Two new cases at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

Martha's Vineyard Hospital is reporting two new confirmed case of COVID-19.

There were two new COVID-19 cases reported at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital making 11 new cases Islandwide in a week.

The hospital has had 32 total positive tests out of 1,990 total individuals tested. There are 6 tests pending.

On Saturday, the Island boards of health reported two new positive COVID-19 cases bringing the Island’s total cases to 44, according to a release issued Saturday. The two additional MVH cases bring that total to 46.

TestMV, the testing site at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School testing asymptomatic individuals, reported two new confirmed cases Friday. That site has tested 4,071 individuals; 11 have tested positive, 3,866 negative, and there are 194 pending results.

The boards of health have also linked 23 of the confirmed cases to several cases among eight different household groups.

The town of Aquinnah has tested 34 people with 30 negative and four pending results.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, town of Aquinnah, boards of health and TestMV, the testing site at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School each report their own testing numbers. Those numbers are then all compiled by the boards of health.

The actual number of cases can be difficult to count due to lag time and overlaps in testing each day.

Of the 44 cases, 26 are female, and 18 are male. Of those, 13 of the cases are aged 50-59 years old, nine are 20-29 years old, seven cases are 60-69 years old, six are 30-39 years old, four are 20 years old or younger, three are 40-49, and two are 70 years or older.

The boards of health have also started reporting on probable cases. On Saturday, the Island’s total number of presumed positives was 18, of which 15 were positive antibody tests, and three were symptomatically positive.

Of those, 11 are female and eight are male. Of the 19 presumed positive cases, six are aged 60-69, four are aged 50-59, three are aged 40-49, three are aged 20-29, two are under 20 years old, and one is over the age of 70.

At the state level Monday, there were 154 new confirmed cases, bringing the state total to 105,783. In total, 5 new deaths brought the total number of deaths to 8,155. There have been 960,099 tests conducted across Massachusetts.


  1. I went through the math a few days ago on a different story.
    But I will go through it again
    11 cases in a week on the vineyard . Divide by seven = 1.57 cases a day
    My wild guess is that there were about 50,000 people on this island — – does anyone have any accurate information on that ?
    Mass. has about 7 million residents, so divide 7 million by 50 thousand, and it turns out that we have 1/140 th of the state’s population.
    So then we multiply 140*1.57 cases a day, we get a daily average of 219 cases if we had the same population as all of Mass.
    The commonwealth had on average 209 cases per day last week.
    My point in this exercise is to point out that we are not in some sort of safe cocoon here because we only have a total of 44 cases.
    We need to continue to do the 3 “W’s ” ;
    Wear a mask, Wash your hands, and Watch your distance.
    Be safe — have fun ,
    And ignore the idiots who say this will not hurt you.

    • Agree, and I’d add a 4th W: Wake up Trump supporters. Vote the useless, corrupt bum out in November.

      • yes jackie– it seems the trump supporters also have a 3 “w” plan —
        Whahhhh Whahhhh Whahhhhh. Liberal media, tds, and obama is still a Muslim that was born in Kenya. And by the way, Kenya, which trump describe as a “sh*****e country has 4– yes four– deaths per million citizens , as opposed to the United States , which has a rate of 418 per million citizens.
        How did they manage that ? Simple — Like most countries in the world, they dealt with it.

  2. True but you forget to account for density. Boston, with it’s large population/space, will skew the numbers for the entire state. We also don’t have multiple huge hospitals to serve our local population as it jumps from the wintering ~30k(?) to the summer. 50k seems low, even with Covid.

    Let’s say we stay on par with the state, we have 11 beds if I remember correctly? You want your family members going to Falmouth hospital? Or further? This is no joke.

    I worry about my family day in and out. Only one of us needs to catch it and it’s over for the entire home for weeks.. if not forever. 🙁

  3. People are not abiding by the guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing or one per person per family in the markets. As numbers of deaths are going up and ICUs are at capacity in the states with surging confirmed cases, we can remember how covidiots, including the President, were touting that the death rate was lower even though the cases were up. Of course, that has now changed as the newly sick from too-soon openings and looser guildlines get sicker and sicker and some die. Vacationers want to vacation without restrictions, and many locals are complacent. We’re all sick of the restrictions, but ignoring them now is unwise and selfish. But it’s like talking to a wall.

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