Oak Bluffs: Sportsmanship off the court

— Shelby Regan

How quickly August is racing toward the first of September. Unfortunately, the date on the calendar does not mean instant changes in the weather. It seems as if not only our least favorite hot-and-humid will continue, but also fall tropical disturbances that have the possibility of morphing into hurricanes are predicted. Huge forest fires are consuming large areas of the West Coast, destroying homes and everything in their paths. My sister who lives in Paso Robles, Calif., tells me although the fires are not right in her area, there is a constant smell of smoke, and the air quality is very poor. Gulf coastal states, including Florida, are facing more flooding and storms. So you see, we are fortunate that we are not experiencing such drastic weather and can put up with this uncomfortableness that really is not so very extreme after all.

For those of you who were upset that the Niantic basketball courts are now closed, I spoke with the director, Marc Rivers. As frequently happens, just a few people using bad judgment have spoiled access to the courts for many others. Some people decided to rip up some of the fencing so they could get into the courts during a time they were closed. That area has not yet been repaired, and Marc said the hope is that in the near future, they will be able to reopen the other one to those who wish to play and obey the rules in place. The other areas of the park, including tennis and pickleball courts, are open, and patrons appear to obey the safety rules set in place. The playground is also open, but many people are getting careless, with some not wearing masks or socially distancing. Marc confessed that back in the day, he and a few of his friends decided to climb under the fence of the court, but got caught by the late Dan McCarthy, who was the supervisor. They were told in no uncertain words that if anyone attempted that again, they would not be allowed to play in the league. That was all it took. No one tried it again.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, in 1893 New Zealand became the first country to grant women the right to vote. As this is the 100th anniversary of

the 19th Amendment, which gave women in the U.S. that right, we want to remind everyone, not just women, to be sure to vote.

Please continue to be kind and helpful to one another in these scary times. We will be all right if we continue on the right path.

Although the building is still not open to the public, both the on-Island and off-Island library delivery services have resumed at Oak Bluffs. Patrons may now order library materials from any CLAMS library. Please note that delivery of material takes longer than usual due to the quarantining measures that all libraries have in place. Your patience is appreciated. With a library card, patrons have instant access to tens of thousands of ebooks and audiobooks.

Some of the virtual programs offered are: Virtual Imagining on August 28 from 10:30 to 11 am. Join Mary Jane for a weekly craft demonstration. Please call or email to receive Zoom information: 508-693-9433, or maldrich@clamsnet.org.

Virtual Cooking with Carolina on August 28, from 5 to 6 pm. Every Friday night Carolina demonstrates how to make a new recipe from her home kitchen on Facebook Live. Join in at facebook.com/illuminateob.

Virtual Discord Games: Sept. 2 from 3 to 4 pm, join Caitlyn on Discord to play Jackbox Games virtually. For ages 12 to 18. Registration required. Please email cclark@clamsnet.org to sign up.

We send birthday smiles to Anne Carmichael Whiting, the brothers Marchand, Andrew and Matt, and my grandson Chris Alley on August 28, Liz Wilson and Darius Spain on the 29th, Pam Melrose on August 30, Nancy Giordano and Sean Flynn on the 31st, Tony Ferreira and Anne Davey on Sept. 1, Ed BenDavid Sr., Evelyn Christopher, and Valarie O’Donnell on the 2nd, and if you go to Reliable Market on Sept. 3rd, be sure to wish happy birthday to our favorite butcher, Robert Pacheco.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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