Felix Neck offers Sanctuary Supper at Home


Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary and wellness entrepreneur Ky Keenan, the founder of Not Your Sugar Mamas, Frankie’s Flatbreads, and Well Retreats, collaborate to offer high-vibe living, plant-based experiences in private homes. The purpose of these events is to engage year-round and seasonal visitors on Martha’s Vineyard to explore and implement solution-based actions to understand, adapt to, and mitigate climate change on Martha’s Vineyard and on a global scale, according to a press release.

“Mass Audubon and Felix Neck have always made education and awareness a priority. Over the past few years, climate programming and outreach have increased dramatically, and are now an organizational priority, both statewide and at the sanctuary level, especially when climate effects are clear and already a threat,” the release states.

After two years of successful climate cafes and Youth Climate Summits that have built community participation, Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary held a very successful fundraiser, Sanctuary Supper: Eat for the Planet at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary to support these initiatives. This year they offer Sanctuary Supper at Home, Eat for the Planet, to bring the excitement and climate action fundraiser into Island homes. Hosts can choose from four curated experiences for up to 10 guests that can be hosted as a private brunch, lunch, or dinner. Half of the fee for these events will support Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary’s climate education, conservation, and advocacy programs. The evening will present opportunities to open the discussion on solution-based actions people can take to help save the planet, the release says. The goal is to make sure healthy, sustainable food options are available and accessible to all, and advocate for food-based decisions with both climate change and community in mind.

Climate change poses a risk for global and local food security. Large-scale animal agriculture is a leading contributor to climate change, impacting ecosystems, soil and human health, loss of biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, water systems, land erosion, pesticide and antibiotic use, and more. By shifting our ideas of the way we eat, the release says, we will help mitigate many of the effects that are only predicted to increase should trends continue.

Support from Sanctuary Supper at Home, Eat for the Planet will help to fund Felix Neck’s climate education programs through climate cafes, youth-led summits, education awareness, conservation efforts, wildlife monitoring, afterschool green clubs, community engagement, and much more.

For more information about the event, call 508-627-4850, or visit massaudubon.org/felixneck.