Hen-slayer not euthanized 

The bare patch of ground where Buffy the hen was found mauled to death. - Rich Saltzberg

Nesta, a husky that was accused of killing Buffy, a pet hen belonging to mystery writer Cynthia Riggs, hasn’t been put down by her owner, according to West Tisbury animal control officer Anthony Cordray. 

The dog is “alive and well,” Cordray said. “He’s not planning on euthanizing it.”

Matt Hayden, the dog’s owner, told West Tisbury selectmen at a July 22 hearing that he would kill his own dog rather than fence it in, as they had ordered. 

“If that’s something that’s going to be enforced, I will be euthanizing my dog this weekend,” he said. “And you can come over and watch if you want.” 

Following the hearing, Cordray said the method of euthanasia Hayden suggested was not permissible under Massachusetts law. While he didn’t say what method Hayden suggested, he did say in Massachusetts a dog can only be euthanized by injection, gas, or firearm. 

Cordray said Hayden is working on a fence enclosure and is cooperating with West Tisbury Animal Control. 

Hayden told The Times he’s working on the enclosure but is cautious about exposing himself and Nesta, a husky, to the hot weather that’s descended on the Vineyard.  

“Well, I’m gonna try to piece something together,” he wrote, “but it’s not happening in this heat, [and] I wouldn’t put my dog out in a pen in this heat ether, so see how it goes.”