Hospital cases remain steady at 33

There were 18 new cases of COVID-19 reported on Martha's Vineyard Friday.
Test MV/Drive-through siteMV HospitalOther/Boards of HealthAquinnahTotalsIncrease in number of cases, last 7 days
Total tests performed19182648630525973
Total negatives18367631230124980
Total pending7681074879
Total confirmed positives476820113
Percentage positive of total tests performed.24%1.05%.43%
Antibody tests, Off-Island tests, symptomatic positives2424
Total Cases (positive tests + antibody tests + symptomatic positives)13720

Updated July 17

After reporting one new case of COVID-19 on Thursday, the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reported no new positive cases Friday.

In total, the hospital has tested 2,254 patients. Of those 33 are positives, 2,162 are negative, and 59 are pending results.

On Thursday, the hospital reported a new case. The hospital went the entire month of June without a confirmed positive.

As of Thursday, Island Health Care — set up at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School with the help of Quest Diagnostics—has tested 4,572 individuals, 11 of whom have tested positive, 4,379 negative, and 182 pending results.

The boards of health have linked 23 of the confirmed cases to several cases among eight different household groups. 

The town of Aquinnah has tested 40 people. All 40 tests have come back negative.

The Martha’s Vineyard Boards of Health have separately confirmed another positive case, bringing the Island’s total confirmed cases to 44.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, town of Aquinnah, boards of health, and TestMV, the testing site at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, each report their own testing numbers. Those numbers are then all compiled by the boards of health.

The actual number of cases can be difficult to count due to lag time and overlaps in testing each day.

Of the 45 cases, 27 are female, and 18 are male. Of those, 13 of the cases are aged 50-59 years old, 10 are 20-29 years old, seven cases are 60-69 years old, six are 30-39 years old, four are 20 years old or younger, three are 40-49, and two are 70 years or older.

The boards of health are also reporting on probable cases. On Tuesday, the Island’s total number of presumed positives is 19, of which 16 were positive antibody tests, and three were symptomatically positive.

Of those, 11 are female and eight are male. Of the 19 presumed positive cases, six are aged 60-69, four are aged 50-59, three are aged 40-49, three are aged 20-29, two are under 20 years old, and one is over the age of 70.

This all comes as Massachusetts is seeing a decline in confirmed cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, but also as the confirmed cases are increasing across the country.

At the state level Thursday, there were 143 new confirmed cases, bringing the state total to 106,271. There were 11 new deaths which brought the total number of deaths to 8,163. There have been 995,374 tests conducted across Massachusetts.


  1. So. 3 symptomatic cases and 64 asymptomatic cases. Does that tell us that asymptomatic positives are most likely to yield…asymptomatic positives?

    Kudos to everyone doing their part. It takes a whole village to cook a nothing burger, and let’s keep praying that that’s what this continues to be!

    Have a nice day.

    • For 140,000 dead people, this was everything, and it was their last supper. Shame on you. What does someone without compassion pray to?

      • Hi Jackie, you must have misunderstood me. I referred to our Island village, where we have been cooperatively cooking a “nothing burger” and we should be proud of our combined efforts!

        I said nothing about the rest of the country, or nation, where it is more than that. Either way, the world always needs prayer. The only good thing that has come from this awful pandemic is that our border lockdowns have facilitated the exposure and arrest of thousands of human traffickers and international terrorists. The modern world has never really seen so much horror revealed, darkness coming to light.

        These are trying times, but please don’t project your distrust or negativity onto me. Shame is a powerful weapon, please do not discharge it lightly.

        We’re all in this together.

        • “Nothing burger” is used to downplay the importance of something, making it insignificant. Stay at home efforts and the shuttered businesses we’ve all endured, most of us taking hard hits, are hardly insignificant nothing burgers. Maybe you used a poor choice of words. But there are many fine people who do not pray at all, so that assumption goes over better in your house of worship. Conspiracy theorists, and I’ve known a few, carry their own negativity and distrust baggage. I don’t know what they pray to. Whatever it is, count me out. This may come as a shock to you, but Hillary was never a pedophile or sex trafficker. The modern world has seen horror before now. You must have led a very sheltered life never knowing a Holocaust survivor, to name only one horror of modern history.

          • I’m not sure why you’re making all these erroneous assumptions, insinuations, and assumptions about me, but your ad hominem attack is disappointing, and weak to boot. Take care, Jackie.

        • Jmgn, the Island has been fortunate so far compared to many places, and I am grateful for the community effort. But it can turn on a dime. One day, Italy was also doing great. A very short while later, Italian churches were being used as makeshift morgues. I’m not saying that exact scenario will happen here. But it illustrates that as long as a pandemic is active, there’s no such thing as a nothing burger. Particularly in a place that sees heavy tourism or other traffic. Please note this is not an attempt to put down tourists. It’s just how contagions work. They hitch rides from point A to point B. So when you have a lot of point A’s headed for one destination, risk goes up at point B. Plus, we have Islanders who travel to the mainland and back. We just have to assume that anyone could have it or spread it and act accordingly.

          I remember way back in February, maybe, saying that if our efforts to contain this thing are relatively successful, some will take that as reason to doubt they were ever necessary. When the outcome we’re aiming for is the absence of something — negative space — some people aren’t happy. I guess because they want more tangible proof — positive space. The proof is our health, but that doesn’t seem to be visible enough. I dunno. It’s flawed logic that I find hard to explain. I don’t know if that is what you personally meant, but it’s definitely a dangerous message that’s been going around, and that’s why some of us react to anything that sounds like it could be downplaying the virus.

    • Please see my thoughtful reply to Jackie, above. I know not everyone takes the time to read articles or comments thoroughly, but it really is incumbent on us to do so before we make hasty negative comments. I know these are fearful times, but try not to let your fear and distrust distort your perception of your community. We all have a responsibility to handle with care.

      Have a nice day!

      • “Try not to let your fear and distrust distort your perception…” says the person who wrongly claims the Chinese engineered and disseminated COVID. That’s like Andrew’s claim that Chinese are dirty and spit. Racist conspiracy theorists have no businesses claiming we’re all in this together.

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