Oak Bluffs: Schools releasing final plan

—MV Times

From all the news reports, I gather we must not let up on our vigilance to cease the spread of the coronavirus. The majority of people I see about in Oak Bluffs appear to be wearing masks, but as more openings occur, it will still be necessary to be aware. One thing I have noticed as I am standing in a line to check out of a store, the people waiting behind me seem to creep quietly closer and closer, rather like the old game of Red Light we used to play.

Congratulations to all the M.V. Regional High School students who graduated on Sunday last. You did it under most trying circumstances, and it will be one high school graduation that will never be forgotten, I am sure.

Meantime, most of my adventures occur on one end of my porch, where kids, animals, and friends can safely socially distance. Instead of the Saturday lunches my group of ladies used to go to every week, the group of four or five is now only three, and we get takeout, separate safely as we gather at the table, enjoy lunch, the view of the yard from the porch, and the birds visiting the feeders. We spend a couple of hours talking about the happenings throughout the Island and the world, and have excellent solutions to problems that have arisen, even if no one asked us. Whether at home or about, please be kind and understanding to those you meet, and reach out as best you can to those who are isolated or lonely.

I am seeing posts everywhere with complaints from people about our Post Offices from standing too long in line, package notices received but no packages, packages lost, etc. at all the Island Post Offices. I have a mailbox receptacle across the street from my house, and I have to say that when I have had to go to the Vineyard Haven Post Office to pick up a package, I have had no difficulty. I believe that the workers are doing the best they can in a new, overwhelming, and difficult situation. Now do they not only have to deal with regular mail, but also all the packages that are now shipped from Amazon. So as difficult as it is, please be patient, remembering that the clerk trying to help you did not cause the problem.

Our Martha’s Vineyard public schools are going to release the final plan for the reopening of schools this fall. The plan focuses on the subjects Teaching and Learning, Special Education, and English Language Learners. The plan is to release the report the first week in August.

Tom Dresser released his latest book, “The Rise of Tourism on Martha’s Vineyard” just as the pandemic stopped most of the tourism on the Island. But he has kindly sent us some options to virtually tour the Island. They are as follows: Thursday, July 30, 2 to 3:30 pm, virtual walking tour of Oak Bluffs with images of historic buildings, narrated by the author, filmed and compiled by Allyson Malik, library director. Courtesy of the Oak Bluffs Public Library. Contact ccooney@clamsnet.org for Zoom access. Tuesday, August 4, at 4 pm. Zoom book talk on “The Rise of Tourism on Martha’s Vineyard,” with images and discussion. Courtesy of the Vineyard Haven Public Library. Zoom meeting: zoom.us/j/94726305925. Autographed copies of “The Rise of Tourism” are available at Bunch of Grapes, Edgartown Books, and Phillips Hardware. For more information, visit thomasdresser.com.

Jonas Clarke of South Hadley ran to a first place in the 55-meter dash final during the 2020 PVIAC indoor track championships at Smith College, and has been named the Daily Hampshire Gazette Boys Indoor Track & Field Player of the Year. At the Division 5 state championship, Jonas set a meet record, and won the event in 6.41 seconds, the top time in the history of the event and South Hadley program history. His efforts helped lead the Tigers to a third-place finish at the state meet, their best finish in program history.

Jonas is the son of Greer Clarke and Rachel Alley, and proud Oak Bluffs grandparents are Pat and Kerry Alley. Way to go, Jonas.

We send birthday smiles to Bernie Crossland on the 31st, Sophia Sampaio and Garrett Brown on August 1, Nancy Gardella on the 3rd, Tricia Bergeron on August 4, and Joann Debettencourt, Susan Klein, and Jace Lee Stamas on the 5th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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