MVRHS to hold graduation ceremony on Sunday


The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, July 26, at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. Families are asked to arrive at 5:45 pm. 

Family members will be able to tune in to the ceremony on their radios, and watch on a display screen while remaining in their cars. The radio station will be shared with families upon arrival. Students are allowed to exit their cars and sit facing the stage, while wearing custom MVRHS masks (which will be distributed at the check-in point) and maintaining social distance. 

To ensure that all families have viewing access, MVRHS asks that families drive personal vehicles (sedan, pickup trucks, coupés). They’ve been asked not to arrive in an oversize vehicle. Because there is limited parking, MVRHS asks that graduates arrive with their families in one vehicle, unless otherwise approved. All vehicles must be turned off during the ceremony.

Several photographers will be present, including Chris Baer, who will take a group drone photo. The group photo will be available afterward on the MVRHS website’s graduation page

The event is not open to the public. Anyone interested in viewing the event from home can do so by tuning in to Channel 14 or visiting

Should there need to be a rain delay, MVRHS will make that announcement at 4 pm on Sunday. The announcement will be posted at

Though the ceremony will be different from usual, it will still provide families with a chance to come together in recognition of graduating seniors. In collaboration with the M.V. Agricultural Society, the West Tisbury board of health, and the West Tisbury Police, MVRHS has been working to ensure that this is a celebration of the senior class in the safest way possible.


  1. Such a theft of a graduation ceremony from these graduates town meetings can be held at the tabernacle and every Sunday circuit ave can be turned into a block party but these kids can’t experience a proper graduation and their families can watch on a screen and listen on the radio but tourists can enjoy all normal activities with a mask what great memories they will have All of their efforts and their families efforts THE GREAT MARTHAS VINEYARD PLAYGROUND OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

    • Perspective is everything. I see this wise decision as proof that islanders care about islanders in a way that we simply don’t about tourists. Islanders don’t want to tick off tourists but they’ll do anything to keep our own protected and safe. Congrats to all the graduates ????

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