developed a taste for Fear Kool-Aid.

          • Island Raised, this doctor, who is a friend of Alex Jones, is not accurate. Too many untruths to address. With apologies to George Brennan for the scrolling cramp, I will tackle a few because of their dangerous message.

            He can’t distinguish hypoxia from hypoxemia. Given that they’re basic med terms and he’s an M.D. advising us about oxygen, I find that terrifying.

            He claims the current recommendations, including masks, have never been used during pandemics. Other countries have incorporated masks for years. They were worn in 1918, here in America. Most went about it wrong, leading to ineffectiveness. Seeing what not to do back then (skipping them while indoors and socializing, using them until they’re filthy) taught us how to do better now, though I’m sure some could twist this point:


            He mainly focuses on N95 “data” when it has been said since the beginning that the public should not be wearing those. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend that the general public wear N95 respirators to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus.” You cannot compare the mechanics, tight fit, or potential effects of a respirator to the type of cloth masks in circulation. It’s like claiming a Big Wheel toy is risky because a Dodge Viper has 645 hp.

            He is spreading fear by saying those with serious breathing conditions have not been informed of the possible downsides to masks. As if it’s a conspiracy. In reality, most medical sites have transparent guidance for the vulnerable. Including the CDC. There are no secrets.

            Hong Kong and Singapore have fared better than other populations. Nearly everyone wears a mask when in public and has done so for months. Hong Kong started in January. Most ongoing cases in Singapore can be traced back to unmasked dormitories, not masked public interactions. While no one is out of the corona woods yet, early and consistent mask use has played a part in their relatively good outcomes. Even if you reject that assertion, masks certainly have not led to excess fatalities. Hong Kong, home to about 7.5 million, has lost 12 people.

            How do these examples mesh with this doctor’s claim that masks destroy immunity and lead to far more death? That they leave everyone so starved for oxygen that the virus actually flourishes because of it? COVID-19, meanwhile, has been proven to rob patients of air. Can’t understand pushing hypotheticals over a known killer. Months into American use, I have yet to hear of one death involving a cloth mask, let alone a bunch. If you are aware of such cases on the rise, please link me. In contrast, there are thousands of COVID-19 fatalities, even by conservative estimates.

        • Island raised– statistics can be manipulated.
          Some people seem to have no understanding of them. Ajay for instance uses a deeply flawed formula and compares the current total deaths to the entire population using a 1 % number that has no relevance to the current death rate. And then doesn’t even see the irony when he accuses someone of deliberately trying to mislead.
          Andrew just makes up statistics.
          So let me put my take on the statistics here ( I took a statistics class in college) .
          Of the 3.5 million cases, 1,6 million have had an outcome (about 49 % ) .
          An outcome means you either died or you recovered. The other 51% of cases are pending.
          Of the 1,613,125 cases with an outcome, 139,590 have died —
          That’s 8 % — that’s a scary number.
          And, since we are talking about black lives; for systemically ingrained reasons, people of color are dying at a higher rate than white people.

          • Forget the ad-homs of dragging in Andrew and Ajay.
            The figs speak for themselves. It is pretty straightforward.
            The pandemic is weakening. It sounds as though you don’t know how to read the table. .

          • IR, how much has the pandemic weakened in Florida, Texas and Arizona?

            IR do you know how to read?
            A weekly tracking graph by Reuters that was updated on July 13 reported that there were 400,000 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States for the week that ended July 12. That’s an increase of 21 percent from the prior week. Those previous seven days were 27 percent higher than the week before that.

            Reuters lists 46 states where case numbers rose this past week. Only New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Tennessee showed declines.

            Reuters also reports that more than 5,000 people died from COVID-19 in the United States this past week, an increase of 46 percent from the previous week.

        • island raised–Thank you for posting a link.
          I looked at it– is seems your information could put the corona death toll at over 200,000 — did you really look at it, or did you just look at the first number ?

    • Andrew– Where do you get the idea I am offended by your comment in which you suggest that kids should the BLM website ?
      Just because you did not bother to provide a link , I did.
      let them read it. Are YOU offended by that ? Will that expose another one of your lies or dis information rants? Have you even bothered to look at it, or do you just believe the right wing fake media?
      And who cares what the BLM websites in other countries say ? We are Americans here , Andrew.
      And for you , Andrew, who criticize the liberals for being “intolerant”. What the fence is your question about trans police about ?
      It seems to me it is a dog whistle to the intolerant right wing.
      But I gotta give you some credit for that one– I could never have made the intolerance of the right so clear.

      • Don, this is kinda off topic, but I think we’re already one step closer to your prediction that Trump will retroactively take credit for promoting masks.


        Can picture the Sarah Cooper vid. “I understand masks very much so, tremendous love of masks. In fact, everyone who knows me will tell you that masks and I go way back. I had to tell Fauci to get the people some masks, because I want them to feel good…”

        Let’s just pray it has a positive effect. Four months late.

    • Andrew please let us know exactly how BLM is funded.
      How much is by donations of $20 or less?
      How much by corporate sponsors?
      Other sources of funding?

      • Ford Foundation: $40 mill in 2016.
        $100 mill is the new target for corporate fundraising.
        ““By partnering with Borealis Philanthropy, Movement Strategy Center, and Benedict Consulting to found the Black-Led Movement Fund, Ford has made six-year investments in the organizations and networks that compose the Movement for Black Lives,” the Ford Foundation said in an official statement.

        US civil rights groups have received a surge of corporate donations since Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, transforming the fortunes of some of the organisations hit hardest by the Covid-19 crisis.

  4. I am encouraged that the School district is engaged in embracing a movement that has been so unfairly maligned by those who oppose social diversity and equality. BLM is about police reform and creating a society that lives up to the American promise that all people are equal before the law. The goals of BLM are not just of great importance to the black community, they are and should be of great importance to ALL of us. So it is great to hear that those who have the responsibility for educating our children and shaping our future as an Island community and as a nation are able to see through the disinformation campaign that is attempting to stand in the way of essential social progress. If you harbor doubts about what BLM stands for, by all means read their official materials such as information posted on their web page. Please think for yourselves like our praiseworthy school district is doing. They are setting a wonderful example, both for children and adults, by leading on this issue of eradicating the racism and bigotry which has gone on for too long. https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/

    • Coerced equality of outcome (by government or mobs) is not equality. “Social justice” is just that.

      • There is no real justice until ‘Society’ is just.
        Society is made just by practicing Social Justice.

      • Seaman, constitutional rights apply to all Americans. We can prove some have been denied, and we want those guaranteed rights restored. This is just plain justice. The same as if any white person was not receiving the benefit of the Constitution. People keep objecting to BLM as an organization, but they never suggest or seem to care about how to solve the problem of corrupt policing. If you don’t agree with this group’s ideas, at least offer an alternative solution. We should not need to coerce support for the Constitution out of the very group that’s always claiming to love it and the rule of law most.

  5. BS, 11,000 children in Florida have tested positive. Since schools have been closed and distancing is in place, we don’t have a full picture of this virus’s potential. I find you often ignore many issues that need to be considered as parts of a broader picture. If children are carriers of this virus, what does that mean for the grandparents or other vulnerable adults that they live with? Again, I believe one in ten households has a grandparent in residence. Or what about their vulnerable siblings? What should a mom or dad with their own risk factors do when some want to send kids back to school without so much as basic precautions? You act like this problem has a simple solution. Sadly, it does not. No one has all the answers, and there are no perfect plans on the table. But we may come closer to that goal if everyone would admit to the numerous issues that need our focus rather than denying they exist.

    • Aquinnah. You will soon learn that the Florida numbers have been corrupted as to positivity in some cases by a factor of 10. Many Florida labs and hospitals have been very careless in reporting. Please read the articles.

      • Andrew, I will look into it further. I came across that figure through a local Florida station and was especially alarmed to see the infections are clustered in a handful of counties.

      • ANDREW– I can’t wait to learn “soon” about how all the numbers are wrong. Do you think we will be able to find out all about that fraud before or after we find out about “Obamagate”?
        “please read the articles” you say. What articles-? I don’t visit the storm trooper site, the proud boys site, or Russian tv.
        I’m beginning to suspect that you don’t post your sources because they are full of verifiable lies.

        • Just checkiing Don, are you making the claim that Obama did not authorize and direct the alphabet agencies to spy on candidate Trump, and later use those same agencies to launch the bogus Russian collusion hoax? The evidence is incontroverible that he did. The real question is, “why isn’t Barr indicting the lot of them and pulling on those threads that lead to Obama?” Of course, the answer is embedded in the question. It’s precisely because all roads lead to Obama that those roads will stay blocked.

          • Barr? BARR? Lol. And incontroverible evidence? I think you mean incontrovertible. Got a link of any evidence to any one of these Trump lies that you promote? Since you seem to want to talk about lies, did you want to tell us how great a job the witless conman is doing with the coronavirus “hoax”? I know the “blame the black guy” is all you’ve got left, given the reality of Republicans voting Biden in 2020, but can’t you somehow make yourself sound even a tiny bit smarter? There is not a single intelligent Republican left who still supports the idiot, racist Trump.

            From Republican Steve Schmidt’s interview on MSNBC:

            “Donald Trump has been the worst president this country has ever had. And, I don’t say that hyperbolically. He is. But he is a consequential president. And, he has brought this country in three short years to a place of weakness that is simply unimaginable if you were pondering where we are today from the day where Barack Obama left office. And, there were a lot of us on that day who were deeply skeptical and very worried about what a Trump presidency would be. But this is a moment of unparalleled national humiliation, of weakness.”
            “When you listen to the President, these are the musings of an imbecile. An idiot. And I don’t use those words to name call. I use them because they are the precise words of the English language to describe his behavior. His comportment. His actions. We’ve never seen a level of incompetence, a level of ineptitude so staggering on a daily basis by anybody in the history of the country whose ever been charged with substantial responsibilities.”
            “It’s just astonishing that this man is president of the United States. The man, the con man, from New York City. Many bankruptcies, failed businesses, a reality show, that branded him as something that he never was. A successful businessman. Well, he’s the President of the United States now, and the man who said he would make the country great again. And he’s brought death, suffering, and economic collapse on truly an epic scale.”
            “And, let’s be clear. This isn’t happening in every country around the world. This place. Our place. Our home. Our country. The United States. We are the epicenter. We are the place where you’re the most likely to die from this disease. We’re the ones with the most shattered economy. And we are, because of the fool that sits in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk.”

      • Andrew, what articles are you asking Aquinnah to read? Or is this more “here we go again” nonsense? Don’t you live in Florida now?

          • To be fair, let’s do as Dr Fauci suggests and stop this nonsense. Andrew has worked very hard for months to dismiss the numbers of infections and death from the beginning. He even lost a bet that there would be fewer than 1000 dead. He still owes Don $1000. Florida is having a surge, as are several other states. ICUs in some areas are at capacity. How many sick and dying are enough to alarm brainwashed adorers of the conman chosen one so that they will put on a mask? 140,000 deaths are still not enough for Andrew who recently bragged about being with a group of gun lovers in Wisconsin, having a great time, and no one was wearing a mask. There is nothing fair about why anyone would try to diminish the need for action to get this virus under control. Medical experts and scientists are already saying the fall and winter are going to be worse. Who shall we be fair to, trump and his supporters, or Fauci? Who deserves the time of day and who doesn’t?

          • Jackie, I was not defending anyone or addressing any other aspect of the discussions or virus. My comment was very specific. Today’s news out of Florida was not available when I made my original remark about 11,000 children being infected, which Andrew challenged. I came across this new information and posted an update because *I* wanted to be fair and consistent in how I handle matters of fact. Not to tell others how to behave. A mea culpa for being unaware of the snafu in that state. Whether this changes how many children are infected, again, I don’t know yet. But I certainly don’t want to post things that could turn out to be false without trying to make it right. That is how we end up with distrust and the spread of bad intel. Making corrections and being objective is the only way to arrive at anything helpful and accurate. I generally check my sources five or six times before I commit to anything. With the 11,000 figure, I did not have time to do that.

            I am not interested in what’s fair to Trump.

          • Since we are talking about being fair, the dictator trump and his corrupt administration today directed all hospitals to report their COVID numbers not to the CDC but to billionaire trump allies. Now when the idiot liar in chief tells us that 99% of cases are harmless, he’ll have the numbers to back it up. People like Andrew won’t have to be too embarrassed to post links to their right wing sources. Even CNN will give us the fake numbers because that’s all they’ll have— unless of course the hospitals don’t comply. Vote Biden 2020. Ditch the lying dictator.

          • Jackie, you are impossible to reason with. I have obviously gone out of my way to be pro-mask and pro-health on a daily basis here. Sometimes after 18 hours of working online. My brain is admittedly fried, but I care about this issue so much that I keep chucking that aforementioned spaghetti. I make one “mistake” in your eyes by using the phrase “to be fair”, referring to myself and my own standards, and you use it to mock me. Twice. In two separate rants. It was an offhand remark. I should’ve listened when teachers told me not to use passive voice, I suppose, but this is rude. Too much. Too far. I was only trying to keep my part of the discussion honest. I would’ve posted the same correction if I got something wrong and was questioned about it by you, God, or the ghost of Charlie Manson. That is just my nature. That the person happened to be Andrew angered you. You are reading more into it than is there. If you do not view fairness the same way, okay. I will continue to because that’s how I was trained to address mistakes in my profession and it’s what I believe in to my core. There is really no point to these discussions when no amount of self-editing or trying to be friendly can compete with the hatred that existed long before I posted here.

          • Aquinnah, i wasn’t criticizing you. Our comments crossed. I didn’t see that you’ve written two to me until after I wrote my two about “fairness”. Both of mine were directed at Andrew. I do not think you made a mistake, not at all. You are fair in ways I am not. It’s my poor writing that caused the misunderstanding, not anything you said in any of your comments. The last thing I would do is mock you. It’s upsetting that you’ve felt mocked. You don’t deserve that at all.

            To be clear, it is Andrew’s lack of fairness I object to. He frequently uses fake or misleading numbers and lies to promote the lies that Trump promotes. When he suggested you read up on some mistakes made in Florida’s numbers, without giving you a link, I bristled at the manipulation. What was the point of that exercise, from Andrew’s point of view? To make the virus seem less deadly and dangerous and to manipulate someone very nice to agree with him. I gave up trying to find any truth in anything Andrew says. To me, even when he’s crying wolf because there is really a wolf there, I don’t believe him. He’s earned that on here by his behavior. This is a guy who brags he doesn’t wear a mask. Of course he’s going to glom onto some serious mistakes in tests and get the nicest person on these boards to agree with him that the virus isn’t so bad and we need to open up all businesses now. Nearly everyone has piled on to Andrew’s comments when he gives “facts”, and then we all ask for links. We get nothing, except that “it’s good for people to do their own research”. If anything, I object to seeing your kindness taken adavantage of, although you’ve proven yourself no easy mark and I know you can take care of yourself. You are more fair than I am. I really do admire you, Aquinnah. I hope you understand and forgive me for being so unclear and careless in my writing. I hope we’re good!

          • I wish there was an edit feature. I wrote poorly again just now when I make it sound like you ever agreed with Andrew that the virus isn’t so bad and that we should open all businesses now. You’ve been a real champion promoting the seriousness of covid, the facts as we know them, and what guidelines are best, and no one can take that away from you.

          • Jackie, no worries, we’re all good. 🙂 Truly. I apologize for misunderstanding the sequence of comments and sounding frustrated. Regretted my last reply once I realized that you may not have seen the explanation I sent at 1:42 yet. Initially, I thought you had and that you doubted my intent. Confusing overlaps are the worst. God bless the internet for making life even more like an episode of Three’s Company.

            It’s just been a really bad week. Am sure many are in the same boat. Very worried about people close to me who work in this maskless mess. That’s what had me in a sensitive headspace. Protecting health and safety mean the world to me, and I never want my attempts at reasoning with others to read like those values are labile. Or pro-Trump. His handling of this crisis has been disgraceful and is rooted in ego. I don’t say that often because chaos defies the tidiness of language, but it’s never far from my thoughts.

            Please know that I definitely share your feelings about the manipulated facts and resistance. I do wish everyone would cite their sources when posting controversial info. That’s the only way we can sort through it with logic. Sometimes I have to step away and go hug a puppy. Or watch Bob Ross paint some happy little trees on the YouTube. (Not kidding. Soooo relaxing.) Happens with racism, too. There were a few posts in this thread that required self-moderation. Went to reply and just couldn’t. It often feels like we’re living inside this movie. (Mild bad language warning.)


            I don’t think you write poorly at all. It’s a struggle to smoosh countless thoughts and experiences into a few sentences, and when the topic is literally life or death, it will bring up strong emotions. Sometimes I write something with a specific intention and, at second glance, cringe because I see that it could be taken the exact opposite way.

            Thank you for such kind words. They mean a lot to me. ❤️ These are rough times, but I’m trying to tell myself to focus on the many who are working to keep us safe and informed. I truly believe they are the majority, but unfortunately the minority has a lot of say in how a pandemic plays out.

          • I hope you have a good weekend, Jackie. ❤️ Really did feel terrible for the misunderstanding.

      • Florida Sees Its 4th Day Running With More Than 100 COVID-19 Deaths, and rising.
        MA 21 and falling.
        Florida’s Governor leaves masks to the individual’s sense of national politics.
        MA’s Governor is still insisting on masks in public.
        The freedom to not wear a mask is not free, it comes at the cost of death.

  6. Mr Larkosh I would encourage you to read what its leaders have quoted in numerous outlets. Dig a little and you will find it. Read also the beliefs of its partner organization M4BL. then just for fun go to BLM in the UK and see what they say. If you agree with it so be it. Jackie/dondondon and their comrades like it. Maybe you do also. I simply urge the students to understand what it is. Yes I can post the link but its better for you folks to do a bit of research.

    • Yes, Andrew, you could post links so people could know what it is about equality for all people that you find objectionable. You could also pay you debt to Don and actually honor your word, but you don’t feel like doing that either. We know what to expect from you by now.

      • Is that all you have Jackie? This is not about equality it is about anarchy. Your pay the debt thing is tired.

        • Andrew, lack of character and purposeful dishonesty is the antithesis of what Christianity teaches, something you carry on about, insisting you are devout. In fact there is no religion or any ethical, moral standards that could abide your behavior on here. Denying truth doesn’t change reality, no matter how long you stick to an ever changing untrue story. Now you excuse for weaseling out of your lost wager is to whine that it happened too long ago for it to matter? What’s old and tired, Andrew, is the insistence that it’s okay to try to discredit BLM. Banks and businesses and churches put BLM signs up and while some old tired people sniff at such things, threatening to take their business (and their god?) elsewhere, good Americans embrace moving forward in world more just and more equal. And cults that damn every living being to hell unless they get on board the cuckoo train are very old hat.

          • jackie. Yes lots of banks andother organizations put up those signs due to ignorance of the agenda and due to intimidation. This is now the Cancel Culture and calling out and bullying is manifest. Read Bari Weiss resignation from NYTimes yesterday. She encapsulates clearly what has happened and she is no conservative.

          • Andrew lots of banks and other organizations put up those because they think that Black Lives Matter.
            Not that they think that everyone who says so is a ‘nice’ person.

        • Andrew– I see a lot about equality on the BLM site. I do not see a single line about anarchy.
          If you are tired of the “debt thing” you could just pay it and that would be it, at least from me– I will publicly inform our little community here that you honored your word, and thank you.
          Just a little chump change for you, right ? You after all are a multimillionaire, and a great philanthropist. The money will go to the hospital, remember ?
          In the meantime, you are open to charges of dishonorability from anyone here, not just Jackie.
          You are right–It is getting old, but it’s not going away. Sorry— you proposed the bet.

        • Andrew, we have police on video committing unconstitutional crimes in an official capacity. This has gone on for years. Rather than embracing the rule of law, some in power choose to break it. Often with impunity. That can be described as anarchy. I do not agree with every word spoken by every BLM member. But Black lives do indeed matter, and we have to put a stop to this somehow. Long overdue. Police are not allowed to target or kill without cause. Not in theory, anyway. Do you know of an alternative set of solutions?

          • Aquinnah of course black lives matter. All black lives. BLM is something different. Any reasonable person decries the death of blacks by police or by anyone else. BLM in my view is a marxist anarchistic organization that is not fundamentally concerned with the saving of black lives. You may disagree. The number of unarmed blacks killed by police is negligble although of course it is tragic. Black on black crime no one wants to talk about and that is the pathology that affects the african american community including fatherless homes and unwed mothers.

          • Andrew, do the number of unarmed Black people killed by police exceed the number of unarmed White people killed by police?
            What is your guess?
            About equal?
            Does that mean we have racial equality?

        • Andrew, you were recently whining that it’s all Democrats who are anarchists, and i laughed at the thought of that anarchistic Joe Biden. So now it’s just Black lives matter people who believe, you know, that Black lives matter who are the anarchists? That’s a lot of people. When you make such sweeping and untrue statements, without links to prove you are not lying about anarchy being a driving point behind the Black Lives Matter movement, you kinda sound like you are lying and you know it… which, you have to admit, fits in with the kind of low character it takes to weasel out of paying up for a lost wager made so publicly.

          • Andrew, I understand you don’t agree with the BLM organization or their ideas for changing things. I was asking what you feel we should do instead to rectify police profiling, brutality, and murder. To ensure the Constitution applies to everyone. We need a solid plan.

            “Black on black crime no one wants to talk about and that is the pathology that affects the african american community…”

            I most definitely want to talk about this entire statement. It’s at the heart of everything. But I can’t say what needs to be said here.

            Maybe another time.

          • Andrew, you said Democrats are anarchists. I could post the quote but it’s better for someone like you to do your own research. (This response should sound familiar, as when you are asked to prove what you post.)

            You backtrack all the time, denying you’ve said what you’ve said. For example, many have proof you owe Don $1000 but you deny you’ve tried to weasel out of that debt.

            So, like I said, you have recently complained on here that Dems are all anarchists and you are free to look it up yourself.

          • Andrew– why bother proving something to you ? I proved you offered me a thousand dollar bet, with no time frame, no conditions and no excuses. Yet you just ignore the proof .
            We can prove police brutality is disproportionately doled out to people of color, we can prove minorities have been economically disadvantaged for centuries, we can prove trump is a racist, we can prove anthropological climate change is real— but, you are proof that we can’t change stupid.
            And yes, you said all democrats are anarchist, and almost all of them are socialist– and intolerant, –I agree with Jackie– it’s better for you to look it up yourself.
            I look forward to your thoroughly researched report of your own words.

        • Naaah. $1000.00 never grows old. If you come back to MV, Andy, wear a mask and bring the grand you owe don.

        • Andrew your refusal to pay your debt is tiresome.
          Do you really think that you never made a bet?
          Do you think that you won the bet and are owed money?

    • Actually Andy, I’d prefer if you posted the link. I don’t trust you enough to waste my time looking for something that doesn’t exist.

    • Andrew are you link posting challenged?
      Or do you just skip that part because they would make you look bad?

    • Andrew who are the leaders?
      Do you have any names?
      What is the organization’s structure?

    • As I mentioned in another post, it would be easy for MVRHS to introduce its students to how other black lives explain Black Lives Matter. YouTube presentations about BLM by Candace Owens, Larry Elders, former NFL player Burgess Owens, Bishop Larry Gaiters and the venerble Thomas Sowell are but a click away.

  7. We all know that black lives matter, but look at the Black Lives Matter website. It looks like the leadership are all socialists. So let’s treat all students alike, like Martin Luther King Jr. advised. So let’s open the high school and the elementary schools on time, and show the nation the Vineyard Way: equality for all!

    • Which Black Lives Matter website?
      The one in Falmouth, New Bedford?
      You can tell a Socialist by appearance?
      Is it the sense of fashion or skin tone that is the tell?

      • The founder of BLM is a self admitted Marxist organizer. Her video explaining such is easy to find.

        • Who is the founder of BLM?
          You know, those little details.
          If her video is easy to find how hard is to list the link.
          More effort than your willing to put toward illuminating your point of view?

        • Marxist?
          You mean Communism?
          Not even China is Communist.
          Communist countries do not have privately owned real estate, a robust stock market, a strong market in exotic cars, precious gems and gold jewelry, fine art and rare wines.

          The only thing Communist about China is it’s single party totalitarian form of government.
          If Trump can win reelection, get a majority oi the house and 2/3 of the Senate America will be a single party totalitarian state.
          Trump’s word will be law, just like Xi and Putin.
          Won’t that be fun.

  8. Dan Larkosh — “Black Lives Matter”. Seriously Mr Larkosh, when these folks practice what they preach and STOP killing their own people which is getting constantly worst you all know that!
    Especially the totally innocent children living scared to death, wounded and killed while walking down the streets, in their homes and then having to sleep in bath tubs for their safety. Also having to bury their parents, brothers and sisters are unimaginable!
    When all this gets under some type of control then and only then will I take them seriously.
    Most importantly I definitely do not think that this is the time for our children to be taught in our schools what BLM supposedly stands for as they themselves are not all on the same page concerning their objectives.

    • “Most importantly I definitely do not think that this is the time for our children to be taught in our schools what BLM supposedly stands for as they themselves are not all on the same page concerning their objectives.”
      Everybody has their own page.
      Adults and children.

    • It is poor people who predominantly kill people
      Poor people predominantly kill other poor people.
      Black people are predominantly poor.

      We do not have a race problem so much as we have a income/wealth distribution problem.
      The have nots will take from the haves, it’s called the survival instinct.
      The haves will try to hold onto everything, it’s called greed.

    • And don’t let them teach the 1619 project materials.
      Loaded with disinformation and outright lies.
      A number of African American and other historians have criticized the material and charged that it is a serious misrepresentation of historical facts; undermines the American Black community and its understanding of its, and American, history; and is also incredibly divisive. What in the world was the NY Times’s agenda in pushing this narrative?

      • island raised. The schools have always had history wrong.
        They never told me that Paul Revere took his ride to warn the British not to take our guns, and they never once mentioned that the brave patriots took over all the British airports during the revolutionary war in 1776– they actually made up some story about 2 brothers inventing the first plane in 1903. who ya gonna believe ? Historians or trump ?
        And I went to catholic grade school where they taught us that boys have one less rib than girls because the Spaghetti Monster made women out of some guy’s rib.
        Oh, and all those national geographic pictures of “shiny” black people in the early 60’s ? It was because while “those people” had soap, they didn’t have enough water to rinse, so the soap dried on them and was shiny. The nuns actually said all that and more. Anybody wonder why I am a Pastafarian ?

        • It’s just like when Obama said he’d almost visited all 57 states. I can’t find the missing seven no matter how hard I look. Maybe he’s hiding them in Edgartown.

          • Seaman, pretty sure he meant to say 47, as he was in the 48th state when he said it and had two more to go. And a one-time mistake is not the same as the willfully manipulated history that’s been taught in America. If Obama were to take a job as a history teacher, he would promote Fifty Nifty, although I’m sure we all know why you’re bringing this up. No, it was not an Islamic reference. Also, when he and Michelle bumped fists at a rally, that was not a “terrorist fist jab”. Not sure why we’re discussing things that happened when Juicy track suits were still popular. There’s a wee bit more going on right now.

  9. You can tell that the BLM leadership is all socialists from their website?
    What are the tells?
    Skin tone?
    Saying that Black lives matter?

    How do you identify a socialist?
    By they way they look?

    So let’s treat all students alike, let’s open the high school and the elementary schools in a manner to minimize student deaths.

  10. My comments with MV Times no matter how watered down and re-reviewing after I hit `Enter` is seems to almost always get stuck on ===> “Your comment is awaiting moderation” <===

    However I do give George and the Times credit because the only other paper on MV has a `Special Shredder` which even without reviewing goes directly to the Shredder when my name and or email appears.

    **To be Continued if possible**

    • Tisbury Native, I don’t like to brag, but I imagine I am the queen of comments awaiting moderation. If you insist, though, you can be the king. If it helps, I mostly always understand what it is that I’ve written that doesn’t pass muster.

    • To be clear, and let’s hope Tisbury Native fesses up and apologizes, no watered-down comment was deleted. His comment was posted at 7:11 pm just about the time the Tisbury select board meeting that I covered via Zoom ended. I then took a quick break for dinner, wrote the story, and went to bed without moderating any comments that came in after 5 pm when the board meeting started. At 5:30 am this morning I began moderating comments as they came in and approved Tisbury Native’s comments. So, less than 12 hours after it was posted.

      • Thanks for clarifying your time frame George. I occasionally wonder when some of my comments seem to be stuck in moderation, but I know you have other things to do than chaperone the playground. When I post something that I think is questionable, I copy it. If deleted, I then have the basic idea, and can edit the offensive parts. I for one think you are pretty reasonable, and would only ask that you find a way to delete obvious lies. Thanks

        • Jackie– while only George can certify it, given your feistiness , and direct confrontational style, I would certainly think that you are indeed the queen of delete– wear that badge with honor !
          Illegitimi non carborundum.

      • George YOU can fess up and apologize, calm down. I was clearly talking about no matter how much “I” water down My Comments before I submit them ~~~!!
        I know you dont censor, water comments down you will just refuse to post them.
        And Jackie, I dont even bother reading your Zillion posts, when I use to I would get to upset. I wish the Times had a Blocking mechanism like Facebook.

  11. Andrew,

    “The majority of people we hear in the media are wrong about the police…”

    While I’m not sure which specific claims you’re referring to, this seems like a good chance to point out something that is overlooked — not everyone is forming their opinions of the police based on media coverage. Some have had their own negative run-ins, despite never committing a crime. I’ve seen harassment firsthand. Not every officer is corrupt, obviously, but it’s also nowhere near as limited as the “few bad apples” line would have us believe.

    Those who have never encountered police misconduct are fond of saying we’ve been brainwashed by outside influences. There’s irony in there, I think. To assume our stances come from media consumption because one’s own were formed that way. How to deal with this abuse of power is bound to be controversial. But believing that it happens often should not be so difficult. There is too much evidence. If I recall, Derek Chauvin had 18 complaints against him prior to Floyd’s execution. Imagine if someone had acted upon those complaints. And please remember that only the murders make the news. Plenty of profiling goes on daily that doesn’t rise to that level but is still worth fixing. If you do not trust media personalities, okay. I am very skeptical, too. But at least look to the people actually affected by misconduct. Look around for personal stories, told in their own words.

    “Around one in six people will become severely ill and need hospital care.”

    Given the size of our population, that still translates to a lot, especially if we let the virus infect as many as it can, which some want to do.

    “The most egregious lies are the ones about Covid. Everyone is lying…”

    We can discuss the science and math all day, but whether the virus has been exaggerated can be answered with the acceptance of one key point — everyone who comes near Trump is tested. If it’s much ado about nothing, why? If the virus is mild, why? It’s been said repeatedly that this is no worse than your average flu. Does his team screen people for cold and flu symptoms before they can see him every season? This closely? Would a man with all this behind-the-scenes knowledge of a situation need drastic protection from a hoax? Why waste the supplies? If the answer is “because he’s our leader and it’s better to be safe than sorry”, please realize that’s all any of us want. We want caution. When we advocate for it, it’s mislabeled as hysteria. When Trump’s health is prioritized, it’s viewed as prudent and goes unchallenged.

    If a powerful man served me dinner, assured me it was clean and safe, and then proceeded to have some peasant taste his portion before he would eat? While watching for signs of poison? I wouldn’t touch it. Doubt anyone else would, either. But it’s somehow accepted that Trump fed into anti-mask sentiment for months, putting us all in danger, while he stayed healthy by fancier means.

    Qu’ils mangent de la droplets.

  12. Aquinnah I wrote one in 6 who get Covid will need hospitalization. The entire post was about those who GET Covid. Please read it again and see if it isnt implied from earlier sentences. If not I apologize to you who is civil to me. 99.9 percent of police are hardworking and earnest in protecting us. There are some bad apples as there are in society. There is no systemic racism in this country and the proof of it is Obama for 8 years elected by popular vote and electoral college.

    • Andrew, you were clear. I understood you meant one in six out of the infected, not out of the total population. But that is still a significant number when you look at repercussions. These hospital stays are often physically traumatic. They can also be costly, in a time when many are struggling. The government-approved package included coverage for COVID patients, but I have heard about people being hit with “surprise” charges. They may seem like modest amounts when compared to the full bill, but to those who were already headed for broke? I’d hate to put anyone in that position when simple steps minimize transmission.

      Then there’s the missed time at work while sick. And the complications, which we still cannot assess with finality, given how new this virus is. Not everyone bounces back completely. At least not yet. I have a friend who is in his 30s. No pre-existing conditions. Very active guy. He had COVID, and it hit his lungs hard, though not bad enough to need a ventilator. Months on, he is not able to keep up on jobs. It’s a mess. He’s not alone. We owe each other some protection from a disease that can impact us on multiple levels. You don’t have to consider it the worst in existence to acknowledge the harm it has done and will continue to do. What some willfully perceive as fear is really a desire to be proactive.

      I was on the side that was hesitant about opening up too early, but that decision wasn’t mine. And I never denied the problems that came with shutting down, so I try to support a return to business. All we can do is be strategic and careful. The pushback against safety measures from the folks who were most worried about the economy? That’s frustrating. Protecting health and businesses goes hand in hand. I feel it’s full-on economic sabotage to shun protocol. We need a healthy workforce, and for consumers to feel relatively comfortable with going out. That means strict precautions. The problem with media coverage that downplays the virus is obvious. Fewer will be inspired to take those precautions, and they may end up with more of what they claim to hate — closings. When Trump makes it out to be a hoax, he is damaging our ability to recover. If you have links that show otherwise, I will read them.

      I think Obama being elected and how racism factors into our country is far more complicated than that, but I don’t want to bore everyone further.

      Cancel culture is not limited to one party. Both sides have been very vocal about withholding support for people or businesses that do not share their values. Look at the Islanders who wanted to “cancel” the bank over the BLM sign. They may not use that annoying term, but it’s the same tactic. I am not big on boycotts unless the issue is egregious. Innocent employees can end up paying the price. Sorry for rambling.

    • What we have in this country that IS systemic is a class structure with features of a caste structure.

      • ajay. all humans are bad apples–all of them. They are born with a sin nature. We are not born good. Through constraints and parenting and punishment and trial and error many of us live lives of relative harmony but we still sin every day. I do, you do, everyone does. Sorry I dont have a link for that but look around and you will see it everywhere. Most of us are not as bad as we can possibly be, but we are sinners nevertheless. So the bad apple rate is 100 percent.

        • We are not born good or bad.
          Good and bad are learned behaviours.

          Thump your bible, rub your gun, laugh at people with masks, vote for Trump.

        • Andrew, you put the fun in dysfunctional, but this is still a poor excuse to be dishonest, promote racist ideas, and weasel out of your debt,

        • “sorry I don’t have a link for that”
          I’ve noticed you don’t have links for any of your claims. Why is that Andy?

    • Andrew appears to present Obama as an equivalent of “I can’t be racist, I have a Black friend.” That’s how it reads.

  13. I am confident that one thing that BLM in aggregate does not want is an endless series of committees and studies that come to nothing. Here is a very direct policy point: does the MVRHS retain a police officer on premises? Why?

    • Why does MVRHS retain a police officer on premises?
      Do the administrators want a police officer on premises?
      Do the teachers want a police officer on premises?
      Do the parents want a police officer on premises?
      Do the students want a police officer on premises?
      Do the taxpayers want a police officer on premises?
      Do the police want a police officer on premises?
      Are the reasons different.
      Who will be the voice of reason.
      A child shall lead them……

  14. 46 Comments.
    At least on the Island Black Lives Do Matter.
    To the overwhelming majority.
    The Black Lives haters are quickly dying off.

  15. Wow, the keyboard warriors have been active while I’ve been away! Comment section never fails to entertain.

    • BSD2006, what is the sense in mocking people for having important discussions when you admit to reading them for sport? If we’re wasting our time in participating, I can’t even imagine what that says about your habit of drooling over it. Get a Netflix subscription or something. I will loan you the $9.

      And remember, popcorn is a choking hazard for little ones. Chew well.

      • The “important” conversations in the comment section are truly changing the world! I encourage you to continue because I get a few minutes of entertainment every day. IF you want to make a difference, get out of the basement and go to work or volunteer for the community. IF you want to really make a change, participate in local government…Thanks for your loan offer, but AmEx already reimburses me for the Ultra 4K Netflix option which pairs well with the popcorn 🙂

        • BSD2006, your expectations are way too high. Not trying to change anyone, let alone the world, but thanks for the hypocritical lecture on productivity. The fact is, no one changes unless they want to. Online discussions are more like chucking spaghetti at a wall. Give it a try, see if it sticks. Best we can offer is our perspectives. Maybe give others something to think about. My goal is never any loftier than that. When the topic is as serious as racism, murder, or illness? Sure, I will give it a go. Since you think the exchange of ideas via the written word is meaningless, maybe you shouldn’t be reading a newspaper.

          If any of that brings you amusement, glad to be of service. Small-minded lives matter. I will leave you to your Michael Jackson gif fantasy. 🍿

          • You are reading too much into my sarcasm. My entertainment comes from the fact that the comment section has very little chance of enacting anything productive yet folks will devote hours to bickering with each other nonsensically. Some commenters take this so seriously, posting 30 comments on an article; makes you wonder what they would do for a living to have so much time on their hands!

          • BSD2006, you understand that a lot of people have been out of work or are stuck mostly at home, right? Most Americans of all colors, shapes, sizes, and religions have been hit hard, not just by the pandemic, but by trying to come to terms with the systemic racism that exists in our country– which has come to the fore again with a new urgency. These are topics that are serious, life and death serious, although I can see that some people are too shallow to grasp this and are therefore unable to express themselves or feel with any depth, let alone, thoughtfulness. Not everyone wants to contribute to these discussions, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but to go to the trouble to post a comment to demean anyone who has given of themselves to communicate with others, is not sarcastic, it is ugly. You don’t sound very interesting if this is all you have to say for yourself.

        • You make a difference by speaking/typing out.
          Did you type your comment from your basement?
          Where did you last volunteer?

  16. Before the school signs on to support support the BLM platform: can they please provide a link to it?

    I have seen many supposed platforms in the past. They cover a lot of ground.

    While some things (eg ending police brutality) are obvious goals for any ethical citizen, other demands (end all prisons and policing, for example) are not.

    All I ask is that they are clear about what precisely they are supporting. I would have expected the Times to dig a bit.

    • Has anyone ever asked for public exposure of the exact curriculum of American History classes to see if it’s supportive to non-white, non-Christian people? I didn’t think so. This is what systemic racism and white privilege means.

    • Sailorman the school is signing on to Black Lives Matter, because they do.
      They are signing on to a concept not a platform.

  17. Today the Wall Street Journal reported that
    Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream said it was dropping
    Eskimo Pie so the company could be “part of the solution on racial equality.”

  18. I love the way the Secretary of Defense has told Trump where he can put his beloved Confederate Flag.
    That place Trump likes to mention, where the sun don’t shine.

  19. Andrew, not sure if you are still reading. I want to take a stab at something important. When asked what should be done about unlawful treatment, you replied by mentioning Black-on-Black crime and unwed mothers. Claiming there’s a pathology within the Black community. It struck a nerve.

    Black-on-Black crime is an inherently racist label designed to make Black people sound uniquely violent. Again, most crime in America is intraracial. Yet we don’t force the idea of an uncivilized white society. White people are viewed as individuals, even when their peers commit crimes. Black people are lumped together and deemed flawed, something to be fixed. An extension of the warped attitude that leads to the murder of innocents in the first place.

    You said no one is willing to talk about your points. I considered addressing them, and have before, but I worry that’s the wrong approach. One which may serve to legitimize the debating tactic I object to. You should not change the focus from acknowledging victims (in the most objective, technical sense of the term) and finding solutions to blaming and insulting them. When someone has been targeted by prejudice, that is the time to laser-focus on those responsible. On abuse of power or white civilians looking for cowboy justice. Otherwise, nothing will ever change.

    To assume complaints of racism are overblown because one has not personally experienced it is Ptolemaic thinking. Everyone who rejects BLM as an organization should at least offer a suggestion for how else to handle the problem. A plan that does not seek to find fault with Black people for the illegal actions of white people. Someone else said that once Black folks fix [insert gripes and demands here], only then will concern for their rights be warranted. Vile. That hustle has been around for ages. “Just do THIS and then we’ll believe you. Well, if only you behaved like THIS…” It assumes all are always guilty of something and in need of reform before they’re entitled to lawful treatment. I don’t want to hear another word about the beloved Constitution as long as this mentality is alive.

    This is not about parties for me. It’s fine to be conservative. But if we’re all being honest, no conservative would ever look away from police abuse if it affected someone they viewed as their own. We have commenters who sound ready to start a revolution over $300 fines that are deemed overreach. Where is that GOP passion when we need it most? I am always worried about upsetting anyone or making existing tensions worse, so I try to stay out of a lot, but this had to be said.

    • Aquinnah, briliantly said. I may be the queen of comments that never appear, but you are definitely the queen of comments that are the most necessary to appear. John Lewis was known to say, in essence, when you see something wrong, say something and do something. You do both. Andrew has been a contributor here for many years, as have I, and it’s likely he is reading every word. When he’s in over his head, his MO is to go into hiding, but I hope he has at least some integrity to answer you. Great job.

      • Thank you, Jackie. 🙏🏻 I realized that I’m sometimes more likely to address science than matters of opinion. Probably because I’m nervous to step on the right to free thought or speech. However, some opinions obviously promote dangerous ideas that do not remain on the page. They are treated as fact within our society. There are so many aspects to racism that I don’t always know where to start or what to say. But we can chip away at the justifications.

        With the talk about posts that never make it through, sometimes I wish we were unmoderated. Just to see where everyone really stands. Am sure I’d quickly be wishing for the opposite if it turned into the Yahoo comments section. lol

        • Haha. No moderation would mean a lot more name-calling from me, mostly “anti-Semite”, “racist” and “idiot” where appropriate. I‘d probably swear, too. I have a lot of respect for our moderates who did not become journalists to do this as part of their job, I am sure. It’s always interesting to see what squeaks by. For example, it’s okay to call Trump an imbecile, but you can’t call him a murderer, even though the definition of 3rd degree murder (a legal charge in Florida where Trump is a resident) would fit the negligent disregard for human life when death was not preplanned or intended. Some months ago I called Trump the m-word and it somehow got posted, but Andrew, of all people, had a hissy fit and it was deleted. It’s not nice to try to push the envelope too far, but I usually am not aware I’ve overstepped the guidelines until my comment doesn’t appear, and then I’m like, oh yeah, I can’t say that. Have you ever had a comment censored? I’m guessing, not?

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