Bridge crash suspends vehicle on guardrail 

An SUV got hung up on the guardrail at Lagoon Pond Drawbridge Monday. - Rich Saltzberg


Emergency crews responded to a vehicle stuck on the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge Monday just after 2 pm.

There were reports that a woman was trapped inside, but when The Times arrived the vehicle was empty, but still resting on a guardrail. There was a puddle of fluids on the ground under the vehicle.

Oak Bluffs ambulance, police, and fire rescue responded to the bridge. After clearing traffic that was already on the bridge, police closed the bridge temporarily. It has reopened in both directions. The cause of the accident remains unclear.

No further details are available at this time.


  1. let me guess… 3 people taking instagram pics of themselves and the driver was merely texting? Hey islands finest please enforce a law that stops people from doing that and…. the other Law that states WALKERS AND JOGGERS MUST FACE VEHICLES AND BIKERS GO WITH TRAFFIC…REMEMBER THAT LAW? Protect AND SERVE PLEASE slow your vehicle down and inform these pedestrians Officers Thanks ( as the hum of another medi vac flies overhead 10:40 july 27)

    • ooo…ooo… i can play too!

      it was an old lady who should’ve had her license taken away years ago, but it’s her last shred of freedom that keeps her from being housebound and completely dependent on others

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