Oak Bluffs: Reaching out to others


Much is different, yet some things remain the same. As in years past, gardeners are proudly showing off their early crop yields of tomatoes and cucumbers. It seems impossible to me to acknowledge that the lettuce, kale, cucumbers, and varieties of salad greens brought into our house actually grew in the small garden in our backyard. According to the Old Farmers Almanac, “tradition says that for basil to grow you must swear at it during planting time.” The French phrase semer le basilic, or literally sowing basil, means to rant and rave. So if someone has a bountiful crop of basil, I guess we know what they have been saying.

More people than ever before are seen about on bicycles, but most either wearing masks or having one handy. But the changes are social distancing, virtual appointments from everything from doctors’ appointments to library visits. Lack of human contact, virtual hugs just do not do it, has resulted in many people feeling great loneliness and depression. We have a small group of friends who, if not seeing each other, reach out by phone to keep in touch and cheer one another up. Please reach out to those you know are alone, and if you are unable to physically be of assistance, bring some joyous contact into their day.

Our Flying Horses will not be circling around the barn this summer, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. Because of the virus, to keep everyone safe, the difficult but healthy decision was made to put the horses out to pasture this year. I don’t remember them being closed for the summer before, but perhaps some of you readers do.

Phronsie Conlon died July 9, just a day before her 101st birthday. I wished her a happy birthday in the Oak Bluffs column of July 9. I first met Phronsie when we both worked at the Oak Bluffs School many years ago. She was funny, charming, most learned, and a friend. Sympathies to all who knew and loved her.

Our library has many interesting programs offered to you all, but of course they are still virtual, as the library is still closed. I will list them here as they appear on the library calendar.

July 16 at 4:30 to 5:30 pm, bit.ly/2Opg1iB. Join Jennifer Smith Turner and a guest on Zoom as she discusses and reads from her awardwinning novel, “Child Bride. j@jennifersmithturner.com. On July 17 from 10:30 to 11 am, Magic Carpets. Join Mary Jane for a weekly craft demonstration. Please call or email to receive Zoom information: 508-693-9433 or maldrichmoodie@clamsnet.org. July 18 from 10 am to 3 pm, stop by the library to pick up a scavenger hunt checklist, then head to Circuit Ave. and search the storefront windows for the images. July 22 from 3 to 4 pm, join Caitlyn on Discord to play Jackbox Games virtually. For ages 12-18. Registration required. Please email cclark@clamsnet.org to sign up.

We send birthday smiles to Russell Rogers and Summer Ann Clements on July 17, Suzanne Metell and Michael Daniel on the 18th, Lynn Webster on the 19th, and Charlene Alley on the 22nd. Happy wedding anniversary to Marylou and Anthony Piland on the 20th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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