Isaias washes out Norton, Wasque

Beach erosion caused by Tropical Storm Isaias at Wasque Point. — Courtesy Trustees of Reservation

Updated 4:10 pm

Tropical Storm Isaias brought significant erosion to Vineyard beaches this week, carving out a large section of Wasque Point and taking the over-sand vehicle (OSV) trail out to sea.

Speaking to The Times by phone, Islands director of The Trustees of Reservations Sam Hart said Norton Point was back open Thursday after high winds “heavily overwashed” the entrance to Norton Point, interior trails, and the oceanfront OSV trail in some sections.

While open for parking and walking, OSV trail access on Wasque Point is still closed due to the storm erosion.

Hart said he and his team were not surprised by the impact the storm had.

“We’re so vulnerable now that it doesn’t take much, with sea level rise the way it is,” Hart said.

He added that rising seas are forcing situations where The Trustees are having to close beaches because of erosion.

“These are dynamic systems … With sea level rise, we’re seeing these types of changes overnight,” Hart said. “It’s part of the reality, and we have to manage it.”


Updated to clarify where storm washed out Norton Point. — Ed.


    • kag– with all due respect, he tried to do something about sea-level rise 20 or 30 years from now but was blocked by climate change denying imbeciles who cared only about short term profits for a few thousand 1% er’s. Storms will of course happen, but let me point out that this storm (Isaias) is the ninth named storm of this season– Just to put that into perspective for the locals here, hurricane Bob — the second named storm of the 1991 season came across the Vineyard on August 19 th.
      In fact, 6 of the 9 named storms this year have been the earliest on record for their numerical order.
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      Meanwhile, I hope everyone here takes the free advise I offered above to heart.

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