King of lost and found

10-year-old Isaiah Geddis has a knack for finding valuable objects on-Island.

Isaiah Geddis holds the Apple Watch that he discovered. — Talia Geddis

Do you ever misplace something valuable? Have a watch slip off your wrist? Or maybe your ring fell off your finger? Well, if this ever happens, you better hope 10-year-old Isaiah Geddis is nearby.

What’s so special about this fifth grader? He seems to have a special knack for finding things that go missing. Saturday, July 18, began just like any other for the Oak Bluffs resident. Isaiah was spending the day swimming at Little Bridge on State Beach with friends.

As he splashed around under the bridge, something shiny caught his eye. He swam over to the object and grabbed his net to attempt to retrieve it.

“I thought it was just a bracelet, but when I picked it up with my net, I saw it was an Apple Watch and I touched the screen and it lit up,” Isaiah said.

The 10-year-old found quite the treasure in an unusual place. But instead of pocketing it, Isaiah had a new mission: to track down the owners.

Luckly, it was unlocked, and Isaiah’s mother was able to locate a number to call from the watch. The owner of the watch had already left the Island, so Isaiah and his mom shipped it to them the following Monday.

The watch made a trip from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean back to the owner’s wrist on the mainland, thanks to Isaiah.

This miraculous moment is not the first time the fifth grader has found and returned a valuable object. Isaiah’s streak started a year ago at the Native Earth Teaching Farm in Chilmark. He was walking through the farm’s entrance when he saw a group of people searching through the area. A woman who was doing goat yoga had lost her wedding ring. Eager to help, Isaiah bent down in the grass.

With a quick scan of the ground Isaiah located the ring and presented it to its owner.

“She was really happy,” Isaiah said. “They were thanking me a lot. It felt good.”

The wedding ring owner was so thankful for Isaiah’s keen eyes that she handed him a small cash reward. He decided to take his reward and treat himself with ice cream at the Galley in Menemsha. As he got out of the car, he found a cell phone in the parking lot. 

No stranger to the process, Isaiah’s next step was to find the phone’s owner.

“The phone was the hardest to find the owner, because it was dead,” Isaiah said.

Nevertheless, he persisted. Isaiah gave the phone to the Galley workers. Three valuable objects returned to their owners, thanks to a local 10-year-old. 

How does he explain his special skill? “I think it was just luck,” Isaiah said.

For now, Isaiah is just happy he could return the objects to their rightful owners. It’s not every day you find an Apple Watch at the bottom of the ocean.

“It is probably a day I will remember for a while,” Isaiah said.


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