Reusable bags ban lifted


One of the early victims of the pandemic was the reusable bag, but now, as the state is in phase three of its reopening plan, customers are allowed to bring their reusable bags back to the supermarkets, according to State House New Service.

The ban on reusable bags was lifted by public health commissioner Monica Bharel on Friday, the news service reported.

Salad bars and seating areas remain closed at supermarkets, and orders are still in effect requiring social distancing at the stores. Early-morning hours for customers over 60 also remain in effect.

In an email Tuesday, Steve Bernier, owner of Cronig’s, wrote that the store will begin charging 10 cents for its reusable handle bags on Wednesday morning.



  1. Having heard this news I tried to use my own bags at Stop&Shop in Edgartown on Sunday and they wouldn’t let me.

  2. This is so confusing.
    Ban single use bags.
    Ban reusable bags.
    Ban reusable single use bags.
    Ban single use reusable bags.

  3. Is it just me or have others noticed that when it’s summer time, the bags are a much better quality and as soon as summer is over, we get the bags that fall apart if you put more than 3 items in them?
    I have asked about getting the bags with handles that Cronigs have and I said I would gladly pay the ten cents for a better bag and I was told by the employee that the Town of Edgartown has denied them for use at stop and shop.

  4. I’m glad we can start bringing our own bags again.
    I try to remember my reusable bags but I do forget them sometimes.

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