Oak Bluffs: Red Stocking Fund underway

— Shelby Regan

Tuesday, Nov. 3, is Election Day and as I am writing this column on the 2nd, I am wondering what next week will look like. We will have a president and whether we agree with the choice or not, my wish is that we accept our wins or losses with grace and hopefully remain a true democracy and civilized. Life will go on and in the meantime we can enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the fall, the birds that serenade us, and those we love. Please do not stop keeping yourselves and others safe from COVID-19 by wearing masks and socially distancing. Now, as cases increase, is not the time to give in to impatience and let up with your protection. And remember those who are isolated and probably distressed by their loss of loved ones or their freedom to socialize. Bring them some joy by speaking with them by phone, or if safe to do so, make a visit. It takes all of a village to keep us surviving and thriving.

Lest we forget, Wednesday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day. Fly your flags proudly and please thank a veteran for the freedoms we have today.

Perhaps you got to know him when he put gas in your car or repaired it, or as he tended his beehives or walked his dog or as an usher at church. But wherever you met him, he became a friend. Nelson J. deBettencourt, Island native and faithful citizen of Oak Bluffs, died last week at his home with his wife Sandra and his family guiding him along his last journey. Nelson was gentle and well-aware of protecting the environment, whether he was tending his garden or his beehives, feeding the birds, or caring for his many cats and dogs throughout the years. He would have celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary today. His wife, three children and their partners, and 11 grandchildren were the love of his life. What a space he leaves in so many hearts. We shall miss him and are so very sorry.

You might have known Jay Segel as a podiatrist, but you may be surprised to know he is also a very talented guitarist and songwriter. He along with Craig Tankard, Barbara Dacey, and others have created “The Pond Road Project: A world of Different People Project” with lyrics and music written by Jay. To view their video, which also draws in musicians from everywhere, go to PondRoadProject.com. Donations are accepted online to benefit Doctors Without Borders, so you can enjoy the meaningful music and words of this video and help support that world-wide medical project.

Red Stocking Fund, which has been making the magic happen since 1938, is now accepting applications online-only to ensure a safe and contactless process. The fund supplies clothing and toys for children for Christmas who otherwise might go without. For assistance in this process, do not hesitate to call either Susie Wallo at 508-776-6050 or Sandy Joyce at 508-776-0801.

We send birthday smiles to Susan Peters on Nov. 6, Wendy Rose and Lana deBettencourt on the 7th, Mark Landers on the 8th, Arianna Peters on the 9th, Todd deBettencourt, Tru Layna Rose and my great-grandson, Ethan Rivers, share the 10th, and Amanda Gonsalves and Deanna deBettencourt on the 11th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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